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Cost and Features Involved in Music Streaming App Similar to Spotify

Music can heal the wounds that medicine can’t even touch. There is no specific age or gender to listen to good music. It treats everyone the same way and touches the hearts of millions. No wonder why music streaming apps have become so popular around the globe and the one name that has set a benchmark is Spotify. It has not only inspired developers to create platforms with impressive features and functions but has also opened doors for rising entrepreneurs. It has given them an opportunity to try their luck in this evolving sector and chase their dreams.

If you are also all set to introduce your own music app, then there are a few things that you must know before approaching a mobile app development company. This blog will give an insight into what music apps are, how they work, what features you can include, and how much you would have to invest in the venture. Take a look:

An Overview of the Music App: Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming mobile app where users can browse millions of songs, albums, artists, and genres. The idea of this portal was coined by two friends Martin Lorentzon & Daniel Ek in 2006 as a solution to piracy in the music industry. People simply need to register in the app and can share their favorite songs with friends, create playlists, and collaborate with others for compilations. Since its launch, the music app has been ruling the digital music market with more than 140 million active users available in over 60 countries. There is no need to download songs or store them on the device to listen, just search the name of the song, play it online, and have fun. The number of people handling premium accounts is approx 50 million who have access to the whole content on the app that consists of more than 30 million songs and tracks in the library. The application is compatible with all operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. 

Back then, when Spotify was introduced, the music industry was facing the issue of piracy worldwide. As a music streaming application, Spotify came up with a legal way to listen to podcasts and stream music online, benefitting both music companies and listeners. They amalgamated with major and minor music labels, bought the rights from owners in exchange for an undisclosed amount depending on the number of times users play that song online. You can not only find almost all music albums and tracks on this portal but there are fabricated playlists as well created by Spotify staff and artists. Of course, one needs a good internet connection to stream the songs online for free. There is a paid membership as well, to eliminate all the advertisements and provide users with offline access to tracks by allowing download. 

What Are the Must-Have Features of a Music App?

Although Spotify covers the majority of countries, there are still some markets where users get “Not Available” notification. Hence, this is the perfect opportunity for many rising entrepreneurs like you to introduce their music streaming platform and witness the same success. Before you jump on the mobile app development process, you have to be familiar with all the basic features of the app to reach that standard. This will also help you estimate the cost that you will have to incur to get the application built by an authentic company.

We have listed some key features of Spotify that sets it apart from other similar portals. Go through it and you will know all that you need to implement in your mobile app:

features of a music app


This feature is essential for premium subscribers where they provide all the basic information and details about them like name, contact details, age, country, etc. This is the first app after installing the app on mobile which they have to follow before streaming music online. The app utilizes this data to track the users and analyze their preferences. It also gives access to the advanced features of the app.

User Profile

Similar to any other social media platform, where you create your profile to get registered on the app and connect with fellow users, Spotify also asks you to have a user profile. Once you have mentioned all the asked details on the app, it will create your profile as a user of the app.

Social Sharing

Isn’t it common to share your favorite content on the app with other users? Then why should the music app be an exception? So, ask your mobile app developer to include a social sharing feature where users can share albums, songs, a genre with their friends instantly. This will also help you promote the app and contribute to its success. Giving access to listeners to share and listen to their favorite tracks will definitely work for your company.

Discovery and Search

Spotify has a plethora of data and you cannot browse each song to find the one that you want to listen to. So, it comes with a notable feature that allows you to search the tracks of your choice in a few seconds. Make sure that your application also offers a similar option that assists users to discover the preferred songs through the album, artist, and genre.

Music Playlist

There may be many songs on your app, but users want to enjoy the tracks that resonate with their mood, ambiance, or feelings. Hence, the playlist feature enables the people to create a list of the songs and store in one place. They can further add new tracks to the existing playlist. Make sure that this option stands out and gets the attention of listeners at once.


Users expect that the app that they are using interacts with them and makes things easier for them. The best way to do so is by recommending the songs according to their past searches and preferences. Now, the users won’t have to spend time seeking the latest releases or favorite songs as they will have the list already on their screen.

