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Top 15 Healthcare Software for Accelerated Business Growth

The usage of technology solutions is growing rapidly in every industry, including healthcare. Advanced healthcare software solutions assist medical service providers in delivering quality care and streamlining the entire medical workflow. The value of healthcare software market is projected to reach $25.4 billion by 2023. From recording patient data, billing to generating custom reports - medical software solutions provide assistance in all major areas of healthcare. 

However, the medical software list is getting longer as healthcare software development companies build hundreds of solutions every year. It’s difficult for healthcare providers to identify the best solution among many options available in the same category. 

If you are also facing difficulty in how to differentiate and choose the best medical software solution, then we’ve got you covered. 

The article enlists 15 best healthcare software that can use today to improve your business operations, read on: 

Electronic Health Record Solutions

To ensure fast, secure, and on-time exchange of health data, you must use EHR solutions. Such solutions help you improve the overall quality of care by protecting and confidentially sharing patient private health data. Here are some electronic health record solutions that you can implement today: 

1. EHR/EMR Software 

Electronic health or medical record software contains detailed data about patients' past medical history. From patient demographics, laboratory tests to medical history - you can track everything with the help of this tool. What’s even better is that you can share such patient information quickly with your healthcare partners to deliver more accurate treatment. 

2. EHR/EMR Mobile App

Cloud-based apps for EHR/EMR are pretty handy when it comes to accessing critical patient data anytime, anywhere for doctors and other healthcare staff. These apps assist medical staff in receiving timely alerts about patient data changes, emergencies, and healthcare guidelines. Utilize their apps in your healthcare setting to improve staff coordination, eliminate communication errors, and boost productivity. 

3.Patient Health Record Software 

PHR stands for patient health records. Such software helps you maintain accurate patient records, including their medical history, chronic illness detail, and more. You can use this healthcare software for communicating with physicians to share patient data, scheduling meetings, and coordinating data with EHR/EMR as a medical service provider. 

TeleHealth/TeleMedicine Solutions

The use of audio/video conferencing apps, images, videos, and wearable devices to deliver health care fall under the telemedicine category. mHealth apps, fitness apps, heart-rate monitor-enabled wearables and digital stethoscopes are a few examples of modern telehealth solutions.

You can connect with a custom healthcare software development company for building telehealth solutions. 

Difference Between TeleHealth, Telemedicine, and Virtual Health

Difference Between TeleHealth, Telemedicine and Virtual Health

The demand for telemedicine solutions is high today. The market value of the telehealth industry will reach $64.1 billion by 2025. 74% of US patients today are ready to use telehealth solutions to receive quality care. So, it's high time, you use the following solutions: 

4. Telemedicine App Solutions

Cloud-based apps are the most popular option among health networks for telemedicine services. Healthcare apps let you transfer medical images, share e-prescriptions, handle administrative data and provide remote care to patients and much more. 

5. Video Conferencing Software 

You can use a robust HD-video conferencing software in your healthcare setting for virtual appointments with patients. You can also use these tools for one-to-one consultations with other healthcare providers via desktop, mobile or web browser apps. Ask your health software development partner to build a custom solution tailored to your needs. 

6. Telehealth System Software 

Telehealth software is pretty handy when you want to deliver remote care to patients. Such systems come with multiple options like screen sharing, recording, multipoint control units, reliable streaming, IVR and more. Having all such functionality ensures a hassle-free remote consultation with patients. Your doctors get the flexibility and convenience to deliver patient care from the comfort of sitting in a hospital or at home. 

Medical Practice Management  

Handling the administrative and clinical aspects of your healthcare business falls under the category of medical practice management. Managing your day-to-day tasks and delivering quality care in tandem helps you stay ahead of the competition. A medical practice management software helps you manage routine tasks like appointment scheduling, billing, recording patient data, etc. with ease. Some of the popular software that you can use for hospital management includes: 

7. Hospital Management System 

Hospital management system software assists you in tracking patient data, diagnosis, e-prescriptions, and maintaining interactions with other staff in your healthcare setting. You can stay organized, deliver timely care, and reduce costs by automating routine tasks that consume a lot of time for your staff. Staff workload also gets reduced when you employ such software. 

8. Hospital Information System 

Hospital or Clinic Information a system is a healthcare software that helps in optimizing workflows and managing critical data for medical providers, including doctors, nurses, and other staff. You can record medical bills, patient medical history, inventory data, and other vital information with the help of different modules present in this enterprise software.

9. Healthcare Reporting Software 

Getting detailed insights and a holistic overview of your healthcare business performance is vital for better strategic decision making. Details like inventory efficiency, patient satisfaction rate, staff errors and accounts summary can help you improve your business processes. By employing a powerful healthcare reporting management software, you can get all these details via actionable reports and rich visuals. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

The revenue cycle management in healthcare includes administrative functions related to claims processing, payments and revenue generation. In other words, without proper RCM, healthcare organizations can not stay operational for a longer period. Here is some quality custom software that you can use to optimize your medical revenue management activities: 

10. Medical Billing Software 

Medical billing software is a part of the revenue management activities of a healthcare business. As the name suggests, it helps your administrative team in dispensing and keeping track of electronic bills. Apart from this, this software also assists in insurance claims verification, payment tracking and processing. You can integrate this tool with EHR/EMR software to verify patient bill records with their medical data.

11. Medical RCM software 

Using RCM software automates the healthcare revenue cycle activities in your business. You can record patient demographics, insurance details, medical history and process them faster with zero errors. It also puts you in a better position to verify insurance eligibility and process claims with minimal chances of fraud.  Other activities like managing and appealing denials, generating reports and remittance advice is also possible when you employ SaaS software for healthcare RCM. 

12. Patient Management Software 

Such software assists in managing revenue cycle activities for healthcare businesses. It can help you with tasks like patient data recording, appointment scheduling, billing, and sending alerts. This software is as useful as a medical RCM system. It can help your medical staff save time, optimize workflow, and minimize administrative headaches. Use cloud-based software for patient management to offer more convenience to your staff.

Pharmacy Management 

Managing and optimizing routine tasks is vital to increase efficiency in your pharmacy operations. It helps you deliver better patient care, optimize workflow, decrease staff overload, and ensure instant communication. Here is some top custom pharmacy management software that you can use today.

13. Pharmacy Management Software 

Pharmacy management software refers to a healthcare solution that helps you in streaming routine pharmacy tasks - from inventory tracking, prescription filling, formula compounding, and other activities. By using such software, you can cut operational costs, optimize workflow, and maintain a centralized system for automated dispensing, inventory control and POS functionality. Integration support with EHR and other medical tools is always available. 

14. E-Prescribing Software

E-Prescribing Software Benefits

Using such software, you can increase efficiency in medical billing tasks and minimize the possibility of human errors. It also helps your medical staff to communicate to pharmacies directly for prescriptions. Better records, few medication errors and efficient workflow are some of the benefits of such software. 

15. Pharmacy Compounding Software 

This software helps you in planning the production tasks of medicines for specialty pharmacies. It offers modules for material resource planning (MRP), chemical data logging and more. Using custom software is always an ideal option. Custom pharmacy compounding software helps you manage the chemical inventory database with fields like log numbers, wholesale prices, etc. easily. 

Custom Healthcare Software Solutions for Faster Business Growth 

By harnessing the power of healthcare software solutions, you can enhance healthcare administration and deliver better care. Are you also looking for custom healthcare software for your business? If Yes, connect with us at A3logics

We offer best-in-class, custom healthcare solutions which helps you in delivering quality patient care and optimizing your healthcare workflow.

Drop us a line and we’ll help you turn your project idea into reality. 

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