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Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce Outsourcing Development

If it is Ecommerce or any other sector, running a business all by itself is not the easiest cup of coffee. 

Thinking, then brainstorming over the idea, procurement of resources and materials required, execution of tasks and other operations necessary to keep the business on, and much more are required to be done all by alone. 

Either a dedicated team is a solution, which might cost a bit higher than the overall budget required to survive the company at adverse times, or an ecommerce outsourcing development company that can outsource all the necessary services to us, by consuming the same time period and charging nominal, is an option.

In this article, 

We will be exploring almost every aspect of outsourcing an ecommerce project from an enterprise software development company. As it can have multiple stages so that each of the stages requires utmost attention, and not just the development part only.

Other parts that require emphasis meanwhile ecommerce software solutions development are - 

  • Data Storage and Handling
  • Cloud Computing and IT Consultancy
  • Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Design & Graphics
  • Mobile access
  • Customer retention rate and factors that facilitate it, etc.

Let’s Explore the Steps Necessary for Effective Ecommerce Outsourcing

1. As I mentioned above, brainstorming and idea generation is the door-opening step for any business. Not only the idea, but the other factors like which company to hire for outsourcing purposes is also an important factor, thus, make sure to determine if the company is the right choice or not?

Outsourcing is a part of the industry since the late 1990s and today we have more than 55% of clients who prefer to outsource their projects rather than hiring a dedicated person.

In addition, being strategic for the overall process, in the case of outsourcing especially, helps the company grasping and understanding the vision of the client.

Therefore, Idea generation and Brainstorming is the first step

2. The knowledge about the team, teamwork, and resources to be required is withdraw able from the books, and Google. But things while working on a project are like life, which is full of uncertainties.

Unless you are an expert or do not have an expert by your side who can share his experience and suggestions over the ‘do’s and don’ts’, it is difficult to pre-analyze for which pause could shake a running business, if it is.

Thus, IT Consultation services can help here.

It is a fact that if we are outsourcing, why should we have to bother about possessing an expert. Yes, relying on an outsourcing company is the key. But that’s the option we have remaining.

3. Once you brainstorm the ideas and are ready with the list of other necessary resources to procure, now you may initiate the hiring process cautiously.

Requirements are fulfilled by money and human resources. Either you can outsource spending money for it, or you may hire someone. Thus, the analysis over the number of freelancers required, or the capacity of a team required is also important. 

You may choose to adopt IT Staffing trends or subscribe to SaaS-based IT Staffing services, for not required to hold the entire hiring process.

Outsourcing through Freelancers or Team: Hire cautiously.

4. Once the development part is completed, you may run a trial session to get the work checked by the ecommerce outsourcing development team. It is about going through the entire process after it has been completed, and not yet stepping into the market.

This would save our brand value and allows us to scrutinize the functionalities, as well as the features of the ecommerce software solution we got developed from an outsourcing company.

Let the solution launch as a beta for a specific set of people only.

Just Run A Trial before Launch.

Now, when we have an idea about what to do from the beginning to the end of the development process, let us bring out those points that are considered as the main operational work. Without them, a business is nothing but an invention of our conscious mind, which is not executed yet.

Stats on ecommerce Attributes

Tasks to Execute or Outsource

If we consider ourselves at the very first stage of a business process, having the brainstorming and non-executive work done, now is the time to initiate the outsourcing part.

The first thing you might require way before the launch of your business is its publicity. Without this, you cannot expect effective traffic on your website.

For marketing, you would require a separate team, so that the multiple dimensions of marketing itself can be managed individually.

Marketing has-

  • Social media
  • Paid promotions
  • Blogs and other promotional content editions
  • Email marketing, etc.

Make sure, you hire an outsourcing company with digital marketing support so that you would not require knocking on another door for the same.

Know that more than 40% of the ecommerce traffic comes through digital marketing, as it is the first key to success for any business.

1. Technology stack is one of the first subjects of discussion. There are more than 10 platforms that are quite prevalent for ecommerce software development like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and many others like OpenCart, etc.

Magento is considered the best open-source ecommerce platform, because of its user-friendliness, robustness, next-generation functionalities, and e-commerce abilities.

