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What is the secret to success for any business? What is the best strategy that can bring maximum clients to your business? Take your time and think about it. Some of you may say that is quality of service while others would suggest marketing strategy. Let us tell you what we think - it’s your care toward clients. Yes, the way you treat them and make them feel valued is what takes you ahead in your industry. Make them feel special, extraordinary and they would surely come back. Sounds age-old m [...]

Without a doubt - the banking and financial services industry is becoming more self-service oriented, by introducing automation in its customer service to meet the demands of tech-savvy digital customers. Majority of the banking & finance software development companies have stated that banks - no matter small or big - are ready to implement artificial intelligence-powered solutions like chatbots, virtual assistants, etc. for conversational banking. Conversational banking simply refers to the int [...]