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Essential features and cost for building a robust benefits administration software like ADP Workforce Now

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    After the insertion of robust and stringent benefits software solutions like Paylocity, ADP Workforce, Rippling, Paychex Flex, and more, managing people has become easier than ever before. 

    These aforementioned benefits management solutions are advanced technology cloud-based platforms that can be integrated with other management capabilities, such as payroll, HR, time, and talent.

    In this article, we will focus on a brilliant and feature-rich benefits administration software that has delighted millions of employees while continuing to scale mid and large-sized businesses. 

    Overview of ADP Workforce Now


    ADP Workforce Now is a single and scalable database that lets companies manage their entire workforce. With extensive software, such as ADP Workforce, you can -

    • Minimize errors through an integrated error detection facility and not miss any alerts.
    • Secure your infrastructure with deep compliance expertise, privacy practices, and top-notch data security.
    • Quick Distribution of data by entering data once and letting it pre-populate across all workflows. 
    • Connect and manage payroll, time & schedules, benefits as well as talent through a single dashboard. 

    However, an old saying says not one size fits all hence ADP lets you personalize the solution from the given package to help meet HR and payroll needs. ADP Workforce Now can be seamlessly integrated with existing tools and software to create the most optimal HR experience for employees. 

    ADP is backed by a professional and experienced community committed to delivering unique and result-oriented solutions to meet every business needs. 

    The benefits administer software is enriched with simple, easy-to-use yet powerful tools to benchmark the organization against industry-leading market data. ADP is also integrated with powerful machine learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to help you make accurate and fruitful decisions confidently. 

    In order to create a similar customized solution for your business, you must look into its features. You can combine features that you require to make a beneficial and functional benefits administration software. 

    Features to Integrate into a Benefits Administration Software Like ADP Workforce Now

    1. Payroll

    The Payroll feature is crafted with high-level tools to help process the payroll faster and easier both logically as well as globally. ADP's payroll can be easily integrated with other business software, such as time-tracking, HR systems, and ERP solutions

    The payroll is highly responsive offering self-service to let employees and managers manage their accounts anywhere and anytime. You can get the right online payroll services from one of the below-mentioned options.

    2. Essential Payroll

    The basic and essential payroll has been designed for startups and established companies that are looking for reliable yet simple and sophisticated features, such as taxes and compliance. 

    3. Enhanced Payroll

    A more advanced, robust, and compelling payroll with enhanced capabilities leverage garnishment payment service, SUI management, job posting, and employee background checks. 

    4. Complete Payroll & HR+

    This component of Payroll blends well with the latest HR tools to offer advanced solutions, such as employee handbook wizard, proactive compliance notifications, HR forms and guidances, live HR support, and job description wizards.

    5. HR Pro Payroll & HR

    An extensive and comprehensive suite of HR tools offers powerful and advanced components for large businesses like business advice, legal assistance, employer/employee training, and HR support.

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    ADP has also segregated payroll for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

    Small Business payroll 

    It is best suited for a company with 1-49 employees. This small business payroll offer -

    • Calculated payroll taxes 
    • Integration with HR and time-tracking
    • Avoid errors from automated online payroll
    • Local, state, and federal compliance support
    • Self-service app for employees
    • Expert support
    Mid and Large Business payroll 

    This type is flexible and can be customized for seamless integration with HR. This feature offers -

    • Flexible payment modes
    • Multiple levels of service
    • Complete automated employee data synchronization
    • Seamless integration with benefits, talent & more
    • Mobile application for employees and managers
    • Expert implementation and outsourcing 

    6. Workforce Management


    A necessary feature for employers or organizations to manage their employees with easy and convenient time-tracking. Efficient workforce management helps companies to control their cost with real-time insights into the workforce, boost productivity, manage and optimize the team efficiently. 

    With the Workforce Management feature, you can promote proper and reliable staffing while decreasing labor costs. The AI integration delivers pace of business and alignment with rapid ongoing changes to remain compliant. ADP Workforce Now can meet varied work expectations, spot & correct issues, automate administrative processes, and help make a crucial decision faster.

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    7. Time & Attendance

    The automated scheduling & time collection can be synced with Calendar, send alerts, overtime calculations, approve timecards, view work schedules and swap shifts & much more. A fully automated time & attendance tracking also offers:

    Unique Compliance

    Companies can reduce their compliance errors and risks through customizable solutions to support unique needs. Flexible workforce management with time & attendance also supports country-specific compliance requirements, such as work and rest laws, company policies, fair scheduling ordinances, and union agreements. 

