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How Can GPS Fleet Tracking System Optimize the Oil & Gas Industry?

The Oil and Gas Industry faces a plethora of challenges and risks every day, especially when it comes to fleet management. The chances of thefts and leaks are higher than any other transportation fleets in any other sector. As the vehicles carry petroleum products and fleets, the danger and hazardous involved is quite high and demands utmost caution from your part. You need to take additional protection and safety measures while transporting the products from one location to another.

When fleets are involved in moving extraction supplies, such as pumps, tubes, sand, and various other resources, the need to take precautions and implement reliable oil and gas software solutions is more. The company owners must make sure that drilling continues to be smooth and on time, without any hassle. The enhanced operational efficiency and security further ensure that they meet their production targets within the set budget without any delay or loss. Hence, companies look for an authentic solution that can contribute to their operations. 

GPS fleet tracking system is one such tool that manages all of it and more efficiently. This blog will discuss the support it offers to oil and gas companies and how it optimizes their entire processes. Have a look:

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

The GPS tracking system monitors all the activities from a distance any time, anywhere, and keeps you updated about what is happening with your fleet in real-time. Of course, it enables you to stay on top of your operations by accessing all the fleet activities using an advanced solution system. The team can track drivers’ movement by viewing maps that are updated automatically and connect with them regarding any issues of dispatching and messaging. For companies located in areas with weak connectivity and coverage, the advanced solution offers a coverage strategy by matching cellular carriers. There is also an option of “store forward” if you have no cellular coverage where satellite tracks vehicle and gather data—thereby taking care of your fleet no matter what. Once you get back to full coverage, the system will update the data in the GPS tracking provider server so that you have the latest report. 

Improved Routing & Scheduling

One major factor for complete fleet safety is the route you choose to transport the products and petroleum. However, there are many concerns that you have to take care of, including selecting the right way that avoids damaged or busy roads and stays true to your schedules. How are you supposed to accomplish this without an efficient tracking system? How can you verify if drivers are adhering to route plans and schedules? Hence, fleet management software that continuously monitors vehicles and their movements. It conveniently keeps an eye on the location and status of all the vehicles while informing fleet managers whether they are sticking to the schedule and have taken the right route. Rest assured that the system offers swift and effortless validation and keeps you updated from time to time no matter what your location is. Also, the tracking tells you if drivers have completed their hours of services or if there are any violations. Additionally, collision risks and delayed deliveries are minimized.  

Better Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance and fleet management can be a significant stumbling block for managers and companies as well. Yes, there is regular vehicle inspection, which makes things easier for companies but some issues are inevitable despite all precautionary measures. So, what is the solution? This is where fleet tracking software comes to your rescue. It contributes to vehicle maintenance by tracking each fleet vehicle and their onboard diagnostic system. The managers get real-time data for all the fleet vehicles tagged with GPS. As you have all the information in one place, it is faster and easier to find any maintenance issue in vehicles. This customized oil and gas software ensures that you take quick actions to identify any problem and fix it through timely and proper repairs, keeping vehicles in the top-notch condition. What’s more? The repairs and maintenance are economical as compared to delayed breakdown expenses. 

Theft Prevention

Oil and gas fleets are prone to thefts and leakages. There are many cases of the hijacking of trailers and semi-trucks often reported in the oil and gas industry which also results in great loss. Companies have taken some strict actions against these issues but hardly any of them has given desired results. However, GPS tracking is a one-stop solution to all such problems and tackle them at ease. It tracks the fleet and as soon as any of the vehicles are stolen or theft attempts, it directly sends a report to managers. They can then forward this GPS data to the authorities and law enforcement instantly to take immediate action. This undoubtedly speeds up the recovery of stolen vehicles and also, mitigates the loss due to stolen trucks and cargo. Furthermore, it also checks fuel theft or fraud in case drivers are using company’s resources for their personal purposes and claiming compensation or reimbursement for the same. The tracker compares the miles traveled and the time involved in the transportation with the fuel consumed by the truck. It highlights any discrepancies, helping managers to nip the problem in the bud.  

Tracked Driving Behavior

Be it any industry; drivers are obliged to follow specific rules and regulations for safety. However, most of the drivers often ignore those safety rules and become careless, adopting unsafe driving habits. This not only results in accidents but also the loss of products and goods. Honestly, there is no effective way to avoid these undesirable driving behaviors. However, oil and gas software systems bring a reliable way out by allowing managers to monitor all the driving activities of each driver through GPS tracking. It identifies hard brakes and acceleration that are often caused due to damaged roads. Yes, they are unavoidable at times, but consistent inappropriate practice needs to be fixed as there is a risk of collision and wastage of fuel. The software meticulously looks at the driving pattern and behaviors of each truck driver so that managers can resolve the issue instantly. Thus, increasing the security, safety, and competence of each fleet vehicle. 

Wrapping It Up!

There are many other extended benefits that you can avail of with a smart tracking system. Therefore, optimizing your oil and gas company while enhancing productivity and results. However, you need a reliable and authentic development partner to understand your unique demands and business needs. A3logics offers software development services to varied industries, covering a wide range of solutions on one platform. You can connect with us anytime and we will assist you in implementing the right solution in your company. So, without waiting another minute, get in touch with us, and we will help you in the best possible way. 

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