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Develop Platform Like Sharepoint

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    The learning management systems are taking over the market by their qualities and functionalities. There is a diverse range of LMS presented by the IT consultation services which will assist and help your organization in becoming a better version of it and growing.

    There are many platforms that support LMS, such as SharePoint. It is one app for many uses and many organizations can take advantage of the same. But in order to develop a platform of your own, you must consider the features and cost of developing it. The below-written blog will assist you in following the right steps and functionalities.

    What Is SharePoint?

    SharePoint is a collaborative web-based platform that integrates with Microsoft office. Organizations use it to create websites, as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.

    SharePoint provides a space where documents can be updated immediately and be shared with other people who need to see that document. In simpler words, SharePoint is a highly customizable Cloud-based content collaboration and management platform that can help your team work remotely, work together, and work smarter. It is similar to the eLearning software development which provides a platform for training and guides the learners.

    SharePoint is known for its content management capabilities, the latest versions of the same introduced much broader capabilities which are perfect for providing training. SharePoint can be used as an LMS where trainers can upload content directly in the software.

    SharePoint acts as an LMS which will allow you to include eLearning software development ideas to prosper your business.

    Features Of Sharepoint Like Platform

    Features of such a platform make it different from the other LMS, the development of software like SharePoint must include all the necessary features for better functioning. 

    Some of such features are:

    1. Integration

    Sharepoint can easily be integrated with any of the Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. In order to make the working of your app, you must include some integration with the base app. 

    2. Accessibility And Collaboration

    An app like SharePoint should have easy access to it and collaboration with every other platform for a smooth transition and work. This will make accessing the requisite information easy, seamless, and quick. Everything that a user need is a mobile or a laptop with an active internet connection, and they can get started working on the app. 

    3. Security

    It is imperative to understand the role of access into the system, as it can be accessed anywhere at any given time, hence the system must provide safe and secure data management to the users for multiple use and effective working. It uses cloud computing services to increase security.

    4. Cost-Effective

    A tool like SharePoint needs no introduction, to develop a system similar to this, it must be easy and cost-effective. It is a web-based platform that is hosted in the cloud environment of Microsoft, there are no costs or a big number of resources associated with the infrastructure investments in any context. The system you will develop must contain a web-based platform to host a tool like SharePoint.

    5. Automatic Updates

    Organizations need not worry about keeping a dedicated software development team at the stand-by for updating the tool developed. Automatic updates are very crucial for a platform like SharePoint, and you must include this feature for the better functioning of your tool.

    6. Mobile Connectivity

    Accessing the system through your phone turns out effective in the usage of the app. The connectivity with mobile will provide better and smooth functioning of the app to the users, it will offer numerous benefits to its users, such as easy tracking, sharing, controlling, accessing data, and more like this.

    7. Team Sites Project Functionality

    The website development company will add project functionality for the purpose of tracking and for planning. This will provide a task list with the summary of the project web part, a calendar, and a timeline that will track the exact time of the work done.

    8. Permission Management

    Using an app like SharePoint requires loads of permissions before you can start using it. Hence, it should be very much configurable and highly flexible at each level required. It helps in ensuring that only users can access the data and files, required to work on. 

    9. Drag & Drop Functionality In Team Site

    In order to use the tool as a custom LMS, it is important to have features like drag and drop, to easily upload images, documents, and all other files to your site by dragging them from their location to yours. It is proved to be the best feature to develop an LMS, hence, it is one of the best and most important features of the tool.

    10. Themes

    Customizing the platform plays a vital role, as it will give a sense of control to the users of the tool. They must be able to change the theme, add, or take out the designs and content as per their wish.

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    Updated Features Of Sharepoint 

    In order to make a platform like SharePoint similar to a custom LMS development, there are some updated features in addition to the basic features of the app. These include: Features of such platform make it different from the other LMS, the development of software like SharePoint must include all the necessary features for better functioning. 

