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EDI or Electronic data interchange is often misunderstood as a medium to exchange information between two distant & online exchange points. However, it is not a medium but a standard in which the knowledge transfer is claimed to stay safe and secured due to proper encryption.Exploring it here in this blog in-depth to vanish such confusions along with some more knowledgeable stuff related to electronic commerce, let us continue with the basics of EDI in very brief and then towards the main su [...]

Once an employee gets enrolled in an organization, one becomes an integral part of it, it doesn’t matter if in what designation or the role he/she plays in the organization. Being an employer, it becomes essential to ensure adequate safety and health measures for the newcomer. In fact, most of the countries have even made it mandatory to ensure medical safety first and also to be a contributor to the larger portion of the insurance premium.People nowadays keep themselves insured from insu [...]

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become a mandate to maintain trading partner relationships. It maintains digital connectivity that is key to attain a higher level of productivity and agility in this competitive era. Companies across the world, be it large, medium, or small, are looking forward to adding, modernizing, and expanding their EDI communication and software. There is a lot to consider and a lot of decisions to make when adopting EDI transactions in an enterprise. To meet partner [...]

With the digital world changing around and constant evolution in technology, businesses are exploring opportunities to cut down additional costs. The aim is to enhance transactions and communication while replacing paper-based methods that are prone to errors. Whether your traditional communication system has started taking a toll on your internal resources or your partners has mandated electronic transmission, it’s high time that you implement EDI in your enterprise to trade with vendors and [...]

By now, you all must be familiar with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and we have discussed various aspects of it in our previous blogs. For quick revision, it is an electronic method to exchange business documents between trading partners and organizations. It is a simple, automated, structured, and efficient mode to send and receive business files and data. There is no denying the fact that EDI offers multiple advantages for all industries and supply chain participants. It helps in the trans [...]

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, is now the most popular and widely used method for businesses to communicate. From small enterprises to large corporations, almost all organizations across the world are relying on it. We know that to run a business and interact with trading partners, it is important to exchange and process a large number of documents on a daily business. Of course, paper-based methods or manual processes cannot accomplish these tasks effectively, and even if they could, it is t [...]

For years, enterprises were looking for a reliable and secure solution to overcome the problems related to paper-based commercial transactions and communication. Considering that paper-dependent data exchange is time-consuming, prone to errors, inaccurate, and involves higher labor costs, it is not at all adaptable and effective in this digital era. Businesses prefer faster, secure, and instant mode for modern consumers and partners. Hence, Electronic Data Interchange comes into the picture.Alth [...]

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, is now considered an integral part of a growing number of sectors, adopted by a wide range of companies, irrespective of their size and domain. However, integrating EDI with the existing system in an organization is a bit of a challenging task and a complicated project to manage. To make the whole process successful, experts need to examine and evaluate numerous factors. For effective implementation and deployment, most processes are involved which lead to signi [...]

With businesses moving to digital transformation, they seek effective and value-driven ways to change their existing IT structure, including applications, systems, and processes. Things get more complicated when they have to manage the latest technologies and workflow themselves without any support from professionals, especially when it comes to EDI. There are two schools of thought about whether in-house EDI is better or managed services. Every company planning to implement an electronic data i [...]

We are sure you must have read a lot about EDI in our previous blogs. You are already aware of how it works, offers effective solutions, makes data exchange secure and uses iPaaS for efficient services. For a brief revision, it is a software that facilitates the transfer of business information and data electronically between partners and companies. Companies integrate EDI with their existing system to replace traditional paper-based and ineffective modes of communication, such as postal mail, f [...]

When we say healthcare, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? We are sure that all you can think of is lifesaving technologies, healthcare expertise, tirelessly working staff members and a healthy environment where everyone is trying their best to make patients’ lives better. But this industry is more than that, especially when it comes to processes and operations. Despite advanced procedures and technologies, the sector has to deal with an enormous amount of paperwork, including m [...]

Electronic Data Interchange refers to exchanging business information or data electronically between partners or vendors. Before the concept of EDI was introduced, most communication was done on paper, phone calls, or other traditional modes that are hardly secure or efficient anymore. EDI follows several standards and protocols to facilitate business transactions and ensure compliance. Contrary to assumptions, EDI is quite an old concept, marking its existence since the 1970s when it was inspir [...]

Finding a new EDI service provider for your business can be quite challenging and daunting. Businesses struggle to find someone who can help them move their data carefully and efficiently so that the current business process is not at all hindered. So, if you are also striving to discover the best EDI service provider in your town, but confused about how to do so, do not worry we have a perfect solution for you. Ask questions? Yes, you read it right. To find a  perfect EDI service provider for [...]

We have entered the age of automation. The more you automate your business, the more significant the benefits. In today’s challenging multi-channel business environment, retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers must analyze and share the collaboration on orders, invoices, shipping, catalogs, pricing, and other mission-critical information faster and more accurately than ever before.Globalization has increased the opportunity of export and import that has ultimately increased the growt [...]

Most companies today rely on third-party EDI mapping services for seamless exchange or translation to EDI data from one form to another. EDI services or software solution enables two trading company partners to easily exchange or transfer important business information between their computer systems in a standardized format without relying on manual-entry systems or paper-based document exchange.EDI software provides numerous benefits to companies today, including reduced errors during business [...]

Among many services available for data exchange, EDI stands on top when it comes to efficient and secure transferring of business files for companies today. EDI services provider are working as an innovative and convenient option for modern-day businesses to exchange critical business files in a specific format with business partners across the globe. There are different types of EDI services available in the market today that are used for seamless B2B communication with trading partners by co [...]

Switching EDI service provider can appear to be a tricky process for many organizations as they have a common concern of moving all the confidential data to a new service without disrupting the on-going business processes. Are you one of those who are struggling to find the right EDI service provider at the most affordable prices? You are at the right stop. We understand the struggle the businesses go through when they look for someone to assist them with something that involves handling of sens [...]

Switching EDI provider is one of the most daunting tasks for almost every organization; major concern being disruption of the electronic order to operational cycles that might affect tie-ups with large clients and the revenues involved. Moreover, companies don’t think of shifting their EDI provider until it is providing them with the basic functionalities and their routine work is going on smoothly. Although, constraints like cost burdens or other unavoidable issues force companies to look for [...]