    Intelligent Insights

    Identify the patterns and trends of the working, absence, overtime hours, and cost. Through an intuitive and interactive dashboard, companies can have real-time visibility into current and historical data to predict algorithms, benchmark data to compare performance, and promote efficient staffing regardless of size, geographies, and industry.

    8. Scheduling

    Gain Visibility

    Into scheduled, earned, actual, and overtime hours as well as other analytical data to help in staying on the expected budget.

    Create Schedules

    That will help you visualize labor needs, find an appropriate resource to manage as well as share shift swapping.

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    9. Absence Management

    Workforce Management accelerates your business by letting you easily manage to accumulate time, policies, and leave cases. The automated scheduling manages to leave management, so you spend less on labor while - 

    • Tracking all leave requests
    • Tracking documents and eligibility
    • Automating discipline tracking and attendance policy
    • Accessing employees time-off balances
    • Analyzing and comparing industry benchmarks.  

    10. Compliance 

    With the customizable full stack development solution such as ADP Workforce software, companies can fulfill a broad range of compliance requirements inclusive of fair scheduling, work and rest laws, union agreements, & much more. Additionally, 

    • Automating work and pay rule governance, calculation of overtime hours also minimizes compliance exposure.
    • Timecards can help managers or employers prevent disputes.
    • Automating workflows and documentation can help companies administer policies and leaves.

    11. Analytics

    With ADP, you can arrange the staffing as per levels, deter costly overtime and supplemental staffing. With deep insights into historical and current trends, you can make accurate planning. Moreover, you can

    • Classify and monitor worked hours.
    • Access information more important to you.
    • Allow real-time visibility, labor costs, overtime, absences & more.
    • Benchmark the performance.

    12. Payroll & HCM Integration

    Workforce management can streamline your business processes in order to achieve greater efficiency. The automated time & attendance system can seamlessly be integrated with HCM solutions & payroll and save a lot of HR work and time. 

    This unified platform minimizes redundant data entry as well as gathers manual information from diverse systems. Through this feature, companies can -

    • Easily access to the most important information.
    • Clock and view scheduled, pay studs and benefits all through a single app.
    • The automatic flow of HR, time, and payroll data.
    • Single log in to remember passwords automatically.

    13. Talent

    An enterprise development software like ADP Workforce Now must be able to unite technology with talent to improve performance and employee experience. 

    14. Performance Management 

    Companies equipped with performance management solutions can set and achieve meaningful goals, receive and take action on the feedback received. Along with it, companies can -

    • Use Multi-rater feedback and cascading performance goals to align their objectives with performance.
    • Enhance performance, productivity, and visibility into teams.
    • Deliver coaching while encouraging collaboration in real-time.

    15. Learning

    Integrating a robust and responsive elearning platform will help in better learning and continuous skill development. 

    With a custom lms development solution, companies can offer a learning platform for employees to have key skills while enhancing abilities without any limitations. Additionally, companies can -

    • Have a customized dashboard to monitor and track the strengths and performance of each employee.
    • Monitor and eliminate gaps by delivering learning and development programs.
    • Encourage customized programs with the flexibility to support a variety of modalities and content.
    • Make learning convenient with mobile learning solutions

    16. Leadership Development

    Talent management also inspires people to perform their best. Through a strength-based approach, ADP Workforce lets you offer a tailored solution as per the organization's needs while helping people bring out the best of themselves and others. Companies can improve their team leader effectiveness as well as -

    • Offer visibility into every individual's strengths and performance.
    • World-class expertise to leverage meaningful content and achieve greater business outcomes.
    • Flexible engagements programs like events, workshops, and certifications help in cultivating leadership skills.

    17. Compensation 

    Employees must be valued for their hard work to keep them motivated. Through the total compensation strategy, employees feel they are valued and the company follows a fair rule. Further, this strategy also helps in managing the most complex compensation scenarios for individuals across teams. Talent management can also be equipped with compensation module capabilities and a deep set of market insights to analyze real-time data to pay bonuses, stock awards, merit increases, and equity.

    18. Succession 

    Any organization preparing for the future must encourage succession planning. The method helps in improving retention rates and the scope of opportunities within the organization. Moreover, companies can -

    • Make data-driven decisions through clear visibility into benchmark strengths and performance history.
    • Compare current and future competencies as well as potential positions with easy-to-use tools for employees.
    • High turnover probabilities by identifying risks and proactive insights.  

