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Virtual Healthcare - What Does the Future Hold for the Healthcare Industry?

As the saying goes, “Nothing is constant.” So is the world of healthcare. With the digital age upon us, this sector is evolving every day to stay on the cutting edge with advancements in technology. Keeping pace with the new inventions and discoveries, now we have virtual healthcare to ensure our wellbeing and wellness. Especially after the global pandemic due to COVID-19, the United States saw a huge shift towards virtual healthcare solutions along with all other countries. People no longer have to wait in long queues and pay frequent visits to hospitals, they can connect with their doctors via their phones instead. 

According to a medical research report, more than 60% of US citizens prefer remote care that is possible through the internet and smartphones rather than visiting clinics. By the end of this decade, you can expect a significant transformation in the healthcare sector that we know today. There will be empowered consumers, scientific advances, interoperable data with virtual health as the key component. It will personalize, inform, accelerate, and augment care. Even patients are more inclined toward the concept of virtual care where they can consult doctors and health experts from the comfort of their homes. It will soon revolutionize everything from drug development to treatment to social care and you must be prepared for it. 

Before you switch to this new world, it is important to understand what exactly virtual care is and how it is different from telemedicine. So, let’s get an insight into the concept.

What Is Virtual Healthcare?

Virtual Healthcare refers to virtual visits between patients and doctors through communication technology. This is done on video or audio connectivity where both the parties involved can schedule meetings and meet in real-time, discuss the issue, and seek the right solution from anywhere. There are cases when doctors are out of the city or patients cannot travel to a doctor in another city. Therefore, virtual healthcare brings a platform where they both can do video conferencing. So, even if the medical specialist is offsite, patients can connect and interact with him via high-definition conference call and eliminate the need to travel for long hours to a different city. The biggest benefit of this technology is that consumers can ask for a qualified second opinion online. 

virtual healthcare

Many doctors and hospitals are already using custom healthcare apps for consultations and meetings, check-ins and status reports, etc., Of course, diagnosis and treatment is still not possible through VR and video calls but you can be sure that with more advances in technology, serious conditions will soon fall under virtual treatment. 

The key benefits of Virtual Care include:

  • A convenient and faster way to connect with specialists and experts.
  • Easy second opinions without wasting any time. 
  • Effective mode to monitor the condition or situation of patients from remote locations.
  • Reduces the need for traveling.
  • Better options for quick consultation when traveling or face-to-face meeting is not possible. 

Virtual Healthcare vs. Telehealth

Many use telehealth and virtual care as synonyms and if we talk about them generally, they serve the same purpose as well. No wonder why people confuse them to be similar concepts. However, if we dig the two concepts further, you will notice that they are quite different. Virtual health is a part of telehealth which includes all the components of technology-driven healthcare. The latter is a broad term that offers a wide range of solutions to patients from a distance, including doctor’s visits on phone calls, or video calls, managing a high-risk treatment, chronic condition management, etc. Virtual care, on the other hand, is a quick option that is available for even 24*7. 

How Will Virtual Care Change the Healthcare Industry?

virtual healthcare solutions

Increased Patients Engagement

People tend to ignore their health and wellbeing when they have to take extra effort to visit their doctors. They often miss their appointments and sessions because they are either too busy or lazy to go. However, telemedicine app development gives them a platform where they can interact with their doctors anytime, anywhere. They are more committed to their healthcare goals which leads to improved health and lower costs. App users can schedule appointments via their phones, get notifications before the consultation, and maintain care schedules. They know that health experts are always available for help and assistance which encourages them to keep a tab on their health and be more involved. They can ask questions, report early, take follow-up to stay on track. 

Cost-Effectiveness & Healthcare Savings

Not only for patients but virtual care solution is a cost-effective strategy for doctors as well. Of course, patients can save traveling costs, consultant charges as the online fee is much lower, etc. Also, there are times when patients visit clinics for minor advice or suggestions but they have to pay heavy consultation charges. This online method eliminates all that hassle and provides them economical and faster services. Talking about specialists, they can reduce unnecessary and non-urgent visits and save transportation costs. The technology boosts revenue by attracting new patients and reduces overheads by shifting to the work-from-home approach. 

Quality Care

We are talking facts here. Yes, recently multiple surveys were conducted and the data collected clearly shows that the quality of health has improved immensely with virtual care. Healthcare services through telecommunication have changed the traditional way of interactions between doctors and patients. In fact, over 75% of patients now rely on Artificial Intelligence for their health care rather than human interactions. No wonder why there is a huge demand for telemedicine mobile app development companies in the industry. It proves to be a boon in emergency situations when patients could not be moved to hospitals or expert care facilities. They can connect with their doctors and the results show that the outcome is favorable with higher satisfaction. 

Better Training Programs

No, we are not implying that VR technology will replace medical training programs but it can complement the existing learning courses. It can be a powerful tool to impart education and training to students and get their complete attention which is sometimes impossible in lectures. They can perform open-heart surgery without risking any patient or attend their lectures when they couldn’t be in college, hence avoiding any hindrance to their learning process. The technology has already been used in Florida where VR is used for planning operations by creating a 3D replica of the human brain. You can expect some great innovations and developments in the field that will empower the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Extended Access to Specialists

People in remote areas may not have easy access to specialists and experts. Traveling miles may also be not possible for many. Figures show that for every 100,000 rural patients in the US, there are only 43 health specialists. Virtual health can work wonders in such a situation by providing them easy to doctors while sitting miles away from them. They can quickly connect to an expert around the world, share the concerns, and find the right recommendations on time. For patients who cannot endure longer commutes, this is the perfect solution. Also, if the available doctor could not help, then he/she can refer to the right one based on location. 


Although virtual care is in its infancy stage, telemedicine is already a business worth billions. Therefore, you can expect VR to get bigger and better in the industry, making healthcare solutions more effective and accessible. So, you must be ready for the change and switch to an efficient platform without any delay. Connect with A3logics to get customized virtual healthcare solutions and we assure you to meet your expectations. We will take care of your every specification and deliver you the product that suits your needs.

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