Push Notifications

You want to keep your listeners updated with all the latest happenings, releases, features, and messages. Therefore, include a push-notification feature during music streaming app development that notifies the users about activities taking place, such as discounts, offers, new songs and more.

Online and Offline Access

Spotify allows online and offline access to the songs to its subscribers. People can listen to any song with a strong internet connection. However, paid subscribers can download these tracks and store them in the internal storage system to enjoy the music anytime, anywhere. This feature comes in handy when users exhaust daily data.


Simply offering millions of tracks is not enough to retain your users. It is important that they have an excellent experience while using the app and that is where personalization can play a crucial role. Get your app designed in such a way that people can switch the themes and personalize the app according to their interests.

Bitrate Matters

People enjoy music when they have no interruptions and on Spotify, that is made possible by M3u8 format that streamlines music seamlessly. Remember, the format in which songs are presented to the users play a primary role in delivering the best service.

In-app Messages

Here is a feature that is not so common in music apps but can add great value if executed the right way. If users can interact through messages while listening to songs, it will be a bonus to them and will make the app instant hit within the masses. While going for music app development for your new venture, keep this point in mind and it will do wonder to your company. 

Technology Stack for the App like Spotify

The credit to shape the Spotify app so amazingly goes to the backend technologies that support this music platform. They empower it to store the music on servers and when a user requests a song, it sends it to the device. As all the files are cached on the laptop or smartphone, there is no need to retrieve the songs again from servers. To make this possible on your app, ask your developer to use Cassandra, PostgreSQL or any other memory caching system. The music streaming apps are built using JavaScript or Python along with PHP on the server-side and Java is primarily used for backend structure. Here are some other tools utilized to develop Spotify:

  • Kafka software: making it possible to manage and process the data in real-time
  • Bootstrap: or HTML5 for web app development
  • Amazon S3: Google cloud storage or Azure or any such storage serves to store audio files
  • GraphWalker: for model-based testing and to integrate with Python services.
  • CEF or chromium embedded framework: to build UI for desktop application
  • Utilization of proxy servers & HTTP

Other Technologies

  • Mandrill – emails
  • Datastax – data management
  • PayPal & Braintree – accept payments
  • GWT – robust programming
  • Nexmo – phone, SMS & voice verification
  • Twilio, Bandwidth – push notifications

Music Intelligence Algorithm

Spotify recommends songs to users according to their search history and preferences. However, the question is - How it does that. Here are 3 tools that app developers use to track the recommendation algorithm:

  • Music data curated through a human medium
  • Audio analysis
  • Utilizing both

The aim is to design the algorithm in such a way that it can easily differentiate between the most liked and disliked songs by the users. It evaluates the feedback and reviews of the audience to prepare the list and suggest the songs. 

What Are the Cost Components of Music Applications?

Most people search for the estimated cost to develop an app similar to Spotify. To be honest, there is no one way to find the exact amount of money that you have to shell out to get an app like this. The complete development process is lengthy, consisting of various stages and steps. Apart from a proficient mobile application developer, there are many teams that are hired and they are paid based on various factors. The main cost components of music streaming app or any other mobile app for that matter are:

components of  music app

Although all these elements are crucial while deciding the final development cost, the biggest chunk is shared by the backend and operating system that it is built for.

As there are many supplementary services offered by Spotify, its architecture can quickly get entangled. Most of them are written using Python, Java, HTML5, and PHP. Also, for each exclusive feature, a team is assigned which adds to the total cost. 

Next is the most significant aspect of development is whether you want to launch the portal on one operating system, or all of them. If you are going for just iOS development or Android app, then it will be more economical for you than building an app that is compatible with both of them.


After considering all the aspects and components, we can reach a rough idea of how much you have to spend to get an app like Spotify. If you hire a team on an hourly basis, then it would cost you around $100-$250 depending on the features and technology you opt for. Talking about the whole project, then $20,000 is the initial cost and it will only soar higher if you explore the full potential to attain success. It is better that you conduct research first before connecting with any development company so that you have a clear vision of what you want.

In case you have doubts and need expert guidance, contact the team of A3logics and we will solve all your queries.

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