    19. Team Performance

    With robust tools, company leaders can draw engagement throughout the organization and generate results at a larger scale and teams to build a more robust team. With ADP Workforce Now, companies can support their team as well as - 

    • Focus on increasing per-person productivity.
    • Use real-time and reliable data to drive accurate decisions.
    • Encourage people to volunteer more of their work through coaching intelligence. 

    20. Onboarding 

    A cloud computing service such as digital onboarding by ADP Workforce Now helps companies create a structured digital onboarding experience, focused on individual needs. Additionally, companies can minimize the paperwork burden to reduce risk and enrich onboarding and help build connections with their team immediately.

    21. Recruiting and Hiring

    A comprehensive talent management solution lets companies attract the best talent along with delivering a better experience. The intuitive technology can help -

    • Automate key recruiting and hiring tasks to save time and fill gaps.
    • Fill the opening position quickly.
    • Attract talent through employment branding strategies from custom career sites.

    22. Benefits & Insurance

    This feature helps in attracting the best and brightest talent. Additionally, an employee benefits solution can assist companies with retirement plans, group health insurance, and business insurance.

    23. Employee Benefits Administration

    Employee benefits are certainly the most important way to attract and retain talent as well as drive the company forward. With the ADP Workforce benefits administration solution, companies can manage everything with a single screen responsibly.

    24. Tools

    The technology-integrated benefits administration is generally flexible and can be integrated with the needful software, such as payroll, financial systems, and HR. Like ADP, any customized solution must also be flexible, integrated with powerful analytical tools so that companies can increase their efficiency, security, accuracy, and make well-informed strategic decisions. 

    25. Guidance

    To drive enhanced engagement, benefits can assist in captivating fresh and reliable talent while also gathering employees' preferences through insights into employee behavior. Companies can either use decision support tools or simply outsource benefits administration and reduce complex HR administration.

    26. Support

    Benefits are more than you offer and the experience you create. With a dedicated help desk, companies can provide an expert solution, in accordance with state and federal laws, perform rigorous audits, handle data, design and on-demand print capabilities & much more.

    27. Retirement Plans

    A benefits solution helps employees in managing their retirement plans easily. A platform, such as ADP, helps a company to provide their workers with the best investment option. Additionally, companies do not have to worry about fiduciary obligations while attracting the best talent. Hence for a comprehensive retirement plan, your solution must have -

    • Unbiased investment options
    • Seamless integration with payroll
    • Easy to implement and use technology 
    • Flexible and custom plans
    • Benchmarking data to evaluate plan success 
    • Access investment management services
    • Employee education programs for employee empowerment.
    • 401(k) and 403(b) qualified retirement plans for tax savings.

    28. Group Health Insurance

    One of the biggest decisions a company makes is to choose the right health benefits for all its employees. By making the right choice, companies can offer big pay-offs to their employees while making them happier and more engaged.

    29. Top-rated Choices

    Connecting with a reliable professional helps you to pick top-rated medical, dental, and vision insurance from the leading local as well as national carriers. With relevant health insurance, employers can assist their employees in staying healthy, productive, and improving profit margins. 

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    30. Business Insurance

    To choose the right insurance, you may need guidance to avoid any risk over premiums payments. Business insurance guides let companies pick the right insurance by integrating automated data processing. With business insurance, companies can empower employees to pick through choices, such as - Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy, Commercial Auto Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Business Owner's Policy (BOP), and Worker's Compensation Insurance.

    31. Support

    Responsive and licensed insurance must be taken after understanding all types of insurance, evaluating coverage needs and opportunities, connecting with the top-rated and high-quality insurance, discussing payroll, and providing worker's compensation audit assistance & safety evaluation.

    32. HR Services

    With advanced technology integration, companies can solve a lot of time-consuming tasks and challenges. With an automated HR system, companies can indulge more in strategic work and help in executing key HR responsibilities like benefits and payroll. 

    33. HR Resources

    A benefits software with HR services helps HR to follow best practices such as including a help desk for comprehensive support, Quick answers for commonly asked questions, personalized employee handbook, job description wizard, compare current HR practices against standards to measure up.

    34. HR Operational Efficiencies 

    In-depth guidance helps companies expand, merge, reorganize major initiatives which impact the workforce. With IT consultation services and professional help, companies can analyze HCM processes while working on best practices for more efficiencies.

    35. HR Processes

    Efficient HR processes can help run payroll, manage compliance and talent management efficiently. Optimizing HR processes and ensuring a seamless business is the result of regular time processes review, benefits administration support, compliance tracking, and reporting, customized training, and best practice recommendations.

