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Business Pilot: How To Empower Mobile-Friendly eLearning Platform?

In today’s learning landscape, mobile learning is getting more and more attention across the globe due to various reasons. We can’t deny the fact that m-learning is the best way to acquire knowledge anywhere and at any time. Not only educational institutions, but enterprise software development company are also engaging their employees to enhance their skills and competencies at their ease through learning platforms. 

There are various reasons why learners are choosing mobile-friendly e-learning platforms, but one of the prominent reasons that we have observed is the ease of access. Yes! If we ask you a question, how much time do you spend in the classroom or seminar, what would be your answer? Or if we ask this question to IT professionals services staff regarding the usage of their mobile devices, what would be the answer? 

Indeed, we will get the number of answers based on the questions, reasons, and relevance but in the end, you know these mobile devices will take the lead. Right? If we talk about stats, then “Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones daily. According to screen time stats for Americans, the average American spends a little above 5 hours daily on their mobile phones.” That’s huge! 

This has given some great opportunities to business entities and entrepreneurs to introduce their digital offering in the name of eLearning with mobile-friendliness. Apart from this, the Learning Management System is also a proven strategy that is getting popular at the business level. Back to the point, we shall be discussing a sleek business pilot/developers guide to help our readers with a mobile-friendly e-learning platform. 

Oh! How can we miss telling you about managed EDI services? This is one of the best ways that an organization can operate without missing a deadline. Don’t trust us, try this! The reason why we have taken the name of EDI services is because of the versatile capabilities that it can do to enhance your business’ productivity and efficiency. 

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Getting back to the point, in the next section, we are going to share the impressive ways that can empower your e-learning platform. This article will work both for business leaders and developers. Make sure to read it till the end. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Empower Mobile-Friendly eLearning Platform

1.      Keep the Learners and Their Context in Intention

Before initiating the process, it is important to know and understand your uses and their context. It is important to focus learning content into support orientation and should offer various ranges of journeys that can help your learners with how to proceed with your content. You can understand the latest trends through research, social media, forums and can also take help from your IT Professional Services to understand the common approach of your learners. 

Through this, you can acknowledge the latest trends and can fill the pain points in your learning modules. Apart from this the common discussion among your employees, managers, and IT Outsourcing Services staff can also help you to know better how well your modules will work for your learners. This will be the basic understanding for you to make a start. 

2.      Acknowledge How Learners Interact With The Mobile Device

Every one of us including a dedicated software development team has our own way of interacting with mobile devices. Instead of using a mouse, hover, or tapping their screen with various elements they prefer a sleek design that can be done through better designs. This is why we have suggested you take a step forward to understand how well your users interact with their smartphones. There are chances that some of them adore using computers rather than mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will also like the way! 

For instance, QA testing and services can help you in understanding the Types of Bugs and Errors in the software testing process. Additionally, it is quite easy to use a computer screen to check any embedded link with the help of a mouse, but when it comes to the smartphone, it is a different story. You need to do everything with the tips of your fingers. This is why A3logics is suggesting developers use a clean mobile interface with simple menu outlines that can also have an option to increase or decrease the font size, enlarging interface designs. So that your learners can pursue the models easily. 

3.      SIMPLIFY!! 

From the above context, we are sure that you have understood the importance of making things simple and basic, aren't you? A few days back, we were being contacted by the business owner of enterprise mobility services and as a conclusion; we concluded that many entrepreneurs are still confused about the offerings they should offer in the learning platform in the smartphone. To end this quest, we told them to ensure everything is simple and interactive, so many features and options can confuse their users and as a result, they might leave their platform. 

Every graphic, button, and paragraph may create complexities in the learning process and it can overload your learner’s experience with your platform. As said above, to keep everything in place with the user’s context, their interaction you can achieve the right factor. Therefore we would suggest not to crowd with the content, dissolve images and graphics as your learners will use thumbs rather than hands. Another important factor is to ensure you are adding images in the PDF files so that they can be downloaded easily and your learners can acquire knowledge whenever they want. 

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4.      Feedbacks Are Important

Without a doubt, mobile devices offer you a sleek way to acquire knowledge and skills at your place without disturbing your daily routine. Yes, they are always connected to the internet and this can be a positive role for business leaders and developers. Entrepreneurs know what would be the best way to ask for the learner’s opinion, or feedback regarding the services and developers acknowledge the way to get this feedback. This is also proven as the best way to give push notifications regarding the latest learning modules and segments. You can also understand the expectations of your learners. This method is also used by website development solutions

Apart from this, notification can also be used to regrading the unfinished modules and you can also add a quick survey to understand the expectations of your learners at the best. However, there are various ways that one can make use of feedback, support, and notifications from the eyes of users. Whenever we talk about customer services, how can we forget Chatbots? Indeed, they are the important segment that plays a vital role to retain customers. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chatbots are the new revolution! 

5.      Streamline The Speed

If we compare learning platforms on the computer it is quite simple to switch screens and navigate to other points but in the case of smartphones, it can be a tough case. Therefore developers and cloud computing services need to ensure the immediate response time when users are learning the modules. Make sure your learner can switch between screens and can engage themselves with various contents. IN between don’t forget to overload the content as it will affect the response time and your users will lose interest and may abandon the lesson. 

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6.      Don’t Overload, Include ‘Must-Know’ Information

This is true, that our brain has a limited capacity to process information and power. When you see so much information at once, it might overwhelm the learning process. This may tire your users and they can abandon the modules. But when it comes to mobile devices make sure you are dumping only relevant and important information rather than showcasing everything at once. 

You can discuss this with your elearning software solutions staff to decide what would be the must-know information that can uplift your user’s learning experience. For better insights, you can also ensure to classify the information between “must-know”, “should-know” for better understanding. This will help your users to know where they need to spend more time and on which level. This is why A3logics suggests thinking before inserting so many learning activities and modules at once. You can also get in touch with LMS Software Development Companies to take assistance from. 

We are also sharing tips for you that can help in responsive eLearning designs: 

  • Pick a Mobile-friendly Layout
  • Reduced Loading Time 
  • Better Interactions
  • Easy Navigation 
  • Chose Fonts over Image Icons
  • Adding Images Precisely
  • Realistic Rollout Timeline

As we are moving forward with the e-learning landscape, it is important to know the important peculiarities of M-learning that are impacting corporate learning & development. Many corporates are 

Mobile-Friendly eLearning Platform in Recap!! 

Finally, here we are folks. It is important to check the importance of e-learning platforms in the context of responsive mobile learning layout. Make sure you are following the right track to ensure your users are grasping every knowledge that you are giving them in the application. We hope you like this article and acquire the important factors to empower your eLearning platform. Last but not least we have something to share with you regarding 

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