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ELearning Application Development: Modest Outlays & Features To Build An App Like Duolingo

“Online Learning Is The Future!”

There was a time when we used to visit the school for learning and developing new skills but now the time has changed! These academies have visited us through smart phones without disturbing our schedule. 

Don’t you feel how fast these technologies are changing? Isn’t it amazing? Indeed, change is part of the success and like other sectors, education is also evolving with the latest market trends. And why not be? At one time, online learning apps were not so popular and were not that much involved in the market statistics. 

However, the COVID-19 outbreak has led to many alterations in the economy along with corporations. As we know due to the curse of lockdown schools and universities were closed and it was affecting student’s study life. However, many business owners, entrepreneurs, and even university graduates were still trying to offer eLearning software development solutions.

It has been observed that in the Corona times, many developers have begun to work on providing the personalized services from sitting at their place without interfering with their regular work. 

“What do you think about this? Isn’t it an opportunity to rise in a difficult time?” 

Indeed, you may too feel this and there are many business owners who are looking out to offer their own service. That was all about the current scenarios, as we are talking about e-learning, let’s understand its future and the reason why everyone is going behind this sector. 

What Is The Future Of the e-Learning Sector?

Future Of the eLearning Sector

"Online learning is not the next big thing, it is now the big thing.” - Donna J. Abernathy

Indeed, online learning is conquering not only the educational sector but also industries that want to train and develop their employees through corporate training programs. Here again, e-learning takes the lead, isn’t it? 

Back to the point, if we talk according to the forecast shared by Global Market Insights, “eLearning market will rise to $375 billion by 2026”, while, MarkinstyleUK states “IBM saved around $200 million once they introduced e-learning.” This is evident that e-learning is here to stay! 

Online education has helped and still aiding many professionals to level up their skills to get a better job in today’s competitive market. It has been seen many experts have upgraded their abilities to adapt to new working environments or to start their own business. We can say, online learning is rising each and every day. This is the vital reason why eLearning software are trending everywhere. 

Before heading makes sure you can also check out some amazing app that is redefining online learning. Let’s look into some amazing market statistics to know better about the e-learning ecosystem. 

  • Up to 42 % of fortune 500 organizations are using the eLearning platform.
  • According to a recent survey, 82% of students have claimed that online education has improved their skills and grades. 
  • Many prestigious universities including Oxford University, Howard University along Stanford University support online education to combine innovation with the learning system.
  • It has been observed that employers who spent heavy bucks on online training have achieved a 24% enhancement in profit margins.

Let’s Talk A Bit About E-learning Market Size: 

It's been a couple of decades since online education came into existence. After that many eLearning apps/software took place and now it is spreading like wildfire. Here we will talk about some statistics that were driven from the past three years. 

  • In 2018, the e-learning market has risen with a value of $160 billion. It is because many corporate sectors have integrated e-learning into their training and development modules for their workforce. 
  • In 2019, the US government acquired e-learning products worth $2.59 billion. The reason behind this is the federal government keeps on investing to improve staff knowledge through concurrent tools and products that can help in overall development and progress. You can also learn some amazing advancements in eLearning technology for better understanding in this sector.
  • After 2019 till 2026 (expected) online education or e-learning solutions will rise up to $376 billion. It is because virtual education is more convenient than sitting in a classroom. Apart from this, it will also play a vital role to educate numerous people at a low cost. As we know there is a constant requirement to stay attentive to the current trends and here online education can help you by upgrading yourself with diverse knowledge and proficiency. 

It is evident that many companies and sectors are using online education to train their staff members for better efficiency and productivity. If you are already using e-learning, make sure to redefine it time-to-time. 

If you are still not aware of why you should revamp the existing learning portal. 

Don’t skip this one — 7 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Existing eLearning System

That is all about e-learning and its future. Now get back to the point, we understand these statistics are forcing you to take a step forward with education software development and why not be, it’s trending, right?  Whenever we think of an online education app the first name that gets clicked is — Duolingo. Agreeably this is an amazing language app that encompasses various languages with interactive dashboards and features. Duolingo has 500 million listed users, while 42 million users are active once a month. 

You must be thinking there are so many amazing eLearning apps but why have we chosen Duolingo for you? We will share some amazing statistics that make Duolingo a star app! 

