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Features & Cost to Develop an Employee Training Management Software

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    Primarily, we all consider that the employees require training to learn skills only. However, to adapt to the work environment & culture of the organization the training part is equally essential. 

    It is irrespective of the work experience that an employee would require training or not? 

    Training can be required to learn the work process of an organization as well. 

    An employee training software helps employees to blend with the company’s roadmap, and then to familiarize the hierarchy that officials follow, and then in serving accordingly.

    31 percent of the enterprise-level companies invest in their employees for skill development, and this costs them a considerable percentage of their revenue but the same gets them a satisfied employee retention rate in return.

    Need of Employee Training Management Software

    Not every corporate organization emphasizes the value of employee training & development, but most mid-level organizations just adopt an erp solution and expect the employee to work according to it, allowing them a few days to adapt to the work culture only.

    This strategy would consume equal time, more effort from the employee end, and would return less effective results.

    It is so because the employees can’t be assured about their working style. A few of them might not be able to adapt to the work culture of the organization if they are left on their own to do so.

    In the same case, an employee training management software would play the role of a guide, which helps an employee to learn the pathway that the company wants from the employee to walk in.

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    Employee training management software would be cost-efficient than leaving the employee to adapt new skills and learn the culture on his own. As the employee who would have self-learned everything, would probably work in his own way and the company later might realize the importance of training.

    Therefore, we here would be discussing the importance of the same, the cost to develop a solution for this, and the quintessential features to be in an ideal employee training software.

    Let us explore some of the ideal features to be in an employee management system now, without a delay-

    Features of Employee Management Software

    Features of Employee Management Software

    1. Ease of Access into the Software

    During training, there are verbal training sessions to demonstrate a few important aspects of the training itself. Also, there would be a lot of things that an employee would not be able to learn and keep in mind at once forever.

    Thus, as far as an online employee training management software is concerned, if it is developed properly, it should render complete accessibility to its users so that they could access the content in it whenever they want to, and learn from it.

    By this at least, the purpose of developing a SaaS-based LMS in the E-learning industry gets fulfilled.

    2. Reporting & Analytics

    As far as employee training is concerned, the software is usually preferred as a platform to let the employees complete the course of training. 

    As the course is embedded and to be persuaded by the employee itself, the reporting feature becomes essential to keep the track of an employee completing the course at what time?

    This feature is ideally suitable for the employee, as well as the training providing agency, both. Why?

    Because the course of training would require certain hours of access, as well as other resources like integrated application software sometimes to get the task completed, thus the reporting tool would keep the reports of employees regarding-

    • Employees using the resources integrated with the software 
    • The employee took the time to complete the course.
    • Employee’s average sitting time at one go, etc.

    We should also know that Big data analytics has become a competitive need for the market irrespective of whatever industry you belong to. The reason being, it supports the organization in decision making.

    3. Social Platform Integration

    Social media platforms are helpful in bridging the gap often faced because of distance learning. As social media platforms allow users to join the live sessions readily if integrated with the software.

    Thus, make sure to have social media integration abilities in your employee training management software.

    4. Gamified UI Experience

    Training employees should not be the only objective after adopting employee training software. It becomes somewhat obvious to achieve other possible targets with it such as enhancing their overall proficiency by allowing them to take gamified quiz tests and analyze their performance.

    5. LIVE Integrated Execution

    Suppose, you run an eCommerce software development company for which you have hired a few new developers. To train them, if your software has a live integrated execution feature, which could let your employees see the results of whatever they are implementing.

    This feature would immensely benefit them to learn in a real-time manner without requiring another session for execution separately.

    6. Course Management & Customizable Cycle

    Consider an employee to enroll for three different courses at a time. The courses are required to be scheduled so that none clashes with any other course. 

    Considering that each course has specific hours of the life cycle, it should be possible to split them into three parts in a day by creating multi-session without requiring re-login within a day.

    Let us jump onto the costing part now, post to which, we would go through the additional notable points regarding an ideal employee training management system.

    Cost To Develop An Employee Management Software

    Employee management software is also known as learning management software or LMS, which is usually developed by enterprise software development companies or those companies which possess expertise in developing eLearning software solutions.

    A custom learning management software, which is if dedicatedly designed for the official training purposes, may cost you -

    • $15 to $40 per employee per month, which would be better than investing approx $1000 on a single employee through traditional means of training per year.

    However, be it for students or for the employees, the custom LMS development is about collaborative learning and virtual accessibility to provide round-the-clock support.

    With the features above-mentioned are suitable for official and training purposes, an employee training software might range between $25k to $40k depending upon your dedicated requirements.

    Note that, adding on specifications would cost even more. Some of such worthy add-on features are discussed below-

    Notable Points on Employee Training Management Software

    • Traditional training management systems are usually developed to reduce administrative efforts required to grow human resources, typically on a skill basis.

      The new employee training solutions are able to enhance not only technical skills but also some marketing tactics that could help in lead generation.

    • Certification and accreditation to the courses is an interactive feature that would make your employees trust your organization’s resources more than the outside ones. 

    • Moreover, an employee training management software should be able to render eLearning experience for flexible learning support, which includes webinars, web conferencing, and a combination of physical and virtual learning i.e. blended learning experience.

    Make sure to cross-check whether your training software is rendering you the following functionalities or not?

    1. Bi-directional data flow from the software to the integrated website and vice-versa.
    2. Mobile-friendly support i.e. mlearning solutions.
    3. It allows customization over the registration and checkout process of new employees.
    4. Allow self-scheduling of the multiple courses, and reduces the dependency on HR for this.
    5. Must be embedded with multi-dimensional payment integration methods.
    6. Integration ability with other in-house software like CRM, ERP, etc., and not just with social media platforms

    Let us check on some of the influencing stats regarding employee training and the organizational changes that it brought as a whole. However, employee training is of different types including dedicated Employee training for adapting the work culture, Compliance training, Leadership training, etc.stats regarding employee training

    Conclusively, hire the one who can understand your organizational needs, your goals, and can develop the required employee training solution with-

    • 24*7 tech support
    • Rich learning environment
    • Interactive dashboard
    • Mobile-first approach
    • Aggregated Content Sources
    • Virtual assistance
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Social learning & content tagging
    • AI-driven content management

    It would be wise to hire an experienced eLearning software solutions providing agency and get indigenous software developed from 20 years experienced enterprise software development company. The one who can develop an interactive learning experience platform for your organization with all the above-mentioned features.

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