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Manage Benefits And Improve Hires By Developing Custom Benefits Administration Solution Like BerniePortal: Cost & Features

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    Manage Benefits And Improve Hires By Developing Custom Benefits Administration Solution Like BerniePortal: Cost & Features

    Most companies look for enterprise-grade solutions that can bring agility and scalability to their business. Automated HR, payroll, and benefits management solutions lessen the paperwork and better the administration and management of the business operations. BerniePortal is one such all-in-one software solution that makes managing people and businesses easy.

    BerniePortal is a perfect enterprise software development solution built for HR by streamlining every functionality while spending more time building a business they want to build.

    Benefits of Integrating Robust HR Software Solution Like Bernieportal

    - Improved Hiring Process

    Bernieportal makes recruitment exceptionally easy. The automated administration process makes candidate pool management easy, helps attract more applicants, seamless onboarding of your new hire all through a single dashboard.

    - Managed Benefits Administration

    Bernie is an extensive employee benefits management portal that removes the headache of paperwork. The automated solution helps employers to manage elections and generate benefits enrollment forms for employees. Additionally, the portal offers a self-service for each employee to manage their accounts, which can also be managed by HR.

    - Enhanced Productivity Solutions

    The robust HR solution lets HRs track every employee's working hours, days, and offs. The in-built tools help HR to make strategic decisions while enhancing productivity, improving employee retention, and boosting performance.

    In order to understand more about this all-in-one HR & benefits administration software and how it can help you improve employee experience, let's move further towards its features. Its extensive features will let you manage the entire lifecycle in one place. 

    You can also look for a customized solution by integrating these features with your software with the help of an IT professional services provider.

    Features In BerniePortal to Integrate Into A Custom Benefits Administration Solution

    1. Applicant Tracking System 

    Successful recruitment leads to a successful business, and Bernieportal's applicant tracking system helps companies to get organized, beginning from hiring processes to onboarding integration. 

    The applicant tracking system lets you easily filter, track, and move your candidates in your hiring process, so you only get top talent recruited, creating a great candidate experience.

    2. Collaborative Decisions

    Pick conversation from where you dropped through internal feedback. Make communications uninterrupted between hiring managers and influencers to make decisions easily and conveniently from any location.

    3. Custom Hiring Stages

    Hiring involves manifold stages that candidates have to clear to receive the job. Similarly, HR manages the entire cycle of hiring, regardless of changes within, while communicating the result with the managers and back to the candidate. Bernieportal offers HR to customize each stage of hiring of any job posting. The portal also informs the candidate of processes that they have to follow during each stage. 

    4. Email Notifications

    Integrating email for sending and receiving quick notifications is absolutely easy with Bernieportal. This full stack development solution lets you keep a close tab on applicants and update when a candidate applies for an open position you distributed.

    5. Dashboard

    Get a consolidated view of every business and recruiting activity from a single-window - Dashboard. The window offers transparency to peek into open jobs, the number of applicants applied for the open position, and applicants on each hiring stage. 

    6. Time-Saving Templates

    Do not wait to think about what to write for every candidate - the dedicated templates for applicants are designed by professionals to lessen your burden and quicken your hiring and onboarding process. Bernieportal also lets you customize these templates for future use.

    7. Job Board Integration

    The dedicated software development team of Bernieportal created a brilliant attribute to connect and share open positions across multiple channels. With job board integration, HR can increase visibility and captivate top talent. 

    8. Enrollment Integration

    Employee onboarding is again a long process, engaging candidates and HR. Bernieportal's automated hiring documentation competition is a quick 3 step process that reduces the redundancy in filing the same information, again and again, visible to both HR and candidates.

    9. Onboarding

    With an intuitive employee onboarding process, complete the onboarding process just in 3-steps, eliminating the redundancy of duplicate information, encouraging improved engagement & retention, enhancing productivity, and saving a lot of time. 

    10. Intuitive Self-Service

    A guided 3-step hire documentation process navigates the new hires through seamless form filling. The system is integrated with the e-signature attribute to prevent the extra time spent on printouts and manual signatures, making onboarding fast and easy.

