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5 Essential AWS Services That Business Must Use in 2022

You all must have heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a name that has emerged as a great invention to deploy applications to the cloud. If you are still living under the rock, then here is a little insight into it. AWS has taken cloud computing to a new level by offering flexible, on-demand and cost-effective storage service. It has a different approach to control and command data and information according to the requirements of users. There is no denying the fact that AWS is now the largest and globally-known technology that has taken cloud computing by storm with its advanced products and services. Adding to its success and profit is its presence and size in the computing world. 

Amazon offers more than 100 infrastructure services, ranging from storage to database to networking and computing power. Some are designed to serve specific goals while others help businesses achieve multipurpose. However, there are many AWS services that companies use on a daily basis. If you are also planning to seek AWS professional services for your enterprise in the near future, then here are 5 most essential names that would help you boost productivity and enhance innovation. Read further:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is one of the first AWS services that provides cloud-based computing power to users. It is a web-based virtual server where businesses can run applications. The servers are called Instances and enable developers to evaluate the compute capacity on the AWS data centres. Enterprise can select AMIs with the preferred operating system and deploy the clusters. The three most popular Instances are Compute Optimized, Memory Optimized, and Storage Optimized. The first one is used for extremely high request rates and leverages industry-leading processors. The memory optimized instances have the most efficient per-GB memory cost while the last one access fast SSD storage and serve retrieval requests at the earliest. With Amazon EC2, one can develop and deploy apps quickly and that too effectively within less cost. The EC2 instances are flexible, thereby, you can configure boot partition size, memory, instance storage, and CPU to suit your business demand. The best advantage of this service is that it delivers compute resources as per the needs and businesses can scale up or down the power according to their requirements. 

Amazon Pinpoint

Many businesses rely on targeted push notifications to reach and engage more audience and if your company is one of them, then Amazon Pinpoint is the ideal tool to achieve that. This AWS app development service makes it easier for online marketers and developers to run targeted campaigns and also measure the outcome. Some of the widely used campaigns to enhance user engagement are customer retention campaigns, promotional alerts and transactional push notifications like order confirmation and password reset messages. Wondering how it actually works? As explained by an AWS cloud consultant, you integrate Amazon Pinpoint into the mobile app or web to keep an eye on data usage and get an insight into how potential clients will engage with the app. AWS Mobile SDK Integration helps you collect all the customer analytics data and organize them in segments. Then you can send personalized messages to the app users. 

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is one of the most important and low-cost cloud storage services provided by AWS. It is an Off-shoot of Amazon S3, designed for cold data storage and archiving, making it possible for the users to store infrequently accessed data for a long period, be it months or decades. This is an ideal feature for the enterprises that hold specific data for business purposes even when it’s not required every day as they can retrieve archived data within minutes from AWS storage. There is a gamut of data sites across the world but with Glacier, you can be assured of safe and secure data irrespective of any circumstances and that too while saving a lot of money than any other cloud storage service. So, if you are looking for effective storage for your business information with a wide range of archival and data backup features, then Glacier should be your pick. 

AWS Lambda

Have you heard of the word ‘serverless’ these days? Well, it doesn’t mean servers cease to exist but the difference is that you don’t have to manage them anymore. AWS Lambda is another promising service that enables you to run code without provisioning servers. Hence, you are only paying for the compute time and you will not be charged for the time when code is idle. You only need to upload the code for the apps or backend services and it will take care of the rest along with scalability. Set up the code to trigger automatically from any other AWS services or you can also use it from the web or mobile app. Lambda supports the code written Python, Node.js, Java and other programming languages of Amazon Linux. If you have any further query, then connect with a reliable Amazon web services development company and get answers to all your questions within no time. Rest assured that this AWS service will make things convenient for you and your company if implemented the right way. 

Amazon DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB is a fully-managed NoSQL database service, offering calculated and accelerated performance with maximum scalability. You can store and retrieve any amount of data according to the traffic or demand with this web development service. It is extremely fast and ensures consistency with single-digit millisecond latency. It comes with encryption that eliminates the complexity of storing sensitive data. Now, you hardly have to bother about configuration, software patching, hardware provisioning, cluster scaling and replication, hence, reducing the additional burden from your shoulders. DynamoDB works with document and key-value storage models and also showcases flexibility, making it the best choice for mobile and game applications. It also allows automatic partitioning with scalability as its major highlight, thereby, the products that need scaling data, volume and growth can operate seamlessly without any interference. 

Final Words

The above-mentioned AWS services come up with endless benefits and features for your company with great support for cloud-based development. These tools provide businesses with an edge where they can adapt to the changes without faltering even in the peak season when demand is at the highest level. Furthermore, you can use them to scale your app, revolutionize the development process and ensure that the apps work optimally. 

Honestly, there is so much more to AWS services than the information that we have provided above. To understand it in detail, you need a trusted and advanced AWS consulting company that can guide you and help you get started with cloud-based computing. A3logics has a team of professionals who will help you get familiar with the fundamentals and prepare you to expand your business infrastructure to the cloud within a completely new environment. So why wait? Connect with us and migrate your existing app to the cloud with experts by your side. 

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