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Quality Assurance & Testing

Benefits of Software Testing and Quality Assurance

We all understand how important software applications have become in our lives. Applications make our daily life easier by helping us perform routine tasks in a smarter, faster, and more efficient manner.  Be it accessing the internet to get your office work done, adjusting AC temperature, driving your car back home, or getting important alerts - software is everywhere. But what if this software doesn’t work the way we expect? 

What if your web application or smartphones take extra time to open up and deliver information that’s irrelevant in a given situation? If you face such a situation, the first thing you’d do is leave bad ratings and replace it with a new one. This is why quality assurance (QA) plays an integral part in any software project. 

By availing software testing services, companies make sure their software functions right every time without any glitches or errors. QA is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of activities that are performed for testing software and ensuring quality during its development. 

The article will explain the key advantages of software testing and quality assurance for your business. But, before that, let’s first understand: 

Why is Software Testing Important? 

The role of software testing is important during a project because it helps you identify the bugs or errors in your software. Testing also validates the functionality of your application against the specified requirements. By identifying errors or glitches at the early stages of the project through quality assurance, the possibility of delivering high-quality, reliable software increases significantly. 

Software Testing

QA Helps You Cut Down Costs 

The biggest benefit of testing comes in the form of cost savings during software project implementation. When companies work on multiple high-priority projects - chances of software error, bugs, or glitches increase significantly, which leads to rework. Rework consumes a lot of time and resources of companies, resulting in project budget overrun. This is the reason why most companies go for quality software testing services to prevent costly errors. 

QA Improves Software Reliability

Delivering a high-quality product is the first priority of any enterprise software development company. They want to make sure customers have an intuitive experience while interacting with their applications. By performing quality testing, you can ensure the delivery of a reliable product to your customers.  

QA Ensures Higher Customer Satisfaction 

Delivering a high degree of customer satisfaction through product offerings is the priority of any business today. Opting services from QA and software testing companies work as a prerequisite for delivering a near-perfect user experience. By verifying and validating the product functionality and behavior rigorously before launch, you minimize the chances of software glitches after release. This keeps customers engaged with your product and minimizes the churn rate. 

QA Prevents Catastrophic Software Failures

History is full of examples when a small error in software due to poor testing has cost millions to businesses. Take example of Nissan, the automotive giant called back around 1 million cars from the market in 2019 to fix the error in the backup cameras of its vehicles. This is a prime example of how poor testing can harm your company’s reputation and profits. With well-planned and organized testing processes, you can minimize the possibility of software failure post their release and make sure they perform as per specified requirements. 

QA Maintain Great User Experience 

User experience these days holds much value for software developers because it can make or break a product. If the software has glitches and performs slowly it ruins the overall user experience. Testing prevent such situation and ensure a sublime user

Take mobile app development for example, when building a mobile app, you need to perform a number of processes like app design, prototyping, and more. Throughout the project lifecycle, following product requirements are imperative to get the desired results, besides that, meeting end-users’ usability and performance expectations are important too, 

Testing lets you achieve that by checking the development processes and the product throughout the project lifecycle to confirm the delivery of a quality product. 

QA Amplify Business Profits 

When you land in the market with a meticulously tested software solution, chances are high that users will buy it without any second thought, that too, at the tagged price or even higher. Delivering a quality product always brings more profits and customers. On the contrary, offering a below-par product with higher glitches can increase customer anger and frustration towards your services. 

QA Promotes Organizational Productivity 

A faulty software with unlimited glitches or errors often leads to rework, hurried fixes, and frantic communication between QA teams. This is obviously a situation you don’t want to be in when project stakeholders have high expectations from you. QA and software testing teams can help you avoid such a situation with planned and organized testing with a clear timeline. Testing begins right from the time when requirements are gathered, instead of waiting till the end. This saves your QA teams’ time, keeps them organized, and boosts their overall productivity. 

QA Increases Client Satisfaction

By making QA an integral part of your development activities, you can solidify your position in the market as someone who prefers quality-driven development with rigorous testing at every phase. This, in turn, increases client trust and satisfaction towards your services and encourages them to form long-term relationships with your business. 

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QA Guarantee Robust Security

Fixing technology security loopholes in any software is the most vulnerable and sensitive part for developers. Often, users’ private information is stolen from the software, lacking robust security control measures. This is the reason most companies look for software solutions that are well tested and reliable for use. With industry-certified quality assurance frameworks in place, you can ensure users’ receive a product without any vulnerabilities. 

QA Enhances Development Process 

With quality assurance in place, you enable your project teams to experience a wider array of scenarios or errors that otherwise could have been hard to find during development. Often developers find it difficult to fix problems at the end when the curtains have already dropped. But, QA activities ensure developers tackle and fix software errors quickly as they arise alongside development, speeding up the overall project implementation process. 

Summing Up!

Hope you’ve got a detailed idea about how software testing can advance your efforts of delivering a quality product through this blog. Quality Assurance (QA) and testing activities ensure the delivery of a fully-functional and reliable product. If you are also looking for knowledge and experienced QA and software testing company, then A3logics is the perfect partner for you. 

Our QA engineers are experienced and know exactly what types of tests need to be implemented for each piece of your software to deliver a proven market solution. Our teams are constantly looking for new testing techniques and methodologies to deliver the best results for our clients across industries.

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