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Checkpoints to Tick Before Hiring a Software Development Company

Whether you have started a new business or it’s a decade old, the software is the heart and soul of any business - be it food & restaurant, education & elearning, travel & leisure or any other.  And, in the highly competitive and data-driven digital world, you need powerful software to run a successful business. Saying that the need for hiring a dedicated development team arises!!!

Outsourcing software development services is an easy process. But the catch is finding the right partner isn’t nearly as simple. As the market is flooded with hundreds of companies offering out-of-the-box solutions and claim expertise in trending technology. Hence, making it hard for any business entrepreneur to find the right type of partner.

So, before you invest in a third-party vendor, do some home-work and gain a deep understanding of the entire process.

This blog post can help you hire a dedicated software development team, who can work on your project that demands expertise, coordination, and time.

Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Software Development Company in the USA

Ready to hire dedicated developers? If yes, the following points can assist you. Since you’re going to invest a significant amount of money, resources and time, picking the right partner is highly essential.

Here We Go!

Well-defined Business Goals and Project Requirements 

Well-defined business goals and clearly outlined growth strategy serves as a roadmap for the development team. So, prior to looking for services, businesses must have a clear vision and deep understanding of their needs and requirements. Setting realistic milestones in advance and having a solid growth strategy gives a rough idea of what you want to achieve.

And it will be beneficial at your end if you share detailed project specifications at an early stage that outlines the functional requirements of your project. This certainly avoids misunderstanding. According to a survey, 12% of software development projects fail due to a lack of clear goals and miscommunication.

So, before you seek a partner for your project, make sure you’re well aware of what exactly your company needs.

Decide What Type of Outsourcing Fits Your Business Model

There are mainly four ways to outsource your application development project: Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore, and Hybrid. Each comes with amazing advantages and some drawbacks, so better understand each one in detail:

1. Onshore Software Development Outsourcing: This option allows you to work with a company that is located in your home country.


Ø Similar time zone and culture

Ø Effective communication

Ø Better control over team


Ø Higher-Cost

2. Offshore Software Development Outsourcing: Hiring a team from abroad to meet your project needs who work virtually and remotely.

Who Should Use?

Companies with clearly defined projects.


Ø Cost-effective

Ø Time-efficiency

Ø Global talent pool


Ø Time zone differences may lead to poor communication,

Ø Different culture and work habits.

Note: Common Offshore Countries are India, China, and Pakistan, popular for reasonable resources.

3. Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing: This is a kind of in-between choice if you skip choosing the first 2 types. These companies are located in neighboring countries with similar time zones.


Ø Similar times zone,

Ø Cost-effective, proximity

Ø Faster problem-solving.


Ø Cultural affinity

Ø Limited providers

Ø Costly as compared to offshoring

4. Hybrid Software Development Outsourcing: In this model, the companies have an onshore office in your area that gives local presence to facilitate easy communication and the overseas technical teams ensure global delivery.

With the above details, it has been clear now that each approach, certainly, has its pros and cons. Going for onshore development outsourcing model enables face-to-face meetings, high quality, and is a good option for big-budget projects that completes within a timeframe of 4 -12 months. While offshore development is good for those companies with clearly defined projects and wants cost-effective solutions.

· Outsourcing Developers: Evaluate the Skill Set for Project

Based on the problem your product is going to solve, identify the required skill set, expertise, and technology stack that you need for your project. Also decide whether you need only developers or a complete team that includes project managers, business analysts, and testing teams. While choosing the developers, evaluate the technical expertise of candidates before making a final decision. Considering this factor to make it more functional for better user experience.

· Industry Experience

Specific industry experience matters a lot while choosing a software building company. There are a lot of reasons that justify this statement. From getting enhanced problem-solving capabilities to assisting developers in solving issues related to real-world problems. For instance, if your business is associated with the healthcare industry, certainly your product needs will vary from other industries. Hence, choose an experienced partner who is able to develop a product best suited for your industry.

Also, consider the following checkpoints to make your outsourcing venture successful

·   Find out if the outsourced team has a proven track record.

·   Make sure that you have access to the latest code.

·   Have details about their workflow.

·   Reject those companies offering the cheapest quotes.

·   Big No to fixed-price payment models. 

·   Find a good project management tool.

·   Ask for frequent deployment.

·   Last but not least: Be proactive.

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Final Thoughts!

The product engineering is a complex process and its successful execution requires the right level of expertise with the right process and experience to meet your core business objectives. So, make sure that the team you hire understands your assignments and instructions. Most of the time, people have some doubts in mind but they fear to ask. It’s your task to inform the developers that clearing doubts and solving issues at the early stage will tend to give fruitful results.

If you’re ready with a plan and looking for a software development company in the USA, A3logics is the one-stop solution. From developing a mobile app to delivering custom software solutions, the organization delivers full-cycle of IT solutions to tackle complex development projects.  Thus, helping you meet your day-to-day business needs.

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