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6 Benefits of NetSuite and E-commerce Integration

Are you considering an ERP solution for your business? Then we are certain that you must have bombarded with a plethora of options. Possibly, you must have zero in on a lot of ERP solutions to select from but before you make a final call, there are a few factors that you must ensure. The key point is to pick a cloud-based solution or the one that can be installed locally. Approximately, there are almost 30,000 installations available for companies of all sizes from different domains and sectors. Out of a wide range of ERP systems, you must select the most comprehensive, complete, and one with the lowest risk. Yes, there is one name that offers you all these benefits - NetSuite. Whether you are a startup or a multinational with a two-tier strategy, we would highly recommend the NetSuite ERP cloud solution. 

NetSuite is the first cloud-based ERP platform founded in 1999 and used by over 40,000 businesses worldwide. The company witnessed immense growth and its popularity is no hidden secret with specially designed software to include customizability and best industry practices. Moreover, its financial management system has received appreciation and won several awards. Now, it has emerged as a leading cloud solution across the globe and offers consolidated CRM, ERP, and e-commerce features. This cloud-based software enables companies from various industries to handle business operations and processes in a unified system. Considering that it doesn’t involve hardware, license, or maintenance fees, it is quite cost-effective and also easy to set up. 

Talking about e-commerce and NetSuite integration, there are many benefits that you can seek for frontend and backend operations. It is specifically designed for businesses that intend to sell products online. It is the only solution that integrates CRM, ERP, and database-driven e-commerce portals in one comprehensive business management suite. The integration provides you with administrative savings, higher conversion rates, greater efficiencies, and more customer self-support options. As a business owner, it allows you to run the entire business from the cloud and deliver a top-notch experience to your users which is no less than eBay, Amazon, or any other popular online shopping platform. 

There is an unending list of benefits that NetSuite offers to e-commerce websites. We will talk about the top 10 advantages that you can avail with this operating software. Have a look:

One-Stop Solution

If you are done with seeking different e-commerce solutions for one business, then NetSuite is a perfect way out. It is a one-stop destination that can manage your entire business and can run all the operations of your e-commerce company with one system. Rather than switching between multiple software that consumes most of your time, energy, and money, you simply need to integrate this one solution. It eliminates the need to re-key data between systems and eliminates errors and costs associated with the issue. It also means that the information can move seamlessly throughout the company without any hindrance and employees don’t need to get involved in manual data input every time they have to share any piece of information with another department. So, next time you avail e-commerce development solution, make sure that you opt for NetSuite integration as well. 

Attractive & Personalized Storefront

NetSuite cloud solution

NetSuite allows you to build a customized and appealing storefront by using various website templates or integrating external custom-built websites. With standard tools, such as HTML, CSS, etc., You can get a website that meets your specific business needs and can update different elements of the platform, including adding or removing products, changing product images or prices, etc., by using the ‘click-not-code’ process. In fact, it is regarded as the most customizable SaaS solution due to the high degree of possible customization options it offers where users can set up a modular implementation with a few clicks instead of heavy coding. Based on industry-specific requirements, you can tailor the business processes to attain your company goals. If you need any special feature, then developers can create SuiteApps using SuiteFlex tools. 

Gives You Control

As a business owner, you must have realized that it consists of hundreds of factors, some of them are in your control while others are not. Also, the success of your business is all about what you can control and what you cannot and prepare yourself for the latter. However, the problem arises when your ERP system and e-commerce store could not communicate as this opens a way for unnecessary risk because you have no control over the situation at all. Therefore, we recommend integrating ERP and e-commerce platform that empowers you with complete control on the order fulfillment process right from the beginning. It will manage the initial stages or order-taking which is a risky and strenuous task for employees to take care of on a daily basis. The NetSuite e-commerce integration will automatically complete the process that too while ensuring precision and taking off your burden to deal with bulk orders when products suddenly fly off your shelves. As the system will deal with major tasks, you have enough time and energy to divert your attention toward other business operations. 

Better Working Environment

Let’s accept it - none of your employees is interested in copying order details and customer information from one system to another. They are not at all excited about the day when they have to deal with the same tedious tasks with no rewards but only mind-numbing activities. If you still have this working environment in your company, then it’s time to make a change where your workforce can be a part of organized operations and can dream of being a significant member of the company. They must feel that they belong to something big and major. Yes, that is what ERP and e-commerce integration can do for your company. It eliminates all the work that involves suppressing the morale of your employees and turning them into robots. It gives them a chance to deal with more intriguing and engaging tasks than just registering details where they are challenged and rewarded often. They can feel accomplished after finishing the work assigned to them. With an automated platform, they can get an insight into customer details, deliveries, shipments, and add value to each step. 

Marketing Insights

To reach maximum users and customers, e-commerce businesses need to collect more data about them, information related to their buying habits, preferences, patterns, and more. Of course, you can not generate tons of data manually and you need a reliable system for this where you can browse and get the details that you want. That is what the whole integration process does as it gathers all the data and shares it with the relevant business department or application. This further adds to your marketing strategy by informing you about customers’ choices. You can send automated emails that are way more effective and result-oriented to generate leads and sales than social media marketing. Moreover, using insight into consumer behavior, you can predict their future demands, behavior, and plan marketing strategies to engage them. It also enables you to connect with users via different channels and build a strong relationship with them. No wonder why more than 80% of companies believe that ERP is a key factor to ensure a smoother and appealing customer experience.

Deals with Multichannel Sales

Nowadays, e-commerce companies are inclined toward multichannel sales to grow their business and increase sales. Take examples of leading names like eBay and Amazon who have additional outlets to increase sales. Also, many online stores display products of various vendors. Managing all this is tricky and complicated and you need a credible solution to deal with the problem. NetSuite provides you with clarity for not only your storefront but also helps you showcase your products on other e-commerce platforms. All the multiple stores can be controlled from one NetSuite account and you can target each site according to a specific customer segment or to sell one type of product via category-specific websites. With more platforms, you will have to deal with pricing tiers, customization options, and whatnot. The integration process will make it convenient for you to take care of all these tasks while approving customer requests faster. You can seamlessly manage all the channels in real-time with accurate inventory counts. 


This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits offered by ERP integration into your e-commerce website. However, we are sure that these points helped you understand the importance and NetSuite for your business. 

For a successful integration, it is essential that you choose the right and reliable developer that can build a robust API layer to connect with all the business applications. We, at A3logics, have years of experience in implementing NetSuite ERP and know how to manage the process flawlessly using the best tools and connectors to enhance the effectiveness of integration. We have served customers across various industries, from telecom and manufacturing to healthcare and e-commerce. We know that custom integration demands additional efforts and skills, and we assure that all your time and investment is worth the results. Connect with us via call or email and discuss your project with us now.

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