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How to protect Sensitive Business Information Using EMM Solution?

Mobile devices are widely used in today’s workforce. The practice of bringing your smartphones to the workplace and using them is what we call “Bring your own device (BYOD) culture." This is beneficial for both the employees and the employer as this new trend allows them to operate or communicate at one’s convenience. Reports state BYOD helps companies save as much as $350 to $1300 annually per employee, and this is the main reason why more and more companies are incorporating BYOD into their workplace policies. Laptop, smartphone, tablet, and accessories like smartwatches to the corporate arena are majorly used by employees and contains loads of information or data. This raises serious security concerns for the organization. These devices are outside the control of the organization’s IT management and hence are challenging for the organizations.

Here is where enterprise mobility management comes in. Using these smart enterprise mobility solutions organizations can overcome these challenges and provide a secure and productive on-the-go environment.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprises are always concerned about their sensitive data and its storage. BYOD has provided the feasibility to work from anywhere, it also presents many risks for enterprises. Mobile device management yet offered security solutions but organizations do not get satisfies with the level of security and compliance features provided by it. Hence business professionals have come up with the solution such as mobile content management (MCM) and mobile application management (MAM). Yet, there wasn’t a uniform management system. Hence, Enterprise Mobility Management comes in that is a combination of MDM, MCM, and MAM.

Having a proper enterprise mobility management strategy leverages people or the technology to secure sensitive data information on the employee device. It helps in keeping the data breach at bay and restrict the access of any unauthorized data. BYOD policy allowed the employees to access critical corporate data from their devices, hence it became essential to deploy EMM solutions so that employees can enjoy the versatility and efficiency of mobile devices without putting the data at risk. 

EMM is evolving gradually as the security of data is a major concern for any organization. According to IBM, the average cost of these data breaches can be as much as $3.86 million. EMM turns out to be a gateway to avoid security risks and keep your organization’s data safe.

9 Ways How EMM Solutions help Protect Sensitive Business Information

EMM solutions

An EMM platform contains various capabilities to help guard mobile device usage in an enterprise environment. Below mentioned are the key capabilities of enterprise mobility management solutions that help in protecting sensitive business information and offer a comfortable working environment for employees.

The combination of mobility management tools is the backbone of any enterprise mobility management solution. Let’s discuss these.

Mobile Device Management

MDM solutions allow the company’s IT staff to remotely track and manage mobile devices on the business network. EMM software is created with the policies of MDM to manages the complete lifecycle of a mobile device in the organization. It helps in tracking the device in case of lost or stolen.

Mobile Application Management

This mainly deals with the apps installed in the device instead of the whole mobile device. It includes everything from installation, up-gradation to the deletion of any app. MAM makes sure that the business-critical mobile applications are operating safely and protect the data available in these apps.

Mobile Identity Management

While employees are provided with their separate mobile devices at the workplace, MIM makes sure that there is the right access to permission while accessing corporate data. Multi-factor authentication like passwords, certifications, and biometrics helps ensure access is with the right person.

Device Control

EMM solutions allow companies to determine which device should be connected to the secure networks of the organization basis on the security posture. It allows an MDM agent to be installed onto a device, thus make sure nobody from outside can access your device.

Application Management

EMM offers the containerization of sensitive enterprise data. This can be done with the help of certain EMM supported apps available at the AppStore or in Google Store. This ensures that the employees are downloading and using company-approved programs.

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Administration and User Management

This facilitates a single sign-on for users with a personal console. There is a restriction on the access of sensitive information via reliable authentication procedures. Also, for administration, EMM solutions offer a single management interface that can be tracked by the IT staff. 

Managing the Mobile Ecosystem

EMM solutions give the power to the business to control every aspect of the mobile system. This decides upon which network will connect to the device and which application has access to the network. 

Mobile device GPS tracking

The primary role of EMM is the security of the mobile device. GPS tracking functionality allows the EMM solutions to determine the geographic location of the devices connected to it. Thus, in case of a device stolen or lost, with the help of an EMM solution, the company can track it down and recover it.

Remote device locking and wiping

In the case where the company is not able to track the lost device, EMM solutions allow the enterprises to completely wipe the data available on the device, this helps protect the sensitive information of the enterprise from leaking out.

The Rise of Enterprise Mobility Management

EMM is still in its infancy. The growing number of heterogeneous device types used in the corporate workforce is leading towards the adoption of EMM solutions in organizations. We can clearly see the rise in the demand for enterprise mobility services in the market. Data that is at rest being protected by EMM via encryption, secure passcodes, and remote data wipes while data in transit is protected through restrictions on Wi-Fi use, single sign-on (SSO), certificates as well as per-app VPN. EMM has emerged as a solution in controlling the business-related apps and data without actually interfering with their apps. It addresses all your mobile management needs.

The enterprise mobility market is expected to grow to over $4.5 billion by 2020 exhibiting a 27 percent annual growth. If you want to grow your organization and gain an edge over your competitors, choosing the right Enterprise mobility service provider with the capabilities in the core competencies of EMM is vital. No matter if the organization is small or big, considering mobility management software before you hand over the devices to employees is recommended to scale the level of protection from future threats.

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