    11. Custom Documents

    Bernieportal is a cloud computing service with unique abilities, such as uploading employee-specific documents outside the platform. Documents like employee handbook, policies & procedures, emergency contact form, and standard tax documents (W-4, W-9, I-9, State Withholding, and Direct Deposit) can be easily uploaded.

    12. eSignatures 

    Get rid of the same old paper-based manual signatures to complete the process with digital signatures. Bernieportal offers an in-built eSignature helping new hires to legibly and legally e-sign the onboarding documents faster for improved processes while staying compliant. 

    13. Email Reminders

    Stay updated on all the documents every employee has completed and what's left. Customize emails about completing and submitting the remaining documentation or urgency of providing certain information required for successful onboarding. You can send warm welcome through automated welcome emails activating every employee's account.

    14. Made for Mobile

    Modern HR and benefits administration systems must go with the market needs. Bernieportal is a responsive platform that can let today's employees complete onboarding quickly and efficiently while allowing them to stay connected through smart devices. 

    15. Benefits Administration

    Captivate and retain the top talent by offering competitive benefits packages from either Bernieportal's website or mobile app development services offered. Accelerate business through custom enrollment & payroll reporting, informed benefits enrollment decisions and improved compliance.

    16. Enrollment Alert

    Email notification is integrated with the benefits administration feature for informing the employees automatically about open enrollment, making changes to their elections, and submitting information to carriers timely.

    17. Informed Benefits Decisions & Experiences

    With the help of reliable and robust tools integrated within Bernieportal, like shopping cart functionality, guidance links, detailed plan descriptions, video content, employees can make informed benefits decisions leading to increased engagement and productivity.

    18. Employee Communication 

    Bernieportal is a combination of the most useful and customizable features to manage employees, inclusive of communications. The platform lets employers track employee enrollment progress and communicate to those identified with incomplete enrollment. 

    19. Simplified Analytics and Reporting

    If you are looking to create a customized & feature-rich employee benefits solution like BerniePortal, you must offer transparency through the portal. Through in-built analytics, companies can evaluate the company's progress while improving productivity with custom reports and simplifying enrollment periods for everyone. 

    20. PTO Tracking

    This substantial feature is designed to accommodate managers and employees who want to access information anytime and anywhere. BerniePortal's all features are responsive, inclusive of the PTO module to access from any device. 

    21. Customizable Policies

    Each organization is different and runs on different policies. A perfect platform always lets you customize policies as per the company's needs. 

    22. Self-Service 

    Unlike other benefits platforms, BerniePortal eliminates the mundane and lengthy paper-based trails for the employees to follow. This feature simplifies time-off requests by granting the ability to submit requests in a centralized location. 

    23. Accrual Calculation

    This characteristic of PTO makes BerniePortal unique as it unburdens the stress of maintaining accuracy in calculations. The platform automatically calculates the PTO days, vacation days, and sick days accurately, which further helps in predicting accrual for future requests. \

    24. Calendar

    Stay organized and keep track of your employees through an intuitive PTO calendar. With Calendar, you can deter under-staffing by making more informed time-off-related decisions in the future. 

    25. Time and Attendance

    Managing employees' clock time and everyday presence are tedious. But, BerniePortal's Time and attendance feature make that easy for you. The self-service portal enables employees to clock in & out, request time edits, and easily access & view current or past timesheets. 

    26. Permissions & Restrictions

    Time tracking gives employers complete control of their employee's clock in and clock out time. HRs can set restrictions to specific IP address locations and much more.

    27. Tracking Analytics

    Time and attendance is a comprehensive feature allowing you to gain real-time deep insights and monitor who is on the clock and their working hours on the mentioned days, inclusive of overtime tracking. 

    28. Time Edits Management

    This attribute accommodates managers with the ability to modify employee timesheets as per the requirements. Employees can quickly check the modifications to the clock in and out through their smart devices.

    29. Record Keeping

    Managers, as well as HRs, can keep track and record the modifications made to the employee's timesheets. They can seamlessly approve, delete, and add time.

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    30. Compliance

    BerniePortal's Compliance is a robust feature that lets you upload compliance documents, legible and legally e-sign documents, and maintain audit-ready records allowing quick process improvement.

