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Elearning is not a new concept anymore. All of us are well-aware of what this term means and its significance in today’s digital world. From colleges to the corporate sector to various organizations, almost everyone is now adopting this online way to educate students and trainees and hone their skills. Thanks to several elearning websites and mobile apps that people now have easy access to study material, practical training, and online courses. The learning management system is one of the most [...]

Thanks to education software, websites, and apps that users can learn courses and enhance their skills anytime, anywhere. They simply need the internet connection to access the platform and they have all the content on their mobile or laptop screens. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools and universities have switched to online education, these learning systems come in handy. Hence, many startups, companies, and educational institutes are focusing on launching their own elearning [...]

The online learning system is one of the best powerful and effective technical inventions over the past years. It has witnessed a significant rise in the digital world with institutes and companies using it to educate students and employees. From tracking information and imparting knowledge to delivering content and conducting quizzes, it covers everything on one platform. However, there is a huge backlog of eLearning software with no takers because they cannot evolve with technological advancem [...]

In recent times, the popularity of eLearning solutions has increased immensely across organizations. Elearning software solutions are helping businesses in delivering personalized learning experiences to employees by leveraging big data. Big data has been the buzzword in the online learning arena for the past many years. But, now it’s gaining momentum and increasingly used by eLearning solution providers for learning management systems, web-based training, elearning apps and more, But, what bi [...]

The invasion of the internet and the emergence of cloud computing solutions is one of the main factors, which is responsible for driving growth in the online education industry. The evolution and rising awareness regarding the latest technologies and the zeal of the companies to adopt the latest digital transformation trends will increase the adoption of eLearning, thereby pushing growth in the online education market. Our education industry is witnessing many radical changes as we sit around i [...]

The demand for eLearning application development is increasing due to technological advancements in the global education market. Educational institutions, corporate giants, and SMEs- everyone is looking to deliver a more engaged and interactive learning experience. Due to the rising trend of virtual education, eLearning solution companies are now focusing on building the best education software for organizations worldwide. According to data, the global eLearning software market value will reach [...]