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Cost and Features Involved in a Question-Answer App Like Quora

Sharing information has now become easier than ever before. You simply need to search for your query on Google and you will have all the details at your screen. In fact, you can convey your opinions and share your knowledge with others while sitting at home. All thanks to mobile applications like Quora that enables users to post their queries and allows others to come up with the relevant solutions. 

Of course, these question-answer websites are not new to the internet but with Quora, we have witnessed a revolution. Search anything on Google, more often than not, one of the top links will lead you to Quora. Just one click and you can find various answers to your question, posted by experts and professionals. No wonder why people are planning to introduce similar applications like Quora with the help of application development firms. Are you one of them? Then there are a few things that you must know before you kick start your venture. Our experienced mobile application developer has prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you evaluate all the aspects of launching an app like Quora. Take a read:

What Is the Concept of Quora?

Quora is a popular name that any internet user must be familiar with. You search any query or type any keyword on Google search box, and the top results will definitely include one Quora answer, providing you with a relevant solution. However, those who are still living under the rock and do not understand what this Question Answer application is, here is a brief insight. Suppose, your friends are discussing a topic related to technology or the best holiday destination within a limited budget. Of course, everyone will have an opinion about the topic and give their input. When you come across this debate, you realize that being a tech geek or travel enthusiast, you can give the most appropriate answer to the on-going discussion. So, you jump in and grab all the attention with your smart solution and help them reach a conclusion. Well, this is what Quora has been doing since 2009. 

In simple terms, Quora is a web platform that allows users to make inquiries and raise questions and get answers from people around the world. The best part is that you can get numerous solutions to one issue based on different perspectives, opinions, the viewpoint of individuals. Here, users have the option to edit the posts whenever required apart from reacting to the questions. It consists of user-generated content, making it widely popular among the masses. Although there are many Q&A apps and websites available on the internet, Quora has taken the whole domain to another level and redefined this concept. One aspect that sets it apart from other similar applications is the uncompromised quality that it maintains constantly. If you also want to introduce your own Quest & Ans platform, then seek help from our experts. They are adept at developing such advanced mobile applications, showcasing robust features and smooth interface.

How Does Quora Work?

Before we dig further into Q&A mobile app development, let’s get acquainted with how this platform shaped up and evolved. In the beginning, Quora focused on some exclusive and niche topics talking about special industries like business enterprise and entrepreneurship. The people who worked with the team initially posted answers on the portal for a few months from fake accounts. Gradually, it spread its wings to other fields as well and started asking users to share their experience. This established a strong connection between the platform and users visiting it and it gathered information on various fields and sectors, providing a solution to people. At present, it serves a huge audience worldwide to seek answers to their questions. 

Once a user is registered on the platform, he/she can ask questions while others can answer them. One significant point is that all the content that you witness on the app is created by bonafide users as this portal requires people to use their genuine identity. There are various categories for you to select and stay in touch with all the latest happenings around. Yes, there are certain rules and regulations that one has to adhere to while posting questions and answers, thereby, ensuring the top-notch quality of the content. 

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The platform was initially introduced as a website that you can access through a browser but now, they have come up with a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The loading speed, navigation, editing, posting, and all other features has been customized to make it easily accessible via phones. 

Amongst many questions that are asked on this mobile application, the ones that got our attention was “How much does it costs to build an app like Quora?” If you are wondering the same, then today, we bring the most authentic answer to your query along with a list of features that are required for such a powerful and effective app. 

How Much Will It Cost to Build a Q&A App Similar to Quora?

Reality check - here is no certain answer to how much you have to invest to launch your app like Quora. There are various factors that every mobile app development company considers before quoting the final price to build such a mobile application. It includes features, advancement stages, backend, time limit, structure, areas of multipurpose application enhancements and more. The complexity of the features, app platform that you prefer, UX/UI designs and advancements, team involved in the development process, and more is considered while quoting the price. Furthermore, Q&A applications must have NLP, human-made reasoning, algorithm, machine learning, etc. Considering that it is such a complicated and seamless app, its development involves a huge cost and a lot of effort.

Factors to Estimate the Cost of APP

However, the primary thing is to zero in on the features that you want to include in the application. So, let’s get a better understanding of these features.

What Are the Main Features of Quora?

Do you know the secret to launch a successful mobile application? It is to use simple yet powerful features that can engage your audience for the longest time. You can take inspiration from any leading platform and you will notice that they have introduced simple but intuitive design to retain their clients and provide them with a smooth user experience. Quora is no exception to it. It comprises a set of basic features where one needs to just register to the portal, sign in, select category and seek answers. There are some other exclusive features as well that contribute to its popularity and wide reach. Have a look:

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed on Quora revolves around two primary things: People and Topic. You can see it on the homepage where it helps you find the topics that can intrigue you based on your recent searches. So, if you are planning a Question and Answer app development, make sure that you include this feature on your portal.


There are many answers that people often want to share with their social media community and Quora makes it easier for them to do so. Users can integrate the app with their social media accounts and share questions and answers on their page.


Now, Twitter is not the only place where people can follow other users as Quora brings the same feature for its audience.


It’s no ordinary inbox where you chat with fellow users. Here, people who follow you or like your answer can directly connect with you via message and ask any doubt they have. This is a place where you can take healthy discussions to another level and acquire knowledge.

Cloud Storage Integration

You can also include a feature of cloud storage on your app just like Quora where it uses Google cloud storage and Amazon web servers to store the data securely.

Quora Home

The Quora Home displays all the relevant Q&A of the community that you follow so that you stay updated and get all the information on time. 

Apart from these above-mentioned features, there are more to the list, such as:

Are You Ready?

Yes, the Question and Answer app is not a new concept and there were many portals like this before Quora was introduced. However, those websites lacked a user-friendly interface and a place to have an open discussion. There were other issues too with these websites, hence, leading to their failure, when Quora entered the market, it brought a much-needed change and set a new standard for others as well. So, you have to be meticulous while launching your similar application and for this, you will need reliable mobile solution services that can guide you at every step. A3logics is one such destination that employs app development experts who are well-versed in building dynamic and robust applications. Connect with them now and get answers to all your queries straight away. 

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