Let’s Talk A Bit About Duolingo App 

Duolingo App

Duolingo is a language elearning software solution that is empowering many people to learn languages for free just by sitting at their place. It offers various quizzes for its users to check their proficiency in the specific enrollment language program. Duolingo app is available on Android, iOS, and web platforms, hence customers can use it according to their preference. 

Well if you want to go for On demand mobile app development to get an app like Duolingo, there are some specific lessons that you can learn from this amazing app. 

Important Question: Why Do People Like Using Duolingo? 

We would like to let you know the reason why we have chosen this question. It is because Duolingo is considered the best online learning platform to learn languages across the globe. Hence, many guides, students from the travel industry are using this app to enhance their proficiency. 

  • The pivotal reason for embracing this platform is that Duolingo is free! 
  • Apart from this, Duolingo is convenient to use. You don’t need to tangle yourself into the complex process while learning a new language. Additionally, this amazing platform also helps in sharing the due lessons or tests from the last classes. We know learning a new language requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Duolingo is fun, interactive, and easy to use. Interactive website or app layout is important as it stays connected to the user and product together. Correct? This app owns an official mascot Duo, an owl. He motivates users to earn high goals along with instructing them with various new features and lessons. This is the power of creativity along with a strong layout.
  • Mainly, users enjoy Duolingo showcases skills of the lesson that focus on listening exercises, flashcards, and multiple-choice questions that help you in grasping new words and phrases. It also has an active community to get in touch with people across the globe. 
  • Additionally, it offers an immersive approach to the learning process. You can use Duolingo anywhere and anytime.

Having said that, an interactive and robust layout makes sure your audience sticks to your website. Hence, it is crucial to look for efficient QA software testing services to make sure your website is bug and error-free. 

Now you know why Duolingo is a prominent educational application in the current market. As you have come so far, now it’s time to understand how you can build your own app like Duolingo. 

How To Build An eLearning App To Build Value In The Market? 

Whether it is about software or eLearning application development, your app must drive value in the market to own competitor advantage and business value. As said above, the e-Learning market will rise like a phoenix. Hence, it is crucial to understand how well your app can steer the worth for your users.

Keeping this in mind, we are sharing some quick tips to help you in achieving your expected outcome. 

  • Understanding The Niche

We know, every business owner wants to offer customized services to their customers. Apart from this, the education sector is known to provide a broad range of options for its users. They can develop an earning app for any category starting from toddlers to any other group level. This industry can cater to various groups of people through its customized mobile app development services. 

If you are a business owner you can develop an app for primary students to learn how to write and pronounce. On the other hand, you want to give a reliable solution to the athlete or bodybuilder with the dieting and nutrition program. To cut the long story short, the primary step you must take is to understand the niche, for which you want to develop your eLearning app with the help of skilled developers.

To give a more personalized touch the best way is to add chatbot features for your uses so that they can learn and understand how well the app works. You can also use a mascot depiction just like Duolingo’s green owl. These offer an amazing individualized experience to the users. This mascot would also encourage the users to score more while playing. 

As said above chatbots can give a better insight into how well your app could work along with offering a better customer experience. There are many reasons why your business needs these amazing digital assistants for better outcomes. On the other hand, implementing a skills assessment solution or a school management platform to your app will be the icing on the cake for many educators and tutors. 

Let us ask you a question, have you decided about the niche of your app? It will benefit people working in a megacorp? Or what about the platform? I would be self-learning or LMS? There are various factors that are related to your app niche. All you have to do is to understand how well it can help your targeted audience. 

  • Curate The Engaging Idea For Your eLearning App

Here is the quick tip: For every product, a development idea makes sure to dissect some factors such as region, diversity, publicity, identification, language (communication), time, and cost. Make sure to identify the need, niche, and requirements of your app. It is crucial to understand the above-mentioned constituents for generating better and exact ideas. 

Another factor that you need to consider is to acknowledge whether your product will cater to individual users or a vast educational unit. Make sure to pen down them to understand the limitations and requirements. In addition to this, make sure to understand how well your app must work. For instance, Duolingo is a language learning app and it is accessible to the broad public and if you are creating a school assessment learning app it will be limited to schools only.

Make sure to understand whether you are looking to offer your service to a broad range of public or to private users. Don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned factors before developing a roadmap for your app. 

