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A few years back, the HR department and managers used to invest half of their week creating schedules for the upcoming weeks. For the organizations with a large workforce or multiple shift patterns, companies used to hire separate resources and personnel to track the schedules of all employees using Excel sheets. Apart from preparing daily schedules, their responsibilities included allocating meetings, conferences, training rooms, and placing all the required equipment in place on time. Needless [...]

Once you enter the world of employee benefits solutions, you find yourself diving in the messy alphabet soup with new terminologies and jargon floating around. What actually is HCM? How is it different from HRIS? Why does HRMS keep appearing on vendors’ websites? How are these words related to and different from each other? The more you read, the more complex it gets. The credit for the confusion behind these words belongs to marketing professionals and benefits administration software vendors [...]

Employee benefit has become crucial than ever. It is the key ingredient for effective human management and administration. With the rising demand for highly-skilled, professional, and skilled personnel across various industries, companies need to come with well-defined benefits and HR strategies to improve recruitment, retention, and employee engagement. Considering this, many organizations have switched to HR Technology that has revolutionized the way HR teams operate. Let’s go back a decade [...]

As we enter 2020, companies are shifting their focus on employee benefits and welfare. Now, employers are putting in special efforts to ensure that office staff is satisfied with the workplace environment. The motto is to improve employee retention rates along with boosting productivity and quality of work. Over the past few years, we have witnessed innovations in this space with several technologies contributing to the aim. There is no denying the fact technology has changed the way companies w [...]

Let’s start by answering a simple question - “How much time do you spend on selecting your outfit?” The average answer will be half an hour and to state the facts, women spend almost a year while men spend four months of their respective lives to pick what to wear. Now, what is the average time that you take to choose an employee benefits broker for your company? Not even 15 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. This is the time that you spare to hire someone who will be making decisions for y [...]

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected billions of people worldwide, causing anxieties, stress, depression, and whatnot. People are struggling with their personal and professional lives and are worried about the coming future. Not only has it crossed 4 million cases all over the world but it has also adversely affected private and government businesses. The COVID-10 outbreak has affected every sector and industry across the globe and the government, business owners, and employers are seeking the [...]

In the past few years, small and medium size enterprises have become the core of the economy in the USA. These companies take credit for about half of the available jobs, 68% of new job vacancies, and almost 40% of payrolls in the private sector. Considering the market that they cover and the number of employees they hire, the companies offer a great opportunity for benefits brokers and consultants. However, selling insurance to businesses and employees can be quite tricky. Despite the right pla [...]

It wasn’t long ago that the Human Resource Department of companies were entrusted with the duty to explain benefits schemes and assist staff members to register in a plan. Considering that the employee benefits programs were quite straightforward, it was a convenient way. However, as technology evolved and employee benefits became crucial in retaining and attracting skilled employees, employers sought a platform that can educate the workers about benefits. Hence, employee benefits administrati [...]