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In the world of programming, certain skills and qualities are rarer and more in demand than others. This is the case for Ruby on Rails, which is currently in high demand. Whether you are new, or you’re already active in web development, Ruby on Rails can be an elusive topic to pin down. It’s often compared with languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but when you dig deeper, you’ll find that ROR is one of the most simple and easy to use web app framework, which can help develop highly in [...]

The emerging technological advancement has revolutionized the entire IT industry. This has led to proliferation of software  and app development companies claiming to deliver the best solutions for your business. Indeed, starting a new business venture in itself is a huge undertaking but hiring the right IT partner is more critical when you have hundreds and thousands of options. It requires a great deal of research work because a wrong partnership results in total wastage of time, and money. [...]