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With growing business complexity, enterprises today use a plethora of enterprise applications for performing crucial business functions. Each of these enterprise applications is purposely built to carry out a specific task or activity. However, when it comes to integrating these systems for ensuring long-term success, most enterprises fail. Knowing the enterprise application integration best practices is crucial for saving your valuable time, effort and resources needed for EAI integration. As [...]

Enterprise mobile application development popularity has grown massively over the past decade. With ever-rising demand for enterprise apps, most businesses investing in enterprise mobility solutions are seeking answers to questions like how do we boost our app ROI, how to exactly measure our app ROI, and whether an investment in enterprise apps is profitable or not. Well, enterprise apps do contribute to boosting business growth is a well-known fact in the corporate arena. But, there lies a gap [...]

As a modern enterprise or startup, staying ad-hoc or reactive to your current business data management needs is never a good idea. You need to act proactively and be strategic when it comes to managing critical business data or information. If your company understands the significance of enterprise data in strategic decision-making, then there is a high possibility that you already have robust enterprise data management solutions in place. But, how will these tools or solutions work together? A [...]

Oil & Gas industry has been an integral part of infrastructure and economy for years. No matter what country you are in, this sector is essential for a smooth modern society. The products delivered by oil & gas companies have enormous demands across various sectors for varied purposes, including commerce, commercial, domestic, retail, and more. If you look at the trends of this industry, you can clearly determine that they are influenced by economic factors, government regulations, geopolitics, [...]

In today’s era of digital transformation, having a solid online presence is a must for any business. The best way to expand business presence and customer reach over the internet for companies today is to have a professional-looking website, highlighting their product or services. But the problem companies generally face is - which technology and company they should choose or invest in to build their website.To build a fully-functional website for your business, you can simply choose PHP. It i [...]

Thriving in the global marketplace and standing out from the crowd isn’t easy!!!Whether you’re into large business or running a startup, you need unique solutions to serve your target customer base. And just having a website doesn’t truly serve the purpose.The mobile industry is trending upward and rapidly evolving the way we browse the web. It’s no wonder that most of the large-scale businesses have dedicated apps now.Over the last few years, we have seen massive growth in the number of [...]

Have you ever wondered why you need an IT consultant for your business? How hiring these professionals can be a great benefit? If not yet, it’s high time to focus on the big picture and stop getting bogged down on handling technical complexity all on your own. Irrespective of the industry type - retail & ecommerce, food & restaurant, banking or other sector, the pace at which Information Technology is impacting the day-to-day business operations is increasing rapidly.   IT industry becam [...]

What if users can avail your service with a few clicks and connect with you in no time? The idea sounds great, doesn't it? Well, the perfect solution to make this possible is an on-demand mobile application that ensures improved services, smooth experience and in a way, helps your business grow. On-demand app development services apps are also transforming the face of businesses today. You must have heard of Swiggy, Uber, Airbnb and Priv. These renowned companies have written success stories a [...]

Ever wanted to know just how predictive analytics in Salesforce can benefit your sales game, considering every angle and approach? Then this would be the blog piece you need to read, all things considered. Check out what we have to concur on the matter.What is Predictive Analytics?Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that uses varied techniques from artificial intelligence, data mining, modelling, statistics, and machine learning to evaluate current data in order to make the mo [...]

In the current scenario, the IT sector is facing tremendous changes. This has led to the increased demand for better reliability, availability, and stability of IT products drastically. To survive the market, your business process system should be good enough to withstand the complex business processes. Due to increased business demands, a good speed, and agility have become one of the important factors for meeting business goals in every sector - be it education & e-learning solutions, retail [...]

Since its launch in 2010, Microsoft Azure has witnessed a triple-digit growth. The services are diversely built on different cloud types –private, public or hybrid, while some are available under different cloud umbrellas.Having generated around $1.2 billion over the last fiscal year, the company continues to add new features and functionalities to the Azure platform. Here’s why professional IT consultants are going gaga over the services provided.  Offers Infrastructure as a Serv [...]

For marketers, a considerable amount of time is spent looking at and studying customer behavior. One technology that helps the businesses in doing so is Big Data analytics. Its stores and evaluates data from various spheres of the business and thus reflects on the aspects that are doing good or need attention. Also, it gives a clear picture of what the customers actually look for in a product or service. Much of the analytics depends on a brand’s prior performance. Marketers often analyze wha [...]