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One technology that has the most profound impact on common people and the business world is none other than GPS or Global Positioning System. Almost every smartphone user is familiar with this smart satellite system that helps in easy navigation from one place to another. The app has replaced the traditional method of finding a way through maps and has also made it possible to track vehicles effortlessly. GPS technology was introduced in 1978 with the aim to improve the navigational capabilities [...]

If everything around us is getting digital then why parking management should stay behind? It is the time when digitization of the world is exponentially increasing and almost nothing is left untouched from the reach of the internet. Parking is not just an issue for smaller or bigger cities singularly. But it is a matter of concern for both equally as well as of the conscience of a human being too. It becomes troublesome to tackle the issue for the city (in the case of public or open area parki [...]

Hardly any industry or organization can work without freight, whether it is regularly or weekly, or monthly. From distribution companies to e-commerce and more, every enterprise that needs transportation realizes that there are many aspects and phases of the shipping process. Starting from quoting to delivery, shipping freight look for better ways to optimize cost and improve processes. However, manual labor or traditional methods are not efficient enough to achieve this. They are not only time- [...]

Industries work on multiple levels. From growing raw materials sometimes or ordering the same to produce a product with it, to manufacture it and make it delivery-ready, and to deliver the product i.e. often termed as delivery services. An industrial work is summed up when all these levels simultaneously and continuously work altogether to meet the demand raised by the market.Production frequency needs to be slightly more than the delivering rate. Reason being, the possibilities include the inte [...]