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Today, the majority of the real estate business owners are looking to get past their competition by promoting their products or services right at the customer’s desk. And, the best way to cater to the diverse customer needs for realtors is by investing in custom real estate software solutions.By spending money in best-in-class real estate software, you can improve communication, reduce friction and automate your daily real estate tasks. Managing the entire deal cycle - from initial property re [...]

As per the NAR report, the global real estate software market is expected to grow at a rapid pace - around 8% CAGR over the next two years. The primary reason behind market growth includes the increased demand for tech solutions among real-estate professionals to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers. Majority of the people today are no longer interested in checking out newspaper ads to find or sell a property as they want to explore homes virtually before buying them online th [...]