    Some of such features are:

    1. Access Services

    Users must be able to support office 365 apps or download all the excel features to the center Microsoft access database tables. Microsoft has also improved the items related so that the users can add new items. To make delivery of the data easy, big data services are used in several companies.

    2. Compliance Features

    These updated features will provide an in-place hold policy center and will enable the administrators to build policies and apply them to the SharePoint environment. This will allow the users to delete documents from their drives for other sites.

    3. Expanded File Names

    Formerly, the file name was limited to 128 characters, without any special characters, that has updated to file names longer than 128 characters, with special characters, and anything the user might want to be involved.

    4. Hybrid

    The hybrid model will provide better integration with the office 365 tools and services, including sway, delve, and office graph.

    5. Bigger File Support

    The limit of files was 2 GB at the beginning which restricted users from including the information that is meant to be presented in the file. There was a panic among the users about the limit, and thus the update suggested that there was no longer a limit to the files created, saved, and shared. The limit might have been pushed, however, Microsoft suggests keeping the files to 10 GB maximum.

    6. Document Library

    Users can now use landmarks on a page to make it easier to navigate, keyboard shortcuts can be used to document takes, announcements for upload progress can be used, improved callout meetings and updates for help documentation can also be used.

    7. Right to Information Management 

    The set of digital rights management uses technology to protect the information that is sensitive or in unauthorized access. 

    8. Large file support

    Users can now store files up to 2 GB, However, there is no such limit to the file storage, Microsoft still advises a 10 GB maximum.

    9. MinRole

    It will allow the managers to install only roles that they want in their SharePoint servers. This will help in avoiding all the other less important roles and responsibilities on the app. 

    10. Mobile experience

    providing the users with a mobile app experience has not been a part of the old features, as it will provide a more intimate and personal app to its users. The mobile, touch-friendly interface is updated with recent features. Users can switch from PC to mobile view anytime they want.

    11. Open document format (ODF)

    Saving the file you have been working on has always been a hustle for the users, they always wanted an app where creating and editing the same files is as easy as possible. This new update in the app will enable the users to create their files in a document and save those files in ODF to edit them later with whatever program is required.

    12. SharePoint business intelligence

    Users will also have access to the business intelligence, which can include Power Gallery, scheduled data research, workbooks, the Pivot management dashboard, Power View reports, View subscriptions, and reports alerts.

    13. Improvements in the sharing features

    Sharing important data is a crucial aspect of the app, which faced some restrictions in the beginning. The updates that are introduced in the sharing feature allow the users to see who is sharing a folder with whom and can approve or deny access requests easily.

    14. Sites page pinning

    By using Office 365, users can pin their sites to follow them when they are on-premises.

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    Cost Involved To Develop Platform Like SharePoint

    Developing an app similar to SharePoint is no easy task, to assist you in finding the right IT professional services for your organization, the best way is to figure out the cost indulged in doing the same. 

    Developing a platform like SharePoint requires a big amount of money and resources, there are various ways to get your tool developed. At A3logics you can get your SharePoint-like platform developed in $40-$50 thousand. The price stands for the basic app, including only the essential features.

    Having a tool as smart as SharePoint demands more than just essential features, you must opt for the one with advanced features, as it will help you in the utmost form and help your enterprise grow. The IT outsourcing services will assist you in developing the tool as per your expectations.

    Before you hire your development team you must know the Top20 Questions To Consider Before Hiring eLearning Software Solutions Company.

    The cost of any app or software depends on the features and ideas of development, along with its use. A platform like Sharepoint requires highly advanced features in order to make a tool alike.


    Taking a look back at the blog explains the importance and value of having a tool like SharePoint in your company. The blog discusses its features, advanced features, and cost of development in detail to help assist you in developing your own system.

    Features and costs keep changing for any software, it depends on your enterprise software development company to select the best ones for the growth of your enterprise. 

    All your questions will be answered at A3logics, you will get the best product with the best deal available.

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