The next important point to consider is to understand that if you are using an online learning website, it is crucial to adopt automation in the QA process

  • Find The Dedicated Team 

It has been observed that without a dedicated team you can’t succeed with the best outcome of your product. There are various components that you need to consider before and after developing the app. Additionally, you should also need to take care of how well your product should be with the specified deadline and budget. 

You can appoint a dedicated software development team to make sure everything is going according to the plan. It has been observed that many business owners experiment with new technology with their product such as by implementing AR/VR. 

All these proficiencies can be available with a skilled team that knows how your product can interact with its customers. Another pivotal question you must ask yourself is to understand the requirements whether you are looking for freelancers or an agency. Both of them hold their own significance, but choosing wiser is crucial. Make sure to understand the payment strategies too. All these can be done with a proficient team of skilled developers. Once you understand all the factors including the niche and idea for your app, the next step is to handle it to the IT professional services

Some Additional Factors To Consider: 

  • Make sure your users are entertained and feel engaged in your eLearning app. 
  • It is crucial to develop an attractive app for your users with a better choice of colors, buttons, features, button placements, and images.  
  • Make sure to transform straining subjects into fun and interesting methods if you are creating an app for primary school children.

Pro Tip: If you are a freelancer or an agency, make sure to get ready with these most frequently asked questions that were asked by the business owners to understand how well their product will land in the market. 

What Features You Should Look at While Developing An eLearning App?

Features While Developing An eLearning App

Before proceeding ahead with the features, it is important to know what sort of eLearning app you want to build. Right? Mainly, there are seven types of learning app development that can be seen in the industry. 

  • Online Tutoring Platform
  • Student Management Systems (SMS) 
  • Virtual Classroom 
  • Assessment Software Platform
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) 
  • Software Video Conferencing Software 
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) 
  • Homeschooling Apps for parents and guardians 

However, if you are already thinking of going for SaaS LMS, this is for you: SaaS LMS: The Revolution in the E-Learning Industry Is Here

Back to the point, the features of the eLearning app depend on the types of platform you are choosing. Stay assured, we are sharing the best specifications that are needed in app development. However, we have listed these features into four layers: Admin, Advanced, Student, and Teachers. 

Admin Panel: 

  • Users and their Profile management 
  • Communication management (Customer Service)
  • Subscription package management (Whether they want to subscribe for advanced feature)
  • Content management 
  • Statistics and reports (Progress tracker)

Student Panel: 

  • Easy signup feature
  • Smart navigation to view and select available courses 
  • A responsive feature to search and make a filter on the options. 
  • An open community for students to connect with teachers with the advanced feature for a video call or text 
  • An additional feature is to add course certificates for the completion of the specific subject. This will encourage students to try harder to reach their goals. 

Teacher Panel:

  • Easy registration under expertise panel 
  • Profile enhancement according to proficiency in the specific subjects. 
  • Star feature to merit recommendations and points on responding to the topics asked by the students 
  • Push Notifications 
  • Giving ratings and reviews to the student on the basis of their performance. 

Advanced Panel: 

  • Open discussion forum to discuss new topics and subjects with students along with fellow faculty members.
  • The E-Commerce feature helps students and teachers to buy stationery and books online. You can integrate this feature with famous eCommerce platforms. 
  • Documentation can help to manage all the PDFs, audios, videos, spreadsheets, presentation shared by the faculty in one place
  • Bulletin board helps students with the latest news regarding their enrolled course or other important factors such as new program announcements or appraising students for their performance. 

As we have talked about eCommerce in the Advanced panel, it is important to get along with the latest eCommerce ideas to grow your business.

What Is The Cost To Develop An eLearning App?

Let us be clear, the cost to build a customized e-learning app depends on various factors such as geographic location, design, development, including SMEs, project management teams, and even skilled software developers. 

However, if you want to develop an e-learning app with basic specifications it will cost you between $8000 to $30,000 but it will be on a single platform (Android or iOS). On the other hand, advanced online learning apps with integration and analytics will lie between  $35000 to $70,000. You can get in touch with the best IT consultation services for a better understanding and accurate ideas. 

Final Words

It is important to conduct market research with a clear insight of competitors to understand how your product will work in the market. Make sure to pen down the list of your targeted audience on which you can create a better road map. The next step you must consider is to acknowledge how well your product should look like including the perfect layout and other designs. However, you can take help from UI UX development services to understand every bit of your app.

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