    36. HR Outsourcing & PEO

    Whatever the business size, outsourcing is always a relevant solution. By choosing a robust and reliable partner, a company can get rid of handling hiring, engaging, managing employee issues, payroll, benefits, compensation, talent, compliance, and much more. 

    37. HR Outsourcing 

    In order to get relieved from the burden of manual HR administrative tasks, ADP Workforce Now helps reduce your daily workload and compliance risk. Outsourcing solutions help save time and money. Additionally, companies can -

    • Minimize the excessive time spent to create and manage administrative tasks.
    • Free up time in spending resolving issues and responding to questions.
    • Minimize the onboarding and training costs. 
    • Receive support for compliance concerning employment laws and regulations, saving compliance fees and penalties. 

    38. Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

    PEO benefits can save time & money while protecting business and confidently moving forward. With PEO, your business gets dedicated guidance and all-in-one HR, talent, benefits, and risks to achieve concrete results.

    39. Financial Benefit

    Investing in PEO uncovered multiple benefits package access, including healthcare and 401(k), compliance missteps prevention, employee lawsuit prevention, turnover improvement.

    40. Risk Reduction 

    An efficient PEO helps reduce the risk, lower the legal liability through relevant guidance and processes, know compliance, and create a safer workplace.

    41. Integration

    ADP Workforce Now has a dedicated platform that offers seamless integration of popular business software such as ERP, CRM, HCM, EDI solutions, and much more. With apt and standard APIs, any product or software integration can be possible, allowing seamless flow of data. Companies can manage comprehensive data through a single dashboard window and identify potential loopholes for improvements. 

    Some Additional Products Offered as a White-labeled By ADP Workforce Now

    1. ADP TotalSource

    This comprehensive solution of ADP Workforce is a perfect blend of professional employer organization (PEO) to guide and manage the advanced employee benefits so you can easily manage talent, HR, risks, and payroll.

    2. Run Powered By ADP

    ADP Workforce Now is a web-based solution that lets you place your complete focus on strategic workflows. This ADP's solution manages even the minute details within the payroll and HR data for small businesses. 

    3. ADP Next-Gen HCM

    ADP Workforce offers an extensive and flexible HCM solution combining advanced cloud technology, data-driven insights, and in-depth expertise that strengthens the business and accelerates growth while expanding the company.

    4. ADP Vantage HCM

    ADP Workforce offers open architecture for strategic management of multiple solutions, such as payroll, time, talent, and benefits. The Vantage HCM also offers deep insights into data, talent management capabilities, and implementation of other products.

    5. ADP Comprehensive Services

    An ADP comprehensive service is an all-in-one solution combined with dedicated specialists who recommend best practices to enhance process efficiencies as well as outsourcing services for large businesses.

    6. ADP SmartCompliance

    ADP's cloud-based tool - Smart Compliance, helps solve compliance challenges suitable for any company size. This smart tool can be easily integrated with leading HCM platforms for seamless data flow. 

    7. ADP Wisely

    A perfect cost-effective platform for small businesses Wisely is dedicated to financial wellness management of employees. Integrated with a pay card program to pay employees, Wisely helps them stay on the right path. 

    8. ADP Global Payroll

    Global payroll is again a combined solution of two tools - ADP Celergo and ADP GlobalViewPayroll. Global payroll helps manage global payroll for any size organization, inclusive of multiple chains globally.

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    9. ADP DataCloud

    A powerful yet intelligent technology today is the cloud. Cloud technology is among the most reliable solutions, and ADP integrates it with robust & stringent analytical tools. This combination helps HR to measure, compare and predict data while applying insights for better decisions. 

    10. ADP Celergo

    For large companies looking to manage their challenges with global payroll management, Celergo is the right tool. A simple solution that combines all employee data into a single system to make the payroll run in multiple countries.

    Cost of ADP Workforce Now Benefits Administration Software

    Cost is one of the major concerns for any company for custom product development, especially a comprehensive solution such as ADP Workforce Now. However, you must consider various factors to collaborate with a product engineering services provider: modules or features, implementation, consulting, support, training, and more.

    Time and efforts to build software also impact the cost of development. To give a rough estimation, the cost of features to integrate with a benefits administration solution like ADP Workforce Now, maybe around $113,400. This cost is estimated on the basis of the $45 per hour average development rate. 

    The duration of time may take approximately 3.8 months or 2800 hours to complete a benefits management solution covering all features. 

    So, if you are looking for a similar solution, you must look for a reliable and professional website development company. A3logics is a dedicated and experienced software development company striving to deliver top-notch software solutions that meet the needs and culture of the company while aligning with the market changes. Inbox us to get a reliable and future-ready solution.


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