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We are moving toward a world where everything is dependent on technology. From keeping our data secure to extract information about anyone around the world, you can do it instantly and all thanks to technology. It has blessed us with many wonders and cloud computing is certainly at the top.Every business and sector is switching to a cloud platform like Salesforce to keep their data safe and protected and financial institutions are no exception to it. However, unlike other industries, it is doing [...]

Cloud computing has made things so easy for businesses. Store all your data under a roof and explore it in any corner of the world. You are busy enjoying your vacation, and have something urgent to deal with? The data is on the cloud. Just reach to it, and get things done in a few clicks. A lot of big names have jumped into web services providing interesting cloud solutions. The major biggies in the story are, Microsoft, and Salesforce and the new entry in the list is Amazon. It has been more [...]