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The Environment, Health, and Safety or EHS management is one of the modern concepts, arising out of the increased social awareness and responsibilities in the corporate world. The concepts broadly include being responsible towards the environment, general safety, and health of the employees. The EHS management system is a type of software application that enables automation of safety programs and simplifies government regulatory compliance to a major extent.Employees are an integral resource for [...]

Recent predictions have suggested that the global cloud market will grow to more than $190 billion by the end of 2020. With the continuous upsurge in cloud computing consulting services, most businesses have joined the cloud bandwagon. From storage to data analytics, the cloud is bringing down IT costs while providing businesses more agility, scalability and faster time-to-market. However, this increasing cloud adoption calls for strong mitigation of security breaches and risks hovering over the [...]

“It is expected that by the year 2020, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices will rise to around 20.8 billion, a significant rise of over 225% when compared to today’s demographics.” The IoT where “billions of things talk to each other” is transforming the everyday physical objects surrounding us into an intelligent information ecosystem to enrich our lives. From refrigerators to houses to logistics, IoT is bringing-in all the daily utility devices that fosters digi [...]

It is Patriot Day in United States. The day observed as National Day of Service and Remembrance in memory of the 2,977 individuals who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. On this day, many institutions, organizations and individuals indulge in volunteer activities with a view to serve the local communities. As a part of this volunteer service, millions of Americans have given billions of hours for the service of nation.This sends a strong message across the [...]

Getting proper access to education has been a longed luxury for majority of underprivileged children in India. In lieu of this, certain Acts had been enforced by the government to give fundamental right to education to all children. Around 93% of schools in India are in government sector-self-operated, funded or aided.But, here are a few stats that tell a different story: around 4% of children never attend school, 58% of children are not even able to complete their primary education and [...]

Hiring temporary resources for particular projects or assignments has become a common trend among US companies. Almost all industry domains like shipping & logistics, food & restaurant, banking, etc. are having enough set of temporary workforce. Thus, with the high demand for temporary staff especially in IT, there is a record-breaking number of temporary jobs available giving rise to newer trends in IT staffing.In the past decade, the cutting-edge technologies have become the major disruptions [...]

A fantastic party was organized at A3logics where everyone was in a party mood and engaged with a different energy. Completing 12 years is not just achieving a new milestone; this has been made possible with the hard work, loyalty and perseverance demonstrated by the members of team A3. So here is the account how A3 family celebrated the event in style:The event kicked off with a heart-touching singing performance by our li’l angels from Upper Primary School, Tiba Seopur Village, the school [...]

The festive season just ended leaving behind a trail of great memories and resolutions for the New Year. It’s been more than a year since we have posted something to interact with our audience. We now take this as an opportunity to reconnect with our audience after a year long hiatus.During the tenure, we might have missed sharing some new updates about the company. Since last year was our decade year and we had committed to do a lot of new things in the coming year….our journey was ecstatic [...]

In recent years, the market for customized software development has reported tremendous growth that has benefited various business organizations. With the expansion of the market, business application development companies are offering comprehensive packages to cater to the diverse requirements of their clients at very reasonable rates. To excel in today’s competitive world, it is important to stay ahead with advanced technology and tools. Software and business application development soluti [...]

The business integration process always seems to be a tough task, however, there are many tiny little things that nobody really considers in this regard. Whenever the discussion boils down to integrating a particular technology like Salesforce, AI, etc. with the business, everyone considers its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and other similar obvious things, but little does someone ever care about the fact whether the technology would really sustain for a fairly long time, and what would be the [...]

“Siri, What’s the Time?” “Alexa, Play Taylor Swift Latest Release.” “Hello, Google!” Sounds familiar? Yes, these do. Life has become super easy ever since devices that can take voice instructions have come into existence. The technology has moved from the houses to the business environments. You may find it strange but yes, it has seeped in the business environment without your knowledge. Artificial Intelligence was first coined not for domestic use, but for business support. [...]

When it comes to upgrading any business, you face a range of challenges. Every day you have to make a lot of decisions that boost your business performance; from selecting the right technology to managing your clients’ relationship. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a well-thought-out business strategy that sets standards for an organization so that it makes use of potential relationships. Companies already using Microsoft's business solutions packages like Outlook or Office can quick [...]

Most of the business enterprises are dependent on Business Process Management (BPM) solutions that monitor and control the already existing and future business processes. These are the solution keys to improve quality customer service and internal rate of return with great efficiency.  With the increasing popularity of business process applications, organizations started to outsource their BPM to IT services providing firms and availing their advantages.Business process management doesn’t onl [...]

The CEO & Founder of A3logics India Limited, Mr. Akhilesh Sharma is hailed for his Outstanding Entrepreneurship efforts with a National Award, by the Honorable President of India Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil on 2nd September 2011, Friday in New Delhi. Mr. Akhilesh Sharma is a man who has successfully steered the organization through periods of high risk and market uncertainty. He is the quintessential self-made man who triumphed through the application of his natural business acumen and sheer [...]