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Gamification ELearning Implementation: Everything You Need To Know

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    More than 75 percent of the people are gamers. It has been observed that learners only remember 20% of the things they listen to and 10% of the stuff they read. If you combine learning and gaming together things can certainly become interesting. It has proven to be as well. 

    • If the learning is provided with some sort of action associated with it, then the number rises to even 50%. 
    • If you mix your learning with visual representation, one can remember 30% of the information. 
    • The number rises to 90% if they learn all by themselves being involved in the learning process. 

    You can get the learners involved in the process through gamification. If you think is this even possible. We are here to assist you with the same. 

    This guide is all about helping you understand the best practices to establish gamification in the domain of elearning. This process is going to work wonders in improving development and training programs in the organization. 

    With this implementation guide, you get to understand how gamification attached with eLearning software development can boost trainee engagement, training results, and, most importantly, satisfaction.  

    Before getting started with the implementation guide, let's first understand what gamification is and how it can influence the world of elearning!

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    Gamification And Facts Related To It

    When it comes to gamification, it is the procedure of gaming elements and principles being added to non-gaming scenarios or situations. 

    • Gamification can be used for the purpose of employee recruitment, training, evaluation, and productivity encouragement. 
    • It can also be used for the purpose of physical exercises, customer loyalty schemes, and voter engagement programs. 

    The primary objective of applying gamification with enterprise software development for eLearning is to connect with the users and get them engaged with the content. These facts below prove the same:

    • If the task is prepared with a game-like approach, 80% of learners feel they can deliver better results. 
    • If the task is integrated with leader boards or some sort of competition, 60% of learners feel motivated to perform the respective task. 
    • If the eLearning platform comes with a point system, around 89% of the learners can get more engaged in the process. 

    Training programs are not that enjoyable at all. So, to gain the attention of the learners, implying gamification to elearning mobile app development services does help. 

    Gamification Mechanics 

    Check out a few of the gamification mechanics that have been considered to make the process engaging, interesting, and most importantly fun. 

    • Setting up goals has to be one of the oldest gamification mechanics in the industry. This means getting the task completed and earning a reward in the form of points or a badge. 
    • Making the learner a part of a team is another way to employ gamification mechanics to the process. The user is going to be partnered with a team or group of people to work together in terms of solving problems, completing assignments, and achieving common objectives.
    • Adding levels to the task so that the users feel excited while working on the same is quite an exciting gamification mechanic considered by businesses around. The users need to complete a particular task to up their ranks or levels. The leaderboard shows which user is performing the best and which needs to work harder.
    • Having a rewards policy is certainly one of the most popular gamification mechanics implied in different scenarios. As stated above, if the users are able to complete the assigned tasks then they can be rewarded with badges or points that can be converted into gift cards, coupons, and discounts. It keeps them motivated and interested all throughout the course.

    If organizations are able to imply gamification in the custom LMS development process successfully, it is going to help their employees become more skilled at their work. They are always going to be motivated to pursue training as it involves rewards and competition. That makes things exciting!

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    How Beneficial Gamification Can Prove To Be?

    With gamification, organizations accomplish direct and indirect benefits while being implied in the eLearning domain.  If you are thinking about how then take a look at the below-mentioned pointers suggested by website development company A3 Logics:

    • This process allows the learners to go the distance and cover every aspect of the training.
    • It plays a significant role in enhancing the learning approach and culture
    • This implementation also assists in the development of onboarding programs
    • It certainly adds life to the dull and boring training programs 
    • Another major advantage of employing gamification is it helps in structuring the  training practices
    • The implementation of gamification also promotes team building 
    • This process also allows employees to bond and work together to achieve common goals.

    How Gamification And Employee Training Can Go Hand-in-Hand?

    Below mentioned are the three primary segments suggested by the IT consultation services experts in which gamification can improve employee training immensely. Take a look:


    New employees joining is quite a challenge to deal with. A lot of complicated procedures are involved in the form of documentation, training, induction, and many more. 

    With gamification, all these issues can be averted. New joined can take part in the process and ensure that the needs are met effectively.


    We all know how employees get bored with long and constant training sessions. 

    With gamification, learning becomes a lot more fun and keeps the employees motivated all through the process. This leads to better training results.


    It is crucial for every employee to know about the organization's different policies. But, it is quite a challenge to make them go through these long documents. 

    But, according to food delivery app development company A3Logics, if gamification is applied to this training procedure, it can help the employees take part in it wholeheartedly. 

    Steps To Implement Gamification

    When it comes to implementing gamification, requires proper knowledge and expertise of the same. This is when you can take assistance from IT professional services provided by A3Logics. 

    The experts can help you build a solid strategy to achieve desired end results after the training is completed. If you are still thinking about how then take a look at the steps below to implement gamification in your LMS development services to turn things around:

    Step 1

    • To employ gamification, organizations don't need to get started from scratch as can be implied in the existing training procedure. 
    • All you need to do is to take assistance from the top eLearning development company. 
    • You need to check with current training scenarios and assess where you can bring in challenges to gain interest. 
    • You need to check where you can bring in quizzes, rewards, and leader boards scenarios that can make them get involved. 

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    This article can help you avail an understanding of the best eLearning software development companies where you can avail yourself of the assistance of gamification integration at your convenience. 

    Step 2

    • Rewarding employees with points or badges for getting the tasks completed.
    • These points can help them with rewards like discounts or a voucher. 
    • This can motivate employees to get their tasks completed and earn reward points.

    Step 3

    • Executing daily operations can be quite challenging and eventually become boring. 
    • Adding a storytelling approach to these operations, then it can keep the employees engaged 
    • This means the employees get to play a role, make decisions, solve problems, or find solutions. 
    • This might show you the best performance of the respective employee. 
    • It assists you in understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

    Step 4

    • Making things competitive brings the best out of people. So, you can set temporary goals or have leaderboards. 
    • This can help you motivate employees to get competitive and perform better. 
    • Eventually, the employee can get their tasks not only completed quickly but also very efficiently. All to be at the top of the leader's board.

    Step 5

    • It is important that you let the employees know about the primary goal to achieve. 
    • With gamification, you can add clarity and let them know about the objectives and the steps to be taken to achieve the same. 
    • Implying gamification can get the candidates engaged fully with the task and the chances of availing better progress reports gets higher. 
    • Not only do they learn well but also perform outstandingly. 

    Wrap up

    This shows how one can implement gamification in the workplace with the assistance of eLearning development companies and make things a lot more interesting and engaging. It shows them a clear path, motivates them with rewards, and also boosts competitiveness. But, it is essential that the execution of the gamification process is handled correctly. If the implementation is not proper, then it can lead to negative results. So, you must think carefully while developing and implementing a gamification system. It helps the organization achieve the desired results effectively. 

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