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Cost and Features Involved in a Video Chat App Similar to Zoom

The world is going through a global crisis followed by lockdown in almost every country. As a need of the hour, companies have switched to remote working. However, working from home is challenging for various reasons and lack of communication with the team is one of the top ones. Zoom emerged as a perfect solution to this issue and made it easier for employees to connect with each other for meetings and maintain proper workflow. This video conferencing app shot to fame within a few days and became a widely used tool worldwide. 

We have all witnessed how effective and useful such video call apps can be and their demands are expected to rise higher than ever even after the lockdown. Seeing the opportunity, many startups are jumping on the bandwagon by introducing an app similar to Zoom. We are sure that even you are ready with an excellent idea. However, before you seek a mobile app development solution, there are a few things that you must know. So, here is an overview of what a video call apps is, its features and the cost it involves.

What Is a Video Conferencing App?

Video call apps are not a new concept for us. We have been using these software or websites for years now but they are not completely dedicated to official purposes. Most of them are social media platforms with video chat as an added feature. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps that enables employees and employers to connect online while working remotely. During the pandemic period, when everyone is restricted to their homes, this portal made it convenient for workers to communicate and hold meetings. Its demand skyrocketed within a span of 45-60 days and is now the most widely used communication tool. The video call or conferencing applications like Zoom help companies connect with staff members, investors, stakeholders, and partners around the world to work effectively, hence ensuring higher productivity and lower costs.

Video call apps

Multiple participants can sit together in a virtual conference room provided they have an internet connection and discuss the project. Of course, as the name suggests, they are video call apps so users stream video using mobile or laptop camera and can turn it off if not required. Although video conferencing tools target the corporate sector and have become a staple in the business world, it can also be used to interact with friends or fight boredom.

Considering the pace at which technology is evolving, we can soon expect a soaring demand for video chat applications. So, do not dilly-dally and start working on your video call app right away.

How Does Video Conferencing Application Work?

Video Conferencing Application


The first step is to get users registered on the app via their official mail account or social media account. They can select the plan that suits them the best based on different features and benefits that each of the available options offers. Also, these apps use a cloud storage system so that everything that happens on the portal along with the data is secured in the cloud.

Profile Creation

The next step is to create a profile by specifying all details that are asked on the app and integrating it into the system to finally be able to conduct virtual meetings.

Schedule the Meeting

To conduct meetings, you need to sync the calendar with the app and schedule the date and time of the virtual meetings. Share the mail with other members and they will get the notification on the mail and app.


Whether users want to connect with their friends or utilize the app for official purposes, the app takes care of everything. From webinars to conferences, they can conduct all the virtual meetings with the people across the world.

Adjust Settings

You can opt for advanced development services for adding exclusive features on your video call app, such as screen sharing, mute/unmute, video recording, image sharing, group chat, taking control of screens, and more.

What Are the Must-Have Features of a Video Chat App?

To understand what exactly a video call app does and how it works, you must first get acquainted with its features. It comprises numerous elements that come together to enrich the user experience and help people accomplish their tasks. Let’s have a look at a few essential ones:

Features of Video Chat App

Admin Control: The utmost priority of every app is to ensure security to users. Therefore, the admin or host has complete control over the participants. All the data or files that are shared can be restricted to host or reach the user according to the requirements. The admin server is responsible for the safety and security of users, thus it is important to track all the discussions. This doesn’t imply that it will eavesdrop on every meeting but save the information on the cloud.

Contact List: This one is an obvious feature as it allows users to connect with their friends and employees instantly. They can sync their phone contact, social media contacts with the app, and search the person they want to call within a few seconds. The app integrates with the phonebook by asking permission from users to access the contact list before using the numbers. Once they allow, contacts are imported into the app through API.

Electronic Whiteboards: Many a time, in official meetings, participants need to share images or documents online and that is where electronic whiteboards step in. It makes it possible to draw or type on the board and upload the files. With advanced features, an app can host more pages that are accessible easily. The users can highlight a specific area for images and can reap the benefits of the features like pointers, zoom control, shape makers, etc.

