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Cost & Features: Guide to Create a LearnUpon LMS for your Business

A brilliant online learning management system is designed for businesses to solve one of their biggest problems, which is keeping the employees updated. LearnUpon is a popular LMS that is easy to use and set up with an intuitive xAPI and SCORM interface.

A custom LMS development is an amalgamation of a plethora of educational tools to make it intuitive and engaging for businesses and institutions. LearnUpon is best suited for both employees, students, and educationists. The software offers seamless course content delivery, conducts surveys to track results, and improves course designs and deliveries. 

This article will explain why you should have an enterprise-grade learning management solution like LearnUpon. We will also share the features to incorporate that make up a perfect LMS that comply with your business as well as enhance productivity.

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Types of Learning Management System

A robust and feature-rich learning management system consists of tools to make it functional and meet the needs of the business. However, learning can be used for training different age groups and levels of users. Hence the LMS is also categorized into different types for different needs. 

1. Commercial Vs. Open Source

Open-source LMS is free to use and requires the assistance of an IT professional services provider for implementation, hosting, maintenance, and regular updates. Commercial LMS demands license renewals and timely subscriptions for continuous operation.  

2. Installation Vs. Cloud-based (SaaS)

SaaS development services are advancing rapidly. Hence companies are adopting the installation of software. Another type is cloud-based which is even more preferred. Users feel cloud solutions are much more secure, reliable, and scalable, hence are completely moving towards this technology.

3. Course-Creating

A business that is into training and education is most likely to use this type of learning management system. Course creating or LCMS software can assist you in arranging courses, creating presentations, documents, graphics, and videos. These file types comply with SCORM and xAPI standards.

However, every LMS complies with requisite content creation and delivery standards. So, if you want to know how an LMS benefits your business, below are a few mentions.

Benefits of LearnUpon LMS

1. Easy to Set Up

LearnUpon LMS is a powerful and practical platform that makes it unique and different from other platforms. This elearning software solution is easy to set up and use. So, no more using and managing clunky systems to train your professional.

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2. Versatile

LearnUpon LMS engages its learners by offering assessments, which also helps in tracking their performance. Companies can conduct quizzes, surveys & a lot more through LearnUpon. Additionally, companies can provide certificates from the ready-to-use templates as a reward for their program completion.

3. Responsive

LearnUpon LMS is designed responsively so you can implement and use it on any device, anytime and anywhere. 

4. Neat Reports

Track progress and engagement of your training content with the help of neat reports. LearnUpon LMS helps an organization to keep an eye on all the operations to identify loopholes and scope for improvement.

5. Customer Support

LearnUpon LMS is backed by a strong community of 24X7 support providers. The IT consultation services provider offers global support round the year for seamless training.

6. Unique Portal

Another advantage of integrating LearnUpon LMS is customizing the learning platform as per every student, client, partner, or reseller. This reflects personalization for more engagement.

7. Scalable Environment

LearnUpon is a modern, cloud-based learning management system that provides a scalable, multi-tenant environment for employees, partners, and customers. 

8. Multiple Format Support

LearnUpon is a smooth LMS allowing quick and seamless course building. The software also accommodates several file formats, whether video or text content, for easier and effective design of lectures. 

9. Multilingual Support

LearnUpon LMS can be globally used as it supports multiple languages. So, the platform can be used by any course provider, employer, trainer in their own language for better content delivery.

10. Segmentation

LearnUpon enables companies to quickly segment students or learners into different groups or categories. Segmentation makes it easy for companies to assign roles & responsibilities, such as administrators, managers, and instructors.

11. Cost-Effective & Powerful

The reason most organizations prefer LearnUpon LMS is because the platform is powerful, and it suits your budget. With just a fraction of the price of trainers and courses, providers can deliver content in the most compelling way.

In order to develop a feature-rich learning management solution like LearnUpon, you should know its features. Let's underline the most promising features that must be integrated to create a robust and scalable LMS.

Features to Look In An LMS like LearnUpon

1. Branding

An extensive LMS in any business is the centre for keeping your employees updated. So, you must have a consistent design and theme for a seamless user experience. Maintaining a visual identity helps in better recognition and building loyalty.

2. Integrations

Most LMS offers to automate training to reduce time-consuming tasks. The software must allow seamless integration with third-party apps, such as HR systems, CRM, or webinar tools. Through Restful API, companies will be able to push and pull data directly in and out of the LMS.

3. Automation

A robust LMS removes the need for manual repetitive tasks by integrated automation/machine learning technology. LMSs can have auto-enrolment-based criteria set that can seamlessly assign learners to the right courses or learning paths.

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4. Learner-friendly Platform

A good LMS must be easy to navigate and allow seamless access to training. Your LMS must leverage learners to access the content through any medium. By adding a catalog of courses, it helps learners to easily select and direct their learning.

5. Course Management

The main ingredient of LMS is to allow quick and easy delivery of content. Additionally, the LMS allows admins and trainers to create simple course content by easy drag and drop to arrange the content. The LMS also allows content creation in different forms such as PDFs, slides, videos, audios, and even live training sessions.

6. Learning Portals

Learning Portals are also stated as mini LMS as they allow control over each sub-level portal. So, whenever a learner is added to the portal, you can tailor the course content in the portal to meet specific needs. The multi-tenant LMS with Learning Portals helps companies to meet their specific training needs.

