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5 Not to Miss Benefits of Yii Framework for Small Business

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages around the world. A PHP framework makes development faster. It is a great way for developers to reduce the need for repetitive coding and speed up the development process to ensure proper coding when creating web applications. PHP is widely used in major projects like Facebook. Facebook utilizes PHP for maintaining and creating their internal systems. WordPress also uses PHP to power its internals, which in return is powering more than 26% of the web. Currently, PHP powers more than 82% of websites. A modern, flexible, and extensible framework is almost as essential a tool to today's web developer as the programming language itself. 

There are many PHP frameworks available today, and thus website developers are sure to find a framework that fits their needs in terms of features, support, speed, scalability, and more. While choosing the best-suited PHP framework it’s important to keep in mind that will be using or modifying your applications from top to bottom. All frameworks are slightly different and have varying strengths and weaknesses. 

Yii is amongst the top 5 most used PHP frameworks. It is widely regarded as one of the fastest and most secure PHP web development frameworks. And today we will discuss the Yii framework because this is one of the best frameworks, which are going to boom in popularity these days due to its attractive features. Let us talk in detail about this framework and the benefits provided by Yii to small businesses.

Everything about Yii – PHP framework

Yii framework was created by Qiang Xue in 2008. The name Yii is an acronym for Yes, it is, and in Chinese, it means "simple and evolutionary". Yii currently has two major versions available: 1.1 and 2.0. Version 1.1 is the old generation and is now in maintenance mode. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Yii with the latest technologies inherited. Yii is an open-source, MVC based, object-oriented, a light-weighted PHP framework. Its high-performance, component-based, web application framework is written in PHP5. 

Software programmers majorly use it for general web programming purposes. The presence of advanced storing is useful for web applications with high traffic streams, for example, eCommerce sites and gatherings. Yii excels among PHP frameworks at being efficient, feature-rich, and clearly-documented. Its component-based architecture and solid catching report are fit for developing all kinds of web applications. It deals very sensibly and realistic and is termed as a universal web programming framework.

Let us look at some of the benefits of using the Yii Framework in small businesses.

Yii development


Yii is also designed to help you with DRY development. DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yourself, a key concept of agile application development. It automates a large number of repetitive assignments in projects. Right from the point when Yii is installed in your system, it will automatically set the websites running in a fully functional way. It automatically reduces the requirement of manpower and this can save you a lot of bucks in terms of hiring. One such apparatus is called “Gii”. Gii is a highly customizable and extensible, web-based, code-generating platform. This lets the entrepreneur store lots of money and time which commonly be procured from other developmental projects. 


Yii offers a number of security mechanisms such as XSS, Cross-Site Scripting, and also CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) prevention. Getting the site hacked is the biggest nightmare of any entrepreneur. Because hackers could destroy your whole website and your hard-earned money if your website is not secure. Yii helps to keep your applications at a bay from nasty viruses and codes. It enables high-security mechanisms for protection against attacks like cross-site scripting, and others.

Huge Community Support

It offers various features like forums and discussion groups, live chat, news, and hall of fame. This community plays the main role in helping and resolving project-related issues. This establishes it as a powerful e-learning platform. Its help would always be provided to those who seek it. As an add-on, Yii Development Company has set up a team of professionals that provides support to the developers and looks after the development of the framework.


Caching helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of the web application. Yii also comes with clean, elegant caching support which enables a smart web developer to create highly optimized web applications. It allows you to save both SQL/Active and static data record queries, thus reducing time in lots of page loading. It has a smart and seamless caching system for Memcache, XCache, ABC, and DB. Yii helps you to integrate different caching components on different scenarios,

·         cMemCache – This makes use of spare RAM in many servers to act as a memory cache for frequently accessed pages and information.

·         cDummyCache – This component checks for the availability of cache.

·         cFileCache – It stores cached data using files.

Growth Affirmative

Normally projects require a certain amount of repetitive assignments that no one wants to waste time with. On the contrary, the Yii application developer guide allocates less time on those tasks, and it helps in reserving more time revising your application to suit your clients’ wishes. it adjusts itself according to the needs of a growing business and strives to perform well under heavy traffic pressure. Using Yii means you all get web applications that are capable of meeting the needs of your customers.

The Verdict

When it comes to developing websites and web applications using the Yii framework, there is a lot more to explore about it. PHP web development services with the Yii framework will help you take your web app and website, online at a faster pace. Its amazing attributes such as security, efficiency, extensibility, community support, error handling, and integration with other frameworks make Yii a great choice for web app development. This has made Yii one of the most reliable frameworks for websites and applications. Being the right choice for small projects to huge ones, it is loved by entrepreneurs throughout the world. The YII framework, however, is by far one of the most result-oriented, secure web frameworks to depend upon. So, if you are also looking for something like this for your next project, do drop us a line and we would be happy to connect with you.

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