Screen & Desktop Sharing: Sharing screens and desktop with others come in handy with video conferencing apps. Whether offices need to conduct workshops or have presentations, other office employees can see the screen and collaborate for online consultations. Any document that is displayed on one computer is visible to others using the same app. 

Virtual Hand-Raising: Honestly, video calls and conferences can create confusion and chaos if not executed well. That is why we recommend a virtual hand-raise feature to indicate that you want to speak. During discussions, multiple people tend to speak at once, hampering smooth communication. However, with this amazing feature, they can signal that they have something to say to the host by raising a virtual hand which is mostly an emoji.

One-to-One & Group Calling: Video conferencing can include two people or even 50 based on the motive of the meeting. Thus, the app should be able to accommodate numerous participants in one go that too without affecting the quality of video or audio. 

End-to-End Encryption: As the owner of the app, you will have to ensure the safety of data and end-to-end encryption is the way to attain that. It makes sure that only recipient and sender devices are the final transfer point. The message is encrypted at the sender’s end and decrypted only when it reaches the receiver. No one can access the message in between this process, hence maintaining the confidentiality of the conversations.

Application Sharing: Make sure you ask your mobile app developer to include an application sharing feature that enables users to connect through a program on a single device. The other participants can view files even without having the software required to access the files. The members can collaborate easily the same way as face-to-face communication.

Push Notifications: A feature that notifies the users about all the new updates, received messages, missed calls, text messages, and more. 

There are various other features as well that you can include in your video call app. Before you make any decision, consult with an IT consultant to understand the market better and ensure that you invest your money in a profitable project.

Technical Stack of Video Conferencing Application

Steps to Build a Video Conferencing App

To estimate the final cost of video call app development, it is important that you know the steps the whole process involves. We have mentioned a few of them that can’t be ignored to develop a flawless application. Have a look:

Backend Development

The most crucial step is to create a foundation for the server so that the app works smoothly and properly without any technical issue. We adopt several ways for backend development whether we build it from scratch or use ready-made solutions like SaaS (Software as a Solution). 

UI/UX Design

Now we move on to another key element of the app which is design. To give users an amazing experience while using the app, it must have an attractive and intuitive design. Keep the dashboard minimalistic and avoid cluttering many buttons. Your users shouldn’t spend hours understanding the app and its functions but get comfortable with it within a few minutes. 

Quality Testing 

Right from the beginning of the development process, our quality assurance team keeps a close watch of the product. At every step, they review the app for any error or bug and remove them instantly if any. We assure you that with us at your service, you will get a seamless mobile conferencing app that meets your expectations.

What Is the Cost to Develop a Video Conferencing App?

The final cost to seek video chat app development service depends on many factors and only after evaluating each of them, we can quote the final price. However, to give you an idea, we have simplified it for you. 

We have mentioned a list of features above that you can include in the app to offer more functionalities to users. Apart from those, there are several advanced features as well that you can select to stay ahead of the competition and get attention from companies and people. Moreover, the complexity involved in the project and specialists required to deal with them also contribute to the overall cost. You will have to get developers, engineers, designers, quality analysts, and many more on board for which you will have to shell out a hefty amount.

The technologies employed to develop your app are also considered while calculating the amount. Are you planning a native app or prefer hybrid app development? The platform for which you are introducing the app is the deciding factor too. The total amount will not be less than a five-digit figure but rest assured that every penny will be worth the investment as you can monetize the app in a range of ways.  

Let’s Discuss Your Project

The market for video conferencing apps is booming and you can expect it to make profits worth billions of dollars in the future. We are sure you want to reap the benefits of this profitable sector. So, why wait? A3logics is a leading company that offers app development services to varied clients. We are known for our quality products and flawless solutions. Contact us via phone call or email, let us know what you are looking for, and we will be happy to serve you with the best. 

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