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No business can survive today without a successful app. Apps have become one of the most important online marketing tools and help a business in establishing its brand presence. But a poorly built app is of no use, and this is where app testing comes into the picture. Many product engineering service providers are known to offer software testing services. Earlier, these services were just for websites or web apps, but seeing the growing popularity of smartphones, mobile app testing services are [...]

Imagine that you order a home decor item online and make a payment of $1000 online. The moment you are done with the buying process, you receive a message saying that $2500 has been debited from your account. How would you feel? Frustrated, betrayed, and angered because the software that you trusted failed and couldn’t meet your expectation and you faced nothing but issues using it. This is what your customers would also feel when your software or application let them down and they prefer cha [...]

Quality - a prime factor when it comes to launching a product or service into a market. Maintaining the consistent quality of products/services builds trust among customers, increases retention and generates more leads. But it requires attention to detail, continuous process improvement, and monitoring so that products meet the set standards.The cut-throat competition has raised the bar for business - be it retail & ecommerce, banking & finance or any other one. It has now become a necessity to [...]

With peak demand for agility and uninterrupted delivery, manual testing doesn’t seem to fit right and straight in the present juncture. Accommodating automation testing into the project lifecycle not only turns on the speed of the overall process but also makes it error-free and impeccable. As a result, more and more companies are embracing automation testing for QA process to live up to customer expectations by meeting the set quality standards. Here we share the infographic that reflects th [...]

In the current scenario, the IT sector is facing tremendous changes. This has led to the increased demand for better reliability, availability, and stability of IT products drastically. To survive the market, your business process system should be good enough to withstand the complex business processes. Due to increased business demands, a good speed, and agility have become one of the important factors for meeting business goals in every sector - be it education & e-learning solutions, retail [...]