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Drupal Updates: Find Out Whether They are Good for Enterprise Solutions or Not?

Drupal’s latest update brings you what?

Drupal 8 has been the choice recently for quite a long & continuous period for its users. They are eager to have the new version of the same as well as don’t even want to switch either until there is a major breakout over the features welcomed in the newer version. 

Having multiple sub-versions of Drupal 8 like Drupal 8.8 as the last one, the Drupal community has expected to serve Drupal 9 with the hope that the users would love it, but in reality, it brought nothing to the users but just a change of mind with its name overall.

To be frank, Drupal 9 is nothing but made up on Drupal 8 itself with the name changed if we talk technically but in a liberal way.

What is deprecated code?

When something gets obsolete, we usually replace it with something that works better than that.

Similarly, when an already existing code gets older, or requires some modification, or now has its alternate code, it is to be removed or to be replaced with an alternate, then called a deprecated code.

It sometimes causes regression problems, and thus, the replacement or removal of the existing code is done carefully.

A code that has not nevertheless been removed to make sure that existing code should still work until getting replaced is called a deprecated code. Once an API, or any feature when becomes deprecated, it is a warning to all or any developer that at some purpose within the future, the feature they're wishing for to stay, won't exist anymore. 

And they will have to be compelled to update their custom code to a brand new approach. Ideally, before the prevailing one gets removed.

Why it is in talk so much?

When an API or any feature set needs to be updated, in Drupal, a code is required to be replaced. In order to allow Drupal core to innovate on its API and feature set, developers need to be able to change the code. 

But, contributed modules, and site-specific custom code often relies on being able to call Drupal core's APIs and make use of the provided features. This makes it hard to change the Drupal core code because you also have to ensure that you're not breaking anyone else's code when doing so.

Let us move on to the updates of Drupal that are necessary to be well understood before using it-

1. Smooth Upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9

Drupal 9 offers a smoother experience meanwhile migrating from Drupal 8 to 9. However, as stated earlier that, Drupal 9 is nothing but a cleaner face of the Drupal 8 version, but with a softer upgrade experience unlike Drupal 8 migration from Drupal 7.

The 9th set arrived with a small add-on i.e. its own deprecated code removed (the 2nd point) and some modifications with the third-party dependencies.

All you need to make sure is to hire dedicated developers for the same i.e. upgrade and let him follow the ideal procedure of upgrade for minimal delay and errors. 

Some other updates like Symfony 4 or 5 would bring another level of performance check for Drupal as far as development and security both are mutually concerned. 

2. Deprecated code: Vanished out

We have described the meaning of deprecated code at the beginning because now you may relate what it is all about and does not remain as a blank head. 

Since the removal of deprecated code happens a lengthy process, it is an ideal update to have it all removed in the new version at least. But as a user of Drupal 8, you must have to keep a habit of removing it, if you have preferred to switch from the 8th to the 9th for a smoother transition.

3. Update over Modules

After two of the lousy updates, you must find this one as a convincing update. Contributed modules would share a single code base. 

This would allow them to be used in Drupal 9 as it is they were been used in Drupal 8.

4. Dependencies and Panelizer to be removed

Though a ‘Panelizer’ is a module itself that allows attaching panels to the nodes in the system. However, the panels node module is another module that comes with a panel itself.

The update here is all about not having the ‘panelizer’ as similar to the dependencies.
It is envisaged that the panel module would be replaced by the Layout builder.

Moreover, in the case you are a Drupal 8 user with its latest version, you have been using all the features of Drupal 9 already because most of the contributed modules are fully compatible with Drupal 9 as well.

Also, although this fact won’t have anything relevant with the dependency and panelizer, but, in the case you run a website along with a CRM solution deployed for the company, you may integrate CRM with the Drupal website to get exceptional advantages as well.

5. Regarding Themes

Although, Bartik was the default theme set in Drupal’s older versions, which is now supposed to have replaced with Claro as a default administration theme.

6. Workspace: A new thing to welcome

In Drupal 9, the Workspace feature has come as a prototype to the website so as to experience the real-time experience of the changes you desire to make in the website but also don’t wish to implement them live immediately. 

Thus, to see the changes but not let them implemented live, the workspace provides you a live copy of the website aside.

Now, we can use it whenever we want to create or add new content without getting live with it and that justifies itself as the solution for deprecated code.


Apart from all that, Drupal is one of the most trusted development platforms as far as Php frameworks are concerned not only in one or two countries but across the globe.

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Thus, if we want to conclude whether the updates are beneficial or not, we can rather conclude it the other way. And that would be on the ease of use.

The website to be built on Drupal 9 would be easier than the Drupal 8 version as it has removed a lot of those things that let the developer depend on those things.

For Drupal 9, we could say that, it has come as an independent bird with the same flying zones and aerial paths but with a clearer sky to hover on.

Thus, to get your business website built, make sure to hire an adept enterprise software development company with adequate experience and a considerable number of projects already finished on Drupal already.

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