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Boxed LMS Vs. Custom LMS : The Right Choice For The Future

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    As per the latest reports elearning boosts knowledge retention by a remarkable margin from 25% to 60%. Corporates look for efficiency and this can be the masterstroke to achieve the same. As per the reports provided by the Research Institute of America, knowledge retention is about 8 to 10% following the traditional approach of training. Thanks to technology, eLearning is now in the scope that boosts knowledge retention rates up to 60%.

    Days to mark yourself physically present for the training program are bygone. Thanks to digital tools, you can attend the same in a matter of few clicks 

    Not only this, there are several more highlights that makes every business invest in eLearning software development services, few are: 

    • One can have complete access to unlimited learning materials on their computer or smartphone itself. 
    • With this technology, learning is now a lot more interesting, engaging, and fun. 
    • It not only helps learners but the trainers as well. 
    • The trainers can check the progress of trainees 
    • They can understand the weaknesses and strengths of the learners and help them improve accordingly.

    Yes! All this is possible with the assistance of LMS, Learning Management System.

    This is why businesses are investing heavily in the domain of eLearning software development services. The software can be customized as per business needs. So, you can have your entire training process made a lot more engaging and interesting.

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    ELearning Solutions Facts

    • It has been forecasted that eLearning marketing could cross USD 370 billion in the year 2026.
    • In the year 2019, the global eLearning capitalization was worth USD 101 billion, out of which USD 18 billion was generated through a learning management system.
    • Approximately 98 percent of the businesses reported using eLearning facilities for the purpose of training.
    • The training completion time got reduced up to 60 percent with this system when compared to a traditional approach.

    If your business is not one of them and you are looking for a solution, then you are on the right page. We are here to help you select the best eLearning development services as per your business needs. Before that, let’s first understand a bit about LMS software.

    LMS Software: A Brief Overview

    This system is taken into consideration for developing training platforms online. Organizations can hire custom LMS development services and have their platform ready as per their business model. It makes it easier for the instructors to connect with the trainees through live chats, notifications, file sharing, test creation, and more. 

    With LMS software development services, you can have software that can be altered as your business expands. It comes with a wide range of attributes that includes:

    • Detailed Analytics
    • Content Management 
    • Skill tracking,
    • Course management,
    • Gamification
    • Proper Statistics
    • And more.

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    Types of Learning Management System

    So, when you are clear with the Learning management system, it’s time to dig deep and look at this system from different angles. There are different types of LMS serving different purposes. We in this write-up are going to discuss Boxed LMS and Custom LMS to help you choose yours with a lot more clarity.

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    Below is the comparison of the Boxed LMS and Custom LMS solutions. Hopefully, this can help you make your decision confidently. Let’s get started

    Custom Learning Management System

    You must consider choosing the custom LMS option when you have specific training requirements. Hiring experts or connecting with the best education software development companies to assist you to have your software ready according to your specifications. The developers understand your business model and assist you to get the LMS software ready with appropriate functionalities, capabilities, and integrations.


    • Customized as per your specific business needs
    • Complete control over updates and upgrades.
    • No need to depend on external service providers
    • Compensate for the features you require.
    • No room for compromise.


    • Requires more financial commitment
    • Need experts for eLearning development services.
    • Need to spend more work on managing and improving the system.
    • Solely responsible for problems and solutions

    Boxed Learning Management System

    If you have fewer or no specific requirements, this option is just tailor-made for you. Also, companies with a fixed budget can make the most out of this LMS solution.  If you need an LMS tool urgently with limited resources, then a boxed LMS option has to be the ideal choice.


    • Compared to custom enterprise software development services, it is a lot more reasonable.
    • Don’t have to stress about the improvements and updates.
    • Tested by other businesses
    • Quicker configuration
    • Get boxed LMS as per specific business sectors.


    • Cannot have attributes and functionalities as per your custom needs.
    • Pay for features that might not be required.
    • Pay to add more users.

    Which LMS Solution Wins?

    There is certainly no specific answer to this. The answer completely depends on your business needs and situations. It varies around your budget, time frame in hand, capabilities, and many other aspects. There are several factors that lead towards the decision-making process. So, it is important that you check with every single aspect and then proceed ahead with the installation or integration. 

    To avail of benefits, in the long run, you can always consider opting for custom eLearning software development services. as it can help you with the benefits specific below:


     With the assistance of custom LMS solutions, you can upscale or downscale your system as and when required. You can let the developers assist you with the same.

    Easy Deployment

    If you hire eLearning development companies for your LMS solution needs, then they take care of hosting and deployment. You don’t have to stress about reliability, performance, and security at all.

    Better Features

     The experts understand your business requirements and assist you to have your LMS ready with the best functionalities to serve the purpose and engage users.


     If there are any issues in the developed LMS solution, you can always consider hiring professional developers, and they are ready to assist as and when you need them.


    With custom LMS development, you can have the software ready mixed with brand colors. You can add your brand logo to the software and eventually avail yourself credibility and recognition in the process.

    Easy To Amend

    With the help of custom enterprise software development services, you get new functionalities added with the adjustment of existing ones without taking up much time.

    Regular Updates

    It is very important for you to get your system updated regularly. With custom LMS solutions, you can hire developers to get the software upgraded with new features and the best security. 

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    Hopefully, you are clear on how a custom LMS solution can be optimized as per your needs and avail perfect training platform. You can have it designed as per your needs and that too according to your convenience.

    Last Words

    It is very important for a business to choose the right solution, though it is not easy to do the same. You need to check with several attributes in the form of budget, time, and more. With custom LMS solutions, you get capabilities as per your business needs that can prove to be scalable and cost-effective. It can be updated constantly and be customized as per your business needs. You just need to let the experts know about the same, and they are ready to assist you with the same.

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