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6 Features to Look For When Buying Enterprise Meeting Software

In today’s working environment, especially now when remote working is the need of the hour, online meetings have become increasingly common. Team members working from different parts of the country need to have a common platform where they can collaborate and discuss the project efficiently. With business communication shifting from audio to video conferencing, companies and employees must install online meeting software. However, with the rising popularity of meeting apps and so many options to choose from, picking the one that meets your expectations and business requirements is a hard nut to crack.

To make your online meetings and conferences productive, it is important to have a platform empowered with advanced features so that conversations are smooth and flawless. During enterprise meeting software development, you will come across a plethora of features and functions, most of which won’t make sense to you and many others are hard to use for you and your team. In such a scenario, it is better to get familiar with key and basic features and narrow down to the ones that will work best for your company and the project. Based on the locations of your employees, infrastructure, tasks, etc., you can decide specific features to include in your meeting app or software. From screen sharing and text messaging to encryption and meeting hosting, what are really your requirements? 

To help you zero in on the most useful elements and ensure that you get everything needed for seamless online meetings, we have listed a few essential features that you must look for in your meeting software. Have a look:

Auto Framing

If you have used any online video meeting app, you must be familiar with the struggle of adjusting the frame. You have to ensure that you are clearly visible in the frame and also if there are other team members in the same room, you might have to readjust the camera accordingly. Moreover, giving a presentation or sharing a document in the same frame is even more difficult. Hence, auto framing is a convenient way to address all these issues as it eliminates the need to adjust the frame manually. While going for a software development solution for your enterprise meeting app, make sure you include this feature and you will no more have to deal with the tedious task of setting the camera view. It will focus on you during the entire session and will include others as well when they join the meeting or leave. Also, you don’t have to waste your time and energy zooming in and out of your camera as this dynamic feature will make a perfect view automatically.

Screen Sharing

Another valuable feature of video conferencing apps is effortless content or screen sharing. No matter if you are helping a client with any technical issue or collaborating with colleagues, sharing the screen will come in handy during meetings. It enables team members to discuss a project, strategize, plan, explore, and decide together and faster. Especially in remote working when there is a rare chance to sit together in one room and look at one document, screen sharing is undoubtedly a must for online meetings. Any participant of the meeting can use this feature and access it to enjoy the real-time sharing experience while working at different locations. 

Team Chats

team chats

Online meeting software must also be used for text chats while a meeting is going on. Although video calls are in trend, text messages are still necessary for hassle-free communication. Sidebars can enable one-on-one chat or group messaging without any interruptions or distractions in the video call. There are times when a person wants to speak but can’t as someone else is talking. The text chat feature in online meeting software gives them a chance to express their ideas to the speaker without disrupting the flow of the meeting. Also, it maintains alignment, assembles agendas, tracks notes easily. Moreover, these chats can have integrated security so that they are accessible only by people who are authorized to read the messages. 

Mobile Compatibility

The world is inclined toward mobile devices and people use them for most of their tasks. Online meetings are no exception to it. The employees are always on the go and mobile apps allow them to be a part of meetings anytime, anywhere. They can join the call or conference conveniently in the absence of a laptop or desktop without canceling other plans. Thus, video conferences must support mobile through an app to host or join a meeting via Android, iOS, or other devices. Finding a mobile app development company, for mobile application development, for meeting software is no more just a backup but a key factor for hindrance-free online meetings. 

Recording Options

Recording Options

You might need to look back at the points discussed in a meeting and the recording feature enables you to do that easily. The manager can go through the entire season to see if all the important points were discussed, how the meeting went, if everyone was involved or not, and also to gain additional insights to improve the process. However, simply recording is not enough but the video call app must ensure high-quality recording without any technical glitch. Also, it must be accessed from any browser or operating system without additional software installs. With a recording of lengthy meetings, participants can remember all the steps and can also open shared files during replay just like in a live meeting. 

Noise Block

We are sure that you always struggle with background noises and chatter during video conferences with your team members. Of course, there is an option to mute the participants who are not talking at the moment but the speaker might also have disturbance in the background. Hence, the noise block feature takes away all such distracting noises, such as someone talking, typing, shuffling, etc. now, rather than asking people to mute their microphone or speak louder, you can simply use this option and block all sorts of disturbances at once.  


This is not an exhaustive list of all the must-have features in a meeting software. There are many other points too that you must jot down before selecting the best platform for your online office meetings. A3logics understands that communication is the heart of every business, especially when remote working is on the rise. Hence, our team spares no effort to deliver you a flawless and effective app or software that meets your requirements perfectly. Our custom software development solution takes care of all little details and comes up with a second to none platform that adds value to your team collaboration and meetings. 

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