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As per the latest reports, there are approx. 5.15 billion, unique mobile phone users in the world and this number is increasing each day, and this hike has definitely increased the number of Android phone users. Do you know there is always a competition among Android and iOS platforms? Considering the features and price point Android phones are the most selling phones in the world, followed by iPhones. But this is not it. These operating systems keep on improving themselves and keep them updatin [...]

Mobile apps are one of the strongest marketing media and businesses, whether small-scale or a large-scale, are leaving no stones unturned to utilize the full potential of these apps, for their benefits. Numerous new interactive and innovative apps are being launched every day, to grab the attention of users towards the brand. Having a mobile app would help your business to outshine among the pool competitors. Due to this, most businesses are looking to build a mobile app for their business by ta [...]

The mobile application industry is spreading its wings in all the directions, covering multiple sectors and healthcare is no exception at all. In recent years, a few pharmacy apps have witnessed the instant rise and are expected to bloom in the coming times as well. Using the latest technologies, the industry has stepped into the medicine distribution system online. This has saved people from long queues, hours of waiting to meet the doctor, lengthy treatments, and going through the same hectic [...]