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Take a moment and look around yourself. You are surrounded by technology and smart devices that make your life easier every day, from your professional life to personal. With the technological revolution, the use of the Internet of Things is also increasing where people are using connected devices to keep track of their health, city traffic, automate business operations, control home appliances, and whatnot. Almost every person owns smart devices, such as wearables, smartphones, appliances, auto [...]

You might have heard about IoT before and how it will transform every major industry - from retail to connected vehicles. However, one of the key areas where IoT is set to make a strong impact is supply chain. Yes, IoT will revolutionize the global supply chain. Iot along with other emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and digital twins have the potential to streamline supply chain activities and make it more efficient. In today’s business world, supply chain is [...]

There is hardly any chance that you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things or IoT unless you have been living in a different world for the past 5-10 years. Many It experts and technocrats claim that it is the next big revolution after the internet while others say that it is the greatest technology introduced since cloud computing. It is expected to change the world and ow we accomplish our tasks now in the coming years. Some even predict that it will soon take control of how companies conduc [...]