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Most of the digital transformation service providers have recently agreed that measuring the ROI of digital transformation is challenging. In fact, 70% of the transformation leaders believe calculating digital transformation ROI is difficult because customer interactions with a business can’t be quantified using traditional methods. A single metric is not enough to calculate transformation in any business. Hence, adopting a portfolio approach is crucial when measuring ROI for your digital inno [...]

In the last couple of years, technologies have invaded our lives and have impacted them drastically. With so much competition going on, businesses are looking for a digital transformation. They want to leave no stones unturned to lure more and more customers and provide everything in a better way. The year 2019 saw a remarkable growth in terms of technological advancements, as businesses are looking to integrate these latest technologies to offer something unique and innovative to their users.  [...]

In the past few years, technologies have pervaded every industry. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two of the most renowned names among these technologies which have significantly influenced various industries including healthcare.With a continuous increase in population, the healthcare industry is facing challenges in almost every country. Some of the problems are logistical like lack of doctors and medical equipment especially in places like mountains. There is a list of problems that [...]

Without any doubt, we can say that technology is evolving every day to make our daily lives better. While we face the biggest crisis of 2020 together, discussing the role of technology solutions in emergency management is important. So, what is the role of technology exactly? Well, advanced technology solutions connect, inform, and save the lives of people during a crisis.SourceTake the example of China, when COVID-19 first hit here back in January 2020, the country government relied on health m [...]

Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. These are the technologies that have changed the way how everything works, and have brought a transformative effect on the business world. Almost every business is trying to integrate these technologies and use them for their benefits.Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are being used in a myriad of ways, in every industry vertical. Many successful business models are now working wit [...]

We have been reading and listening to how technology has changed our lives over the past few years and how we have incorporated it into every aspect of our routines. Honestly, saying that technology has advanced and evolve in these years is an understatement. We have witnessed a revolution in the last decade that has completely changed the way we businesses operate, offer their goods & services, and interact with their customers. Yes, there were a few adverse effects and some drastic changes [...]