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DaaS: Another Cloud Computing Solution To The Enterprise Industry

Data as a service is another branch in the world of Information technology, similar to its other three siblings i.e. SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. DaaS has originated in a bit different way, like from the situations which demand data only as a solution to their problems.

For example, a navigation system overall is nothing but data as a service. It brings in the map, takes the help of a global positioning system, brings the name of the location, the address, the contact number, and almost everything that we usually see in a navigation system or on a screen while approaching a destination.

You could consider it as a hub at the center of a zone that can be used to fetch information from any direction within that particular zone only, which simply means, it can be oriented and limited if we want it to be. 

Let us try to know how DaaS functions and what makes it another cloud computing solution in this enterprise industry.

How DaaS Functions?

DaaS, being a wing of cloud services works as a central hub that operates or functions as an information provider as well as a collector from different dimensions within the premises.

In it, the data is stored usually in three forms i.e. blobs, queues, and tables.

Moreover, its centralized system is such that it can support and supply its services to any point that is demanding the same irrespective of its location and orientation. Means, quick responsive it is.

The concept of DaaS is to provide or make the data available to the needy within an enclosed system.

Having said that, an enclosed system or a premise refers to a company. 

Let’s say an enterprise software development company with having multiple branches of itself across the country if have a centralized data availability so that it doesn’t require to rely on any other data exchange provider as the traditional ones do.

DaaS could be implemented on such a large scale and is even more useful than just a small-scale business.

DaaS is very often got criticized for data’s non-availability forever. One has to use the data if DaaS is deployed within the organization and the user has to rent the data for research or other work.

Being a clear writer, it is my sole responsibility to write every single aspect of the subject matter.

As per studies, it suggests that DaaS has got invented by the virtue of web mashups in development as the fourth wing of cloud computing consulting services having the first three as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, 

What Is a Web Mashup: In IT Development

First of all, know that we are concerning only for the IT development and not others. 

Here, when one thing is developed as a single solution by taking help (data) from multiple sources, as the navigation system (above explained), it is called a web mashup in development.

Thus, when a situation arrives called a web mashup, DaaS has come to its invention nearly around the second decade of the 21st century.

Let us find out some more information and other applications of Data as a Service to get even clearer about it.

DaaS: Its Future

If we don’t know that data aggregators do exist across the world and they run their livelihood by giving their data on rent to the needy ones, we should know this fact now, because we might be having one of those data aggregators near to us, and still don’t realize it.

Consider ‘Social Media’-

Social media aggregators are nothing but data aggregators only. They use the tool called social media aggregator and bring all the relevant data to a particular company (the needy) and render it in the form of a presentation for a specific period.

Big screens in the malls having photographs showing with a particular hashtag written on them are nothing but data only that has been aggregated with the help of hashtag aggregation i.e. a feature of social media aggregation tool.

Consider ‘Human Resources’-

Human resource is a department that has to deal with more than one responsibility and function them regularly without a scope of flexibility.

Including payroll services, compliance management, managing benefits employee portal, talent hiring and its acquisition, time and attendance management, calendar scheduling, and whatnot. 

Let’s say for talent-hiring and acquisition, they need data for new potential hires, and data providers rent a particular database full of capable candidates for a particular time on rent. It is possible to happen across the world because everything is being done on the cloud.

Similarly, data management experts hope that once every enterprise would understand the purpose, advantage, and effectiveness of data aggregation, the DaaS market will soon get a boom.

DaaS: Positives & Negatives


  • Because of the centralized availability of the data, users now can function and implement faster than they used to be with the traditional method of data access.
  • Data can be reused without requiring it to be refilled for every update, and thus,
  • Product testing can optimize a business as far as the development end is concerned, here, only regression testing is required that too if an upcoming version is expected. Not the data is to be re-added.
  • Data Administration and collaboration become easy.


  • The user requires to rent the data which means, the information or knowledge data isn’t available permanently for the company and for some temporary time limits only.
  • Data governance is a matter of concern. Along with the security and privacy measures become a new headache for an enterprise. As not every crucial information is worth shareable with everyone in the company. Encryption and its safety become an additional need.
  • DaaS’s security is to be hired and not easy to be managed by unskilled professionals. Thus, it is necessary to hire dedicated developers with adequate training and a skill set in cloud computing services.


Cloud computing has enough potential yet unexplored and could run the entire enterprise business single-handedly. The IT sector gives birth to such demands that get such things invented.

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Data-as-a-Service is one of the newest family members to the SaaS family or we should say in the cloud computing family. All that it requires till now and ahead as well is dedicated research and work to mitigate its lacunae and leverage its positive sides respectively.

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