7. SCORM & xAPI Compliance

The most widely used methods to standardize content are SCORM & xAPI. In order to develop an LMS like LearnUpon, you must integrate these standards. These compliances will assure that your files are functioning properly and compatible with your LMS. 

8. Exams

Exams are the tests conducted by the learners to test the level of knowledge every candidate grabs. LMS should be able to create engagement continuously. By integrating automated examinations, the learners would know how to perform auto-corrected exams. 

9. Surveys

Feedbacks are essential to evaluate every learner's experience. LMS like LearnUpon lets you evaluate every learner's knowledge and check whether the training is engaging enough or requires refinement through intuitive reports.

10. Blended Learning

The combination of education and technology makes LMS more engaging and futuristic. Blended learning eliminates the traditional methods of learning and integrates new and engaging methods, such as webinars. Personalizing by offering in-person teaching can enhance the overall learning experience as well.

11. Gamification

Similar to Blended learning, Gamification is another feature that helps in better engagement. Appreciating learners through badges on completing levels or offering points on clearing milestones not just motivates learners but also generates healthy competition.

12. User Roles and Permission

A great LMS must be sophisticated and easy to navigate through multiple features easily. An LMS like LearnUpon helps you in defining structure and hierarchy, creating roles and groups to make training management a lot easier. Moreover, you can automate user management by assigning learners to courses. 

This feature also allows you to view, delete, create, and edit rights for every user. You can also delegate training management tasks while ensuring that every user does not get overwhelmed by excessive options. 

13. Social Learning Tools

Social media is one of the greatest modes to engage learners. LearnUpon LMS offers social learning capabilities to enhance the learning experience of each user by permitting them to share their learning experiences on social platforms. This feature also acts as a repository for the learners to search and find additional training information while facilitating communication by the LMS forum.

14. Skill & Certification Tracking

Certification programs are the right way to encourage every employee. Certificates are also a medium to measure performance and improvement. Developing an LMS just like LearnUpon allows customization of these certificates as per your need, such as setting an expiry date, notifying when it's time to take the latest version of course & much more. 

15. Ecommerce

Today's LMS allows easy integration of third-party software such as Ecommerce software solutions. Integrating Shopify or PayPal or Stripe for payment gateway allows the learners to sell new courses. eCommerce integration allows you to create and sell a bundle of courses, allowing customers to browse, preview, and purchase training materials. Companies can take a step further by offering membership benefits, exclusive discounts on courses, or new joiners.

16. Single Sign-On

Who likes long sign-on methods? Single-Sign and quick checkouts are major aspects to deter customers from abandoning. An LMS integrated with SSO reduces the workload of the IT department and one set of login details for verified access to different systems, increasing the security of the IT environment.

17. Security

Security and protection of a company's critical information are essential to maintain brand reputation. LearnUpon LMS is integrated with advanced safety protocols in place that comply with industry standards. Companies can educate their employees on data privacy and cloud security through employee security awareness programs. Companies can also integrate third-party certifications, such as service organization control (SOC) 2 certification, EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance, or ISO 27001. 

18. Multilingual Interface

Since courses integrated into LMS can be accessed from any part of the globe, hence it is essential for businesses to consider the global audience before creating their training courses. Thanks to the multilingual interface in LearnUpon LMS. With this feature, trainers can promote their content globally improving adoption and engagement with training.

19. Data Migration

Like any other LMS, LearnUpon LMS offers seamless data migrating from one LMS to another. So, companies will never have to worry about shifting the pile of data they have stored in their legacy LMS to new and advanced LMS. 

20. Learning Paths

A learning path is an automated tool that enables companies to plan and structure training activities. Learning path allows grouping courses together for a learner to master a topic, such as learning about basic SDLC lifecycle to advanced methods of enterprise software development

An LMS with sequenced learning paths saves a lot of time for companies with multiple roles and responsibilities. 

21. Dynamic Rules

Automating processes, like sending notifications, assigning certifications, course enrollments, and populating user groups helps in easy onboarding training, award certification for new employees while enrolling them to the next courses of a training plan after they complete the previous program successfully.

22. Notifications and Reminders

Alerts and notifications are methods to reduce the complexity of the companies to remind their learners to complete tasks. With dynamic-content notifications, companies can share the entire learning suite, through emails or other integrations, such as MS teams or Slack. This feature also enables companies to add a personal touch to the message, ensuring that your learners will know the right time for training.

23. Responsiveness

The mobile workforce has become an integral part of the business today. Where most people have switched to smartphones allowing them to perform tasks anytime and anywhere, LearnUpon LMS is also offering a flexible learning experience. Mobile responsive software ensures learners have easy access to learning material all the time as well as distributed teams to collaborate and communicate effectively.

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Cost & Time for the Development of LearnUpon LMS

However, it is known that no one size fits one, it is also relevant when it comes to pricing of a feature-rich LMS like LearnUpon LMS. Hence, there are multiple factors that make up the total cost of an LMS development like LearnUpon.


Developing software like LearnUpon requires proper planning with the list of features aforementioned. You must carefully connect with the right IT consulting firm to help you develop a perfect learning management system as LearnUpon.

A3logics is a software consultant to help you develop a powerful solution that can let you manage, deliver and track your training programs.

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