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For some IT professionals, compliance and security are just terms that can be used interchangeably. In reality, it’s completely different. These two are different metrics that hold high value in the modern business environment. In today’s time, staying compliant doesn’t always mean you are secure and its vise-versa also holds true. With the massive growth in the professional IT services sector in the past decade, complex security and compliance changes have arisen.  To tackle these challe [...]

As digital technologies underpin most of the core processes in the media and entertainment industry, it is imperative for M&E enterprises to come out from their traditional setups and join the digital revolution by employing smart IT solutions in their core business operations.Smart IT solutions delivered by an expert media and software development company helps M&E businesses in the effective content creation, management and delivery. M&E businesses today also face challenges like maintaining c [...]

In today’s digitized era, the banking and finance industry is witnessing an unprecedented level of change - be it a fierce competition, changing customer demands or stringent regulations. Banking and finance institutions are transitioning from a product-centric approach to custom-focused one as a response to changing market conditions. Banking institutions are also slowly realizing the need to partner with a reliable, enterprise-grade banking and finance IT solution provider to deliver superi [...]