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With the addition of 23,200 jobs by the staffing firms in September, the year-to-year growth in staffing jobs is clearly evident and the numbers are really encouraging! But, despite of the astonishing figures with close to 6 million job openings, it has become really difficult for U.S. businesses to fill these openings due to skills gap challenges and talent shortage. Thus, it is high time when businesses need to understand that to proactively respond to the dynamic business ecosystem and stay [...]

Hiring temporary resources for particular projects or assignments has become a common trend among US companies. Almost all industry domains like shipping & logistics, food & restaurant, banking, etc. are having enough set of temporary workforces. Thus, with the high demand for temporary staff especially in IT, there is a record-breaking number of temporary jobs available giving rise to newer trends in IT staffing.In the past decade, the cutting-edge technologies have become the major disruptors [...]