    31. Customize Recipients

    The compliance feature is designed to be flexible as per the needs of the company. Whether it is uploading employees' compliance documents or company-wide, this attribute lets you manage all hassle-free.

    32. Compliance Dashboard

    Get a comprehensive real-time view of the compliance status of recipients or compliance documents with an intuitive dashboard and analytics to evaluate metrics.

    33. Centralized Library

    Make your company always audit-ready with BerniePortal's centralized library to secure your documents. This library lets you securely store all documents ensuring they are compliant.

    34. Employee Reminders

    This automated portal lets you seamlessly customize and send email reminders to employees. This way, you can always notify and remind employees regarding compliance documents, especially when there is an urgency or last date of submission.

    35. Performance Management

    Get a complete report of employees' responsibilities, successes, and concerns directly from the managers. BerniePortal helps in increasing visibility and accountability for managers and employees through continuous feedback, coaching, and growth-centric conversations.

    36. Manage 1:1s

    With performance management, companies can easily manage 1:1 meetings, back & forth messaging, employee summaries & much more from a centralized hub. This also increases the clarity while tracking individual employee performance progress.

    37. Document and Track

    Not just the progress and performance, with performance management a company can ensure compliance and accountability of the real-time documents and conversations between managers and employees.

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    38. Customize Permissions

    Performance management is a flexible feature that grants customized viewership permissions. This customization lets easy transfers of threads of messages to other organizational members seamlessly.

    39. 1094/1095-C Reporting

    BerniePortal also saves time by streamlining ACA compliance. The 1094/1095-C reporting feature empowers companies to generate 1094/1095-C forms and file them automatically with the IRS. 

    40. Automated Work

    Most companies still struggle with their employees filing up manual forms taking up a lot of valuable time. BerniePortal contains all the necessary benefits, features and supports all compliances. You can seamlessly populate 1095-Cs forms with correct codes so the HRs can distribute them to employees and later file them to IRS.

    41. Data Import

    BerniePortal's Reporting feature offers a bonus feature, which is an easy upload of a spreadsheet of data. These sheets are customizable and compliant with the IRS form 1095-C database.

    42. Data Export

    BerniePortal's features simplify 1094/1095-C filing by allowing individual forms editing, downloading, and printing IRS compliant forms to distribute them to employees on time. 

    43. Direct Distribution

    A benefits administration software as BerniePortal, a customized cloud computing solution, must offer easy and quick distribution of e-file forms, saving time and reducing errors. BerniePortal's mailing service ensures that employees have received proper documents and are on time for compliance.

    With this feature, you are always ready to simplify as well as revolutionize the way you manage benefits and HR. To develop a feature-rich software just as BerniePortal, you must evaluate the budget. Further, we will understand the approximate cost needed for developing a perfect HRIS.

    Cost of Developing a Benefits Management Software Like BerniePortal

    The cost of developing your own solution is defined by the common scope of work: UI/UX design and backend/frontend development. 

    Today's average rate of hiring a developer per hour is $45 for developing an HRIS software. Segregating the features as per cost are listed below -

    • Recruitment Module - $25,920 to $28,800.
    • Onboarding Module - $22,680 to $25,200.
    • Performance Tracking Module - $11,660 to $12,960.
    • Benefits Management Module - $11,660 to $ 12,960.
    • Training Module - $12,960 to $ 14,440.
    • Payroll Module - $23,320 to $ 25,920.

    These rough estimations can allow you to evaluate the budget needed to invest in one time developing a customized solution. To be precise, the development of the entire software may take around 3 to 4 months (2,800 hours), and the cost for the same may range to $113,400.


    Developing a platform like BerniePortal requires expert IT consultation services. A customized solution requires all necessary features, such as onboarding, recruitment, time and attendance, PTO, Reporting, HR, benefits, and much more. 

    With this comprehensive solution, companies can always manage their employees, streamline their HR processes, customize rules, quicken the onboarding process, obtain the best talent, and provide an on-time benefits solution. 

    Additionally, companies can have deep insights into the performance of their employees through analytics and 1:1 while empowering them with proper training.

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