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Enterprise Mobile Application Development: How to Boost Your App ROI?

Enterprise mobile application development popularity has grown massively over the past decade. With ever-rising demand for enterprise apps, most businesses investing in enterprise mobility solutions are seeking answers to questions like how do we boost our app ROI, how to exactly measure our app ROI, and whether an investment in enterprise apps is profitable or not. 

Well, enterprise apps do contribute to boosting business growth is a well-known fact in the corporate arena. But, there lies a gap in understanding how exactly enterprise app ROI can be improved upon.

So, let’s find answers to these puzzling questions, as well as explore the best strategies to boost the enterprise app return of investment (ROI). But, before we move ahead, lets first discuss: 

Current Market State of Enterprise Mobile Apps

According to Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue in 2020. There’s no doubt that the popularity of mobile apps is not going to slow down in the coming years. If we talk about enterprises specifically, the enterprise mobility market is expected to grow up to $1225 billion by 2025. 

By equipping the workforce with mobile technology, companies are looking to grow faster, improve decision making and outpace rivals in the digital space. It is expected that companies, embracing enterprise mobility solutions and employee-business apps will take the indispensable lead in the market. 

Almost 50% of the top economic performers across industries are investing heavily in digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, etc. to grow faster than the competition. 

Here are some interesting stats about enterprise mobile apps in 2020: 

  • In 2020, most companies are focusing on building next-gen technology-powered apps like AI-powered apps, cloud-based apps, IoT-integrated apps, etc. to deliver a seamless user experience. 
  • Enterprise software companies are also focusing on building personalized apps for a seamless interaction - no matter what device the user is logged in. 
  • Voice-based apps are rising in popularity in 2020. Most enterprises are building voice-apps solutions for employee training, orientation, product demos, etc. 
  • With Google preferring accelerated mobile apps, enterprise businesses are also looking to design light-weight web apps that are fast to load with superior performance in 2020. 
  • The mobile workforce is expected to reach 18.7 billion by end of 2020, that’s 42% of the global workforce. 
  • Progressive web apps and cross-platform app development are also growing in popularity in 2020. Businesses are relying on PWA technology for building their enterprise apps.

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Features of a Top-Quality Enterprise Mobile Application 

There’s a lot required to make an enterprise app truly efficient and suitable for critical business operations of a company. Smooth business functioning is always needed in companies operating on a global scale. Hence, any enterprise app or software should encompass the following features: 


Scalability is the primary aspect of an enterprise application. An enterprise mobility services provider understands this need clearly. Large organizations often grow unusually in shorter periods of time. Hence, its systems or apps need to be robust and secure to accommodate large volumes of data and processes than usual.

Real-Time Access 

On-the-go access to information anytime, anywhere, and from any device often becomes critical in businesses like healthcare. Their workforce requires solutions that provide support for instant data access and team collaboration. 

Robust Security

Any small technology security loophole can cost millions of dollars to a business. Hence, it’s vital their IT networks, people, and devices remain truly secure 24/7. That’s why any enterprise app should be 100% hack-proof with bullet grade security.

Timely Alerts 

An enterprise app is often used for notifying the workforce about important events like team meetings, client interactions, promotion, company events, and more. Making sure that an enterprise app provides alerts in both online and offline mode is critical too. 

Seamless Communication 

As discussed, instant, real-time communication capabilities in a business app are a must. Be it chat, call, or video support - the app should provide a pathway to seamless communication b/w enterprise stakeholders, including employees, supervisors, board members, and more. 

Top-Notch Integration Capabilities

Any enterprise app should support heavy integration capabilities. As we know enterprises never work in silos. Interconnected teams and operations are the highlights of large firms. Hence, syncing the enterprise app with other critical systems like CRM, ERP and even employee wearables becomes vital. 

Now after discussing the features that make up for a top-class enterprise app and also contribute to improving app ROI, let’s discuss the top techniques that you can apply to boost your enterprise app ROI. Here we go: 

Strategies to Boost Enterprise Mobile App ROI 

The ultimate state of ROI of your enterprise app can only be decided and increased on the basis of how involved you are able to keep your employees with the application. Now, there are multiple ways to achieve that. Ways that can be seen as strategies for achieving ROI in enterprise app development.

Enterprise Mobile App ROI

1. Perform Application Iteration

The first step you should take to boost your app ROI includes mapping out a plan for continuous interaction. How? Keep monitoring what features an employee uses or explores the most after the app launch version 1.0. Take feedback or try to know employee views on the app features. What do they like most, what features do they want to be improved, is navigating through the app easier, and so on. Note down the pros and cons. An app can’t be perfect in the first go anyways. After receiving app feedback work upon suggestions and accordingly make improvements. 

2. Encourage Employees Participation

One of the key reasons, why most enterprise apps fail, is the lack of employee involvement. More often than not employees feel disconnected from the app they use. The reason is simple: lack of involvement during the app development process. It’s important you make your employees part of the development cycle by receiving feedback or ideas about app design and functionality. 

Applying gamification through leaderboards, rewards or social sharing in existing enterprise apps also helps you boost employee participation and make your enterprise apps truly worthwhile. 

3. Create An Intuitive App UI/UX

Building an intuitive and engaging UI is another way to increase the chances of your enterprise app success. The app design should be approached in a way that users can easily navigate through the app features and perform desired actions quickly. Follow the best UI UX design practices or hire experienced UI /UX designers for best results. 

4. Perform App Categorization for Relevance

Often enterprise app users complain about the presence of multiple features that are irrelevant to them. Avoid this situation by clearly defining user types or categories at the login screen. For instance, the creation of separate login modules of sales, marketing, and finance teams. This way employees will quickly log-in/out by performing their desired actions. It will also increase app engagement and user retention. 

5. Add Business Critical Information

Make your enterprise app an instant hit by adding the most commonly used information or functions by employees like contact directory, bug reporting, salary reports, etc. This makes your app valuable to your employees and something they can instantly share with others without you doing extra promotion. 

Some of the useful features you can add in an enterprise app include: 

  • Contact Directory
  • Bug Report
  • Salary Reports 
  • Announcement Boards 
  • Social Media Sharing

6. Utilize Next-Gen Technologies

Last but not least is the usage of modern technology in your enterprise app. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and more - you can make intelligent apps that are self-evolving and user-friendly. Using such technologies you can integrate chatbot, system alerts, personalized recommendations, etc. to make your app highly advanced and smart.  

How We Can Help You in Enterprise App Development

The above strategies will certainly help you connect with your employees on a personalized level via the enterprise app and boost your approach. But, executing some of the above strategies requires comprehensive app knowledge, vast experience, and expert app development teams - something that’s not easily available in-house. If you want to make your existing enterprise apps more employee-worthy or want to build a completely new solution - get in touch with our mobile app development experts here at A3logics. 

Drop us a line to know more about our enterprise app development services and check whether we're the right match for your project or not.

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