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Working for a 9 to 5 job can sometimes be disquieting, especially for those who want to be their own boss. Even while you are happy with your job, earning good still the satisfaction you get while you are your boss is exceptional. With the rise of the digital economy, more people have moved towards the start-up ideas of business. Having something of your own, brings more independence, greater job satisfaction, and potentially uncapped earning potential. While jumping on a new trend can sometimes [...]

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world of web development. Founded by Brendan Eich in the year 1995, JavaScript has become an inevitable part of web development. As per a top-rated website development company, JavaScript is the most essential part of front-end development, and it is hard to imagine the process of front-end development without it. Industry heads such as Facebook and Google also relies on this language for their website development. With the chan [...]

There are many frameworks and programming languages available in the market, but it is hard to keep up with the changing trends in the technology. This is the reason why developers of these languages often come up with the new versions so that they can be used in the modern times and also, these new versions have everything covered which was missing in their predecessors. Talking about the languages and frameworks, Nodejs is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available for creating s [...]

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages around the world. A PHP framework makes development faster. It is a great way for developers to reduce the need for repetitive coding and speed up the development process to ensure proper coding when creating web applications. PHP is widely used in major projects like Facebook. Facebook utilizes PHP for maintaining and creating their internal systems. WordPress also uses PHP to power its internals, which in return is powering more than 26% of [...]

Are you planning to start your online business and looking for some unique and profitable e-commerce business ideas? Do not worry, you have landed on just the right article. Today we are going to talk about more than 40 tried and tested unique yet profitable e-commerce business ideas that you can start with, but before that there are a few things which you must know about the e-commerce industry and e-commerce business so that you can earn the maximum ROI from your online business. The world is [...]

“How to maintain a work-life balance in this tough time?” I Googled and there were millions of results for the same. So many websites, talking about the topic. Websites these days have become the face of the brand. If it works well, the brand is good, if it fails to serve well, the brand gets a bad name. Any website that you see functioning looks quite simple with a few elements that can be clicked and you easily get the details. Well, this simple functioning takes a lot of time and effort. [...]

The tiny devices in your hands hold the entire universe in it. From talking about science to reading about mythologies, it is all there. To mark their presence in the digital domain, businesses are coming up with some really impressive and interesting website solutions. They hire website developers for robust, scalable, and secure multi-device supporting solutions. There are many website development languages that can be worked on. One of the most popular languages that developers love to work o [...]

In today's world, online marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach new people or rather potential customers. On average, people tend to spend approx. 6 hours and 42 minutes online, each day. From buying groceries to food to money transfers, people prefer doing everything online.This trend of people has completely changed how businesses use to market their products and services. Now, if any business does not have a website or a mobile app, there is a good portion of the customer, which will n [...]

Released in the year 2009, AngularJS is one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks for web app development. AngularJS lacked many essential features that were being offered by other JavaScript frameworks in the market. Hence, Google launched Angular, an open-source JavaScript framework, with much more advanced and additional features as compared to AngularJS like AOT, tree-shaking, etcAfter the success of Angular, Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7 were released, [...]

The development of PHP’s popular framework Yii (pronounced Yee) began in January 2008.  It is an opensource solution for rapidly developing modern web applications. Built around the Model-View-Controller composite pattern, the framework provides secure and professional features to create robust projects. With a component-based architecture and full caching support, the framework has been proved suitable for building all kinds of web applications like forums, portals, content management system [...]

With a new framework in the market, the competition becomes tougher. Comparisons are done, an effort to come with a better framework is worked on, and the web app developers start to hone their skills. The journey from one framework to the other is really fast and quick. Some monolithic frameworks are really hard to work on. The story of the development of Vue.js is no different. In fact, here’s what Evan You thought when he conceived the idea of Vue.js, "I figured, what if I could just extr [...]

Nothing beats working for yourself. Even when you are happy with your job and earning good, the satisfaction you get by being your boss is exceptional. With the rise of the digital economy, more people have moved towards the start-up ideas of business. It brings more independence, greater job satisfaction, and potentially uncapped earning potential.While jumping on a new trend can sometimes be risky, it can be highly rewarding also. Everyone must have gone with the countless online business idea [...]

Websites are an integral part of any business. No matter what type of business you’re in, a website is a great place to showcase your work and demonstrate your skills. It is a great way to bring customers close to your brand and opt for the services and products that you offer. People come online in search of products, to compare prices, or just to get information about a store- restaurant or business. If you don’t have a website, you miss out on a chance to be available for your online cust [...]

We are living in a digital world, where you get everything online via the internet. From entertainment and ticket booking to shopping and business, everything is on your phone now. All this is possible because of millions of applications and websites that are developed every day. However, amongst a plethora of platforms that are launched, only a few gain immense popularity and are able to attract users. Why? Because customers look for striking features, smooth navigation and design. For this, de [...]

In today’s world, everyone is linked with the internet in one way or another. People satisfy their entertainment, education, or consumers' needs with it. Businesses are also not left untouched with this popularity. The Internet has prompted all sizes of businesses to have an online presence, which they do by launching their websites, web apps or mobile apps. Having a website or app not only helps attract customers but also take your business to a larger group of people. Websites and web a [...]

Getting a website developed for every business whether it’s new, growing, or well-established, is a must these days. A fully functional and feature-rich website enables you to improve your reach and allows your customers to connect with your business quite instantly. In this era of digitalization, websites have become a parameter of success for every business. It also helps in building trust with your users and brings a lot of credibility to your business. We know that being an entrepreneur, [...]

Initially, VR and AR entered the market as an advanced entertainment product. With its unique visual and spatial experience, it soon took the media and entertainment industry by storm and emerged as one of the most popular technologies. However, it has now become more than just a toy, creating unparalleled options for businesses. They are embracing VR and AR to attain their company objectives and carry smooth operations. Many companies now use SDKs like Vuforia and Unity for AR/VR development. W [...]

For a common man, web and mobile apps are the same. People who have little knowledge, often use these terms as synonyms but the truth is that they are completely different. Not only are they distinct for users but the way they are developed and deployed are also contrasting. In simple terms, web apps are accessible via web and mobile browsers with a good internet connection without any need to install it on the device. On the contrary, mobile apps are built for a particular mobile device and ar [...]

PHP is a widely used open-source, server-side scripting language for building dynamic web pages. Rasmus Lerdorf takes the credit of developing this server-side scripting language in 1995, which is absolutely free to use. Since then, PHP has become the most popular choice of developers for building websites or web applications. It powers nearly 70% of the websites running over the internet. Partnering a certified PHP development company today, you can build a web application faster at affordable [...]