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According to a recent survey, over 45% of manufacturers and supply chain companies still rely on spreadsheet-based methods for their inventory management. These businesses invest more than half of their working hours organizing these sheets and updating the latest inventory details every month. They have to employ an additional workforce and long hours to write data on papers and enter information about each product in the spreadsheet. The problem is not just restricted to labor-intensiveness an [...]

Global TMS market value will reach 4.9 billion by 2025 and it will be almost double the market value in 2019. The reasons for such rapid growth include automation of supply chain transportation activities by most shipping & logistics businesses. Yes, transportation management software can be an absolute game-changer for your business. It helps you optimize supply chain transportation, cut down transportation costs, and improve customer service greatly. Not using a quality transportation managem [...]

Ever wondered how large enterprises like Amazon, Walmart, etc. manage their shipments or delivery so effectively? How these retail giants deliver products at exact places and at the right time. Well, the answer to all these questions is the same - Fleet Management software solution. As an SME business, it’s important to understand how these big retailers operate their logistics and supply chain delivery network. For functions like vehicle routing, tracking, navigation, and more these companie [...]

The use of advanced technology solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and ML is growing tenfold in the logistics sector every passing day. As a shipping & logistics business, it’s crucial for you to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging advanced logistics software solutions. It helps you automate supply chain operations, minimize human errors, reduce costs and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.By deploying a custom logistics management software, you can simplif [...]

With the expansion of multinational business activity, more companies are operating internationally to establish their brand in the global market. Shipping and logistics play a significant role in helping these organizations build new business relationships at global scale. Mostly, big organisations build their own logistics team.However, a report from supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates stated that more than 90% of all Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies take Third Party Logis [...]