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Staff Augmentation: A New Way to Extend Your Existing Team

Companies, all over the world, are searching for reducing operational and management costs. For this, big or small companies hire developers. There are times when hiring a new talent becomes a tedious and challenging task. Most companies keep hiring or firing their employees as they don’t meet their expectations. Hence, the outcome is unpredictable. And this gap brings in the need for staff management strategy, and most companies opt for professional IT consulting services to make these strategies for them. Staff augmentation is one such strategy that allows different companies to hire top-level professionals for niche projects without incurring the same cost of hiring new in-house employees.

But what exactly is staff augmentation, how does it work and what are its benefits, let us discuss all of these questions in detail.

What is Staff Augmentation?

It is an outsourcing collaboration model in which you hire skilled resources on a contractual basis instead of hiring them permanently. It helps in reducing expenses on staff recruitment as well as speeding up this process. This model will let you choose the candidates personally and to manage them with the methods you prefer. The vendor takes overall organizational and administrative hassles, while you get the opportunity to deal with your core responsibilities and collaborate with your augmented team, the same way you do with your in-house developers. 

In short, staff augmentation minimizes the inconvenience of a long and drawn-out hiring process for IT companies that too, with minimal cost. According to the World Economic Forum’s, between one-half and two-thirds of software development companies are likely to use external contractors, temporary staff, and freelancers to build their teams.

When to go for Staff Augmentation

  • When you are looking to extend your team for a new project, but the current staff is already working overtime.
  • For this particular project, you need a specialized set of skills. You can hire people temporarily.
  • When you want to start any project ASAP, and can not wait to hire and onboard the employee as it can sometimes be a time-consuming process.
  • When you do not find the right fit for your work in your location, hiring remote software professionals is the only option left.

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Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Reduces the Recruitment Time

Glassdoor states that it takes approximately 23 days to complete the hiring process. This number can increase or decrease according to the hiring practices. Phone calls, Skype calls, assessments, multiple rounds of interviews, these all take a lot of time. As per a top mobile app development company, hiring new employees is not as easy as it seems. A lot goes into this process from weeks of training to background checks. If anything goes wrong at any given point, the whole effort goes in vain.

On the other end, hiring top offshore developers online via the IT Staff Augmentation model can be really beneficial for your business as you can expect your team to start working within a day or two. Here, the task of hiring developers is entirely the responsibility of the staffing agency. They not only work efficiently but also add value as subject matter leaders.

Meet Project Timelines

Staff augmentation is typically the best option, and often the only option, when the required project needs to be done in a short period.

Experience Matters

Allocating the project to specially skilled or experienced developers saves up your time and enables you to concentrate on the big picture. Product engineering service providers in staff augmentation arrangements have access to a broader pool of qualified and highly sought after talent. 

Lower Development Costs

Utilizing remote teams is one of the best ways to reduce the hiring cost. You can save a big part of your money, as you do not require any dedicated office space. Also, the residents with an area where the cost of living is low may demand comparatively low salaries. So, you can save money by hiring people from these cities.

Reduction of the Operational Cost

For hiring a full-time employee, companies have to pay additional perks and benefits to their employees like insurance and travel allowances, DA, house allowances, etc. But all this gets eliminated when employees are outsourced. Opting for an IT staff augmentation model brings down the overall operational cost.

Add-on Services

Staff-augmented service providers offer a specific set of value-add services. Like, specialized training to the in-house team or conducting video seminars to enhance their skills. Also, experienced offshore developers have new ideas and opinions which they share with the employees inside to propel operations. 

Expansion and Adaptation

All companies aspire to expand their business but, with success, comes the chances of risk. The associated failure discourages businesses to leverage the prevailing market conditions. Staff augmentation comes in support for such businesses. It helps in scaling their business on a trial basis without making investments on the full-fledged workforce. This acceptability of hiring employees like website developers, graphic designers, or in fact from any given field, on a project basis enables businesses to keep up with the inconsistent nature of the market.

Turnover is High

Hiring developers via staff augmentation lets you hire dedicated developers, who can help you in taking your business forward. It allows you to place employees swiftly and strategically, in the right place and at the right time. Picking the right individuals with the required skillets instead of hiring someone in hopes that they can mold themselves accordingly, will leave space for uncertainty.

Steps you must make to set up your IT Staff Augmentation

Define your Staffing Needs

Firstly, you need to define the requirements of the employees you lack. Also, look out for the tech skills you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for front-end developers or product engineers for any of your projects, you’ll need to evaluate your company’s staffing requirements. Consult with the HR representatives and the managers of the team to decide upon the requirement.

Research Your Staffing Partner’s Experience and Expertise

Depending on the staffing required, you need to check with the suitable staffing plan required. Different departments have the requirement of different skills, hence you’ll want to partner with a staff augmentation vendor that has the connections, experience, and infrastructure already in place to recruit, hire and manage remote staff.

Examine Your Staffing Service’s Communication Protocols

A transparent and practical communication philosophy in between you and on the part of your staffing vendor fosters an uninterrupted workflow. A staff augmentation agency that has simple-to-use, yet clearly defined communication protocols and technology that will help keep the client and the service provider connected, and able to continually receive project updates, regardless of location or time zone.

Verify Your Vendor’s Commitment to Security

Look for staff augmented service providers who are committed to a secure and confidential work environment. Go through the background check of the staffing agency preferably a reputed staffing agency. Also, their staff should be trained on intellectual property and data security procedures, how to effectively use cybersecurity tools, and limit access to client data.

Assess Contract Types and Delivery Schedules

There should be a signed agreement with all the requirements signed off by the staffing agency. Engage a staff augmentation firm that will tailor work agreements to fit your company’s unique business requirements, while also taking the time to understand your firm’s development environment. An experienced staff agency should provide you with a detailed outsourcing resource management plan, skilled augmented staff as needed, remote onshore, or offshore development teams.

Pay Attention to Language and Cultural Differences

It is important to take care of the cultural and language differences,= as while working with the remote team, there are chances of outsourced creative talent or software engineers from different cultural backgrounds. An experienced staffing team needs to manage or adjust for these differences by selecting the best candidates possible while customizing a staffing solution that fits a company’s unique outsourcing requirements.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that you need to cooperate with a staffing partner that fits your company's specific staffing requirements. If you want to bring fresh knowledge and talents to your internal team along with saving time and cost, staff augmentation will be the most suitable option for you. Any software development company looking for growth opportunities should consider this hiring model. Hence, it is very important to choose the right kind of company or dedicated developers that meet your product goals and execute your ideas in a way that drives maximum Return on Investment.

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