Shopify amongst them is compared with Magento despite being a CMS developing platform. You may hire a dedicated development team for Shopify-based ecommerce software development or Magento development services rather than hiring an enterprise software development company for it.

2. As far as an ecommerce business is concerned, it is about the extravagant display, interface, and interactive experience that a website could deliver to its customers. Shopify is known for its dynamic user interface delivering abilities, thus you may hire any of the top 10 Shopify development companies in the USA for this.

These things are important for a business as it depends on the first appearance of a viewer. It is always the ‘now or later, or sometimes never’ case for eCommerce businesses.

Thus, know that the website design and user interface are the core strengths of an eCommerce software solution.

3. Now, many people get confused about inventory management by saying why and how to manage inventory if everything is in an online store?

Well, this should be a question from amateurs only. Inventory management is a responsibility for a business owner, irrespective of the mode of existing business.

Even if the business is online, you have to keep your vendors all ready for the increasing sales, or you might lose your customers due to delayed deliveries because of immediate arrangements of the products.

It is reported that more than 40 percent of the small-scale enterprises did manual inventory management, or did not track it at all, and had suffered majorly later due to hampered delivery system and overall brand performance.

Inventory management could save a lot of time, as well as cost, especially in the case of Outsourcing, as you may not require to hire staff for inventory control.

Know more: Inventory Management Software Development: Cost, Features, Benefits and More

4. Mobile access is the key to unlock customer interaction. Make sure that your ecommerce outsourcing developing team has enough adept developers so that they can develop a mobile version of your ecommerce business.

M-commerce is the new normal in the Ecommerce industry.

Things that you need to know before hiring an ecommerce outsourcing development company are almost covered. Now is the time to know about those aspects that are less technical but equally important to take care of. There are many non-materialistic things that play vital roles in the entire progress.

The Effective Tips for Ecommerce Outsourcing

1. Once hired, it is not justifying to not trust the hired one. It would not save your time even after you have hired the one to save time only. As when you highlight your trust in the team, then you might induce a sense of responsibility in them. Or they might not take over the work completely on their heads.

Just trust the Outsourcing Service Provider, and utilize your time on other productive accomplishments.

2. It is necessary to compare the hired agency with the other competitors so that one would offer the best deals with the gesture of competitiveness. Ask them about their previous experience, how diversely they have worked before this project of yours?

Show them the difference between the other offers you have and ask them the reason for their higher charges. If they are able to justify their prices, it is always good to go with the expensive for quality rather than going with the cheaper for cost-cutting.

Thus, Comparison with other Service providers over the cost and time is the effective key to successful ecommerce outsourcing development.

3. When you bring others to your land for completing your end of work, let them do it without keeping a load in your head. It is again the same thing I am mentioning, but it is the most observed happening that occurs in the cases of outsourcing.

Just shift the Workload (From our Head to Theirs, as you are Outsourcing)

4. Once you have decided to become a business owner, or an entrepreneur, being mentally ready to face every situation is more important than being financially ready to tackle losses.

In a business, it is natural to have risks, and experiencing fear of them is too obvious. But there is no successful business without the potential risks. Even if you choose to manage everything without outsourcing things, the risks would still exist just by wearing another mask on their faces.

Thus, Be Agile and ready for Everything

As we have gone through the basic level of the outsourcing process, things to know before hiring an agency or freelancers, and the factors that can affect your ecommerce business, especially if outsourced. Here are some points, in short, to grasp things again -

Concluded Points

  • Idea formation and brainstorming under the guidance of an ecommerce expert or IT Consultation services, is the first step.
  • Hiring the required resources, be it freelancers or human resources as a team is the second.
  • Running a trial to scrutinize the bad and bugs, is the third and quintessential one.
  • Tasks that are either executed by us, or by the team we have outsourced is the next stage we enter once we are ready with all the procurements. 
  • Inventory control and management are necessary to cut the cost and maintain the customer retention rate, as well as the brand value.
  • Trust, Reliance, and shifting of workload are necessary in the case of outsourcing, or you might not extract the benefits of outsourcing effectively.

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