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When we are born, there is one thing that we bring along with us. What is that? Is it the features, speech or talent? Well, yes we are born with all that but apart from that there is one attribute that is universal, which we call “potential”. As such there are numerous potential types, but the right way to deal with potential is the spur and milieu that extracts it out correctly. With this way, you can give a glance at all the members of your association as “The potential leaders”. As th [...]

On poking the past it is bound to bring out many IDOLS that the populace followed and wished that they could be like them. The present time is witnessing a paradigm shift. There has been more than a slight modification to the definition of the idols. The recent time have changed the way we look at our idols that we use to fancy. Idols are no longer called so, they are better known as MENTORS today.Who is a mentor?A Mentor is a person who helps in bringing about beneficial & radical changes in yo [...]