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QR codes were earlier used to track vehicle bodies during their manufacture. And even earlier to that, the barcodes did the same job but due to their one-dimensional information holding capacity, they got obsolete and are not so much in trend nowadays.QR code is a 2-dimensional information carrier and a player of the enterprise industry today with a pattern that carries information regarding the locator, identifier, and the website or an application it is concerned with.The other main subject of [...]

How often do you use your phone? We are sure a lot many times in a day. These days having a mobile phone has become a necessity for many. From paying their bills online to booking a cab and shopping their groceries, mobile phones come really handy in doing everything. And not just for personal work, mobile phones are widely being used by organizations to run their business operations smoothly. Offices have replaced papers with mobile phones to make the work more efficient and secure. These mobil [...]

The mobility revolution has transformed our lives. From the way we shop, to travel, to work, everything is changed with the introduction of smartphones and mobile apps. A successful strategy has allowed employees to use mobile devices at office premises to access business data and applications. It has allowed the business process to align with mobile IT. The traditional method of the paper document has been eliminated and the bring-your-own-device concept has allowed employees to use their smart [...]

Mobile devices are widely used in today’s workforce. The practice of bringing your smartphones to the workplace and using them is what we call “Bring your own device (BYOD) culture." This is beneficial for both the employees and the employer as this new trend allows them to operate or communicate at one’s convenience. Reports state BYOD helps companies save as much as $350 to $1300 annually per employee, and this is the main reason why more and more companies are incorporating BYOD into th [...]

The introduction of smartphones has brought a huge transformation in the industries working around us. If we talk about the healthcare sector, though this transformation is a bit slower but prominent and is now slowly pacing up. As per a recent survey by HIMS, almost 70 percent of clinicians now use a mobile device to view patient information, and 36 percent use one to collect bedside data. It helps in communicating with other team members and to retrieve the necessary data related to patients, [...]

Mobile phones have completely changed the way we used to work, from shopping to doing business, they come really handy in every aspect of our lives. Increased usage of mobile phones in the workplace has made it difficult for officials to manage these devices. To maintain the balance between these handheld devices and work, enterprise mobility came in between that has provided the ability to work on-site and off-site. This trend is growing every day as a digitally active workforce demands enterpr [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining a lot of attention in the enterprise mobility management space for the past few years. According to Gartner, AI is among the top five investment priorities of 30% of global CIOs. Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are all leveraging AI in their routine operations and consumer products like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana for accelerated growth and profitability. Gartner also predicts that 40% of the new enterprise software or apps will be buil [...]

These days everyone owns a mobile phone. There are approx. 5.15 billion mobile phone users in the world. There is no denial in the fact that these little devices have completely transformed our lives, starting from our shopping habits to the way of doing business. There is no industry left untouched with this trend of using mobile phones for day to day operations.The increase in the usage of mobile devices has brought a major change in the logistics industry also. From managing supply chains to [...]

The emergence of mobility evolution has taken the corporate world by storm. Over the past years, there has been a rapid growth in the popularity of various mobile devices processing and presenting digital data. Wireless internet and devices have given the flexibility to connect out-of-office workers to the enterprise environment. This all has increased the demand for enterprise mobility solutions among both users and business owners. Over the past couple of years, mobility evolution has added a [...]

With the increasing usage of mobile devices in healthcare, securing data and protected health information (PHI) is becoming increasingly important. To secure healthcare mobile devices and data, utilization of enterprise mobility management solutions is important for healthcare professionals. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) has been improved in the past several years allowing healthcare firms to address the risk associated with mobile devices, particularly the healthcare apps or systems sto [...]

Enterprise mobility solutions have transformed how businesses operate. The boom of smartphones over the last couple of years has been instrumental in running companies. The advantages of enterprise mobility solutions have been reaped most by the companies that have a large part of their staff working remotely. Phones are now the basic necessity of today’s life. There are approx. 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world, which is around 60% of the total world's population, and by the end of [...]

Mobile phones have completely transformed our lives. From the way we shop to how we bank, entertain, study, ticket booking, etc. According to a survey, there are approximately 5.15 billion mobile phone users in the world, and this number is constantly increasing. Also, with the technology invading in our lives and the digital transformation in every sector, the way we used to work and see things have completely changed. The shift from traditional phones to smartphones has transformed our lives. [...]