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Can you count the grains of sand covering the face of this earth? This seems impossible. You cannot calculate the exact numbers, right.Well, to your amazement, Google did the Job. It has given a rough estimate of sand grains covering all the beaches and desserts on the planet. The number is seven quintillions, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand.But even more interesting is the amount of Data we have. Statistics reveal that by 2020, the data is expected to increase 4 times more than the grai [...]

Digital transformation is restructuring the business process of the organizations by making it highly integrated.  The increased reliance on technology and its continuous advancement have reshaped the modern workplace. It is changing the way you operate business activities and deliver value to end customers.Over the past decade, Big data along with Artificial Intelligence solutions has created a lot of buzz in the corporate industry.  With the ever-increasing use of electronic devices, tremend [...]

At the turn of the millennium, several new technologies like Big data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence came to light, which completely revolutionized the way organizations function. Slowly and steadily, concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, etc.became common in the commercial tech world of the 21st Century.One such concept that has caught significant interest in the last few years is Big Data Analytics. The term itself indicates that it is relat [...]

With the growing trends of qa software testing services, the inventiveness of hackers to bring down the online systems and abuse of data is on the rise too. According to recent studies, rapid digitization will increase the cost of data breaches to $2.1 trillion by the end of 2019.Cybercriminals are constantly developing bigger threats and lack of data security can lead to great financial losses and reputational damage to companies operating in retail & ecommerce, banking & finance solutions, su [...]

Technology is changing the face of business houses and how they operate. No matter what industry you belong to, technology has an answer for you! One such answer is Big Data Analytics. It’s the new age approach that is turning the game for a lot of businesses around the globe. The traditional companies that are oblivion towards this approach and lack the competitive analytical skills, find themselves outpaced by those that have excelled in analytics. Hence, it is very important for the organiz [...]

Needless to say, its Big Data everywhere. The buzzword is in limelight for quite some time now and is giving out unbelievable opportunities to the business companies and organizations that are striving to find solutions and ways to simplify complicated problems.Big Data holds immense potential to do wonders for the world. Let’s take India’s example, India is undertaking a project that will help create detailed, accurate, and verifiable national records of all its 1.25 billion citizens that w [...]