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6 Undeniable Reasons To Use Fleet Management Software in Your Logistics Business

Ever wondered how large enterprises like Amazon, Walmart, etc. manage their shipments or delivery so effectively? How these retail giants deliver products at exact places and at the right time. Well, the answer to all these questions is the same - Fleet Management software solution. 

As an SME business, it’s important to understand how these big retailers operate their logistics and supply chain delivery network. For functions like vehicle routing, tracking, navigation, and more these companies rely heavily on fleet management software solutions. According to market research, the fleet management market value will be worth $30 billion by 2022 due to its growing popularity and use cases in the logistics industry. 

Meeting custom demands, reducing delivery costs, and maintaining timely delivery and optimizing your logistics network is possible today via reliable fleet management software. 

So, before we shed light on why you need a fleet management software for your logistics operations, let's first understand: 

What is Fleet Management Software? 

A fleet management software is a comprehensive solution that manages the entire lifecycle of commercial vehicles, including operations, maintenance, financing, and more. 

For logistics operators, it’s important to control and manage their fleets in a professional manner to reduce the risk associate with vehicle management. Professional fleet management also helps you improve business efficiency, productivity, and maintain compliance with legislation. 

Key Features of Fleet Management Software  

Fleet managers often handle multiple responsibilities related to vehicle management. It includes vehicle acquisition, maintenance, driver health & safety, cost optimization, and fulfillment of compliance requirements. Having quality shipping & logistics software solutions like fleet management allows logistics operators/managers to receive relevant information at their fingertips. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved productivity in fleet management. 

Fleet Management Software

Asset Tracking

With asset tracking, fleet managers can accurately track the location of their shipments while receiving valuable information. Fleet management tools also integrate with IoT solutions, GPS tools, etc. seamlessly for real-time fleet tracking. 

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive analytics plays a crucial role in the maintenance and monitoring of stored equipment and delivery vehicles. With such capability, fleet management software tracks every vital aspect of the vehicle, including engine condition, fuel efficiency, ignition, etc. This lets you get a better idea about the overall usage of your fleets. 

Route Optimization 

Fleet management software solutions come equipped with GPS and navigation support for suggesting the best delivery routes. That means your drivers can get real-time updates about traffic and road conditions. 

Safety Management 

You also get real-time reports and data about improper vehicle usage and road conditions. This eventually helps you ensure better safety of your fleets and drivers. 

Fuel Management 

Vehicle fleet management solutions also offer fuel optimization functionality which offers the best route suggestions to drivers to reduce fuel wastage, save time and resources. 

Vehicle Acquisition

Last but not least, vehicle acquisition deals with insurance-related aspects. Using this functionality, you can easily evaluate the value of any vehicle and its associated parts. 

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Key Reasons To Use Fleet Management Software In Logistics Business 

Fleet Management Software

Here are some crucial reasons to use fleet management software solutions in logistics operations: 

  • Enhance Fleet Planning and Risk Management 
  • Reduce Fuel Wastage and Ownership Costs 
  • Bolster Fleet Safety and Driver Well Being 
  • Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction 
  • Ensure Fleet Compliance 
  • Real-Time Data Insights 

Enhance Fleet Planning and Risk Management 

With fleet management solutions in place, you can get real-time data across the fleet lifecycle - from delivery to maintenance - without any errors. Fleet managers can combine their experience with system intelligence to optimize fleet planning and reduce the associated risks related to cost, licensing, and compliance. 

Reduce Fuel Wastage and Ownership Costs 

Cloud-based apps/software for fleet management also lets you trace the best routes, driver behavior, and idle time for each vehicle. Some of these systems also let you analyze driver fueling behavior and driving conditions. All of this data helps in improving vehicle fuel efficiency and minimizing operational costs.  

Bolster Fleet Safety and Driver Well Being 

You can execute better fleet safety practices by analyzing driving patterns, behaviors, and habits of respective drivers. Making informed decisions about the delivery route and driver for a particular shipment also becomes easier with enterprise software solutions for fleet operations.  

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction Level 

Having a fleet management system in the house means you can reduce waiting times, improve delivery, and ensure top-notch service for partners or customers. On-time product delivery also leads to better customer loyalty and engagement. Fleeting planning, forecasting, and budgeting also keep improving with each delivery when fleet management software is operational with other systems like inventory management software, TMS, and so on. 

Ensure Fleet Compliance 

To stay operational in the logistics domain, compliance with transportation regulations is important, In US, Europe, and other regions, logistics operators are required to install Electronic Logging Device (ELDs) for the safety of drivers and company vehicles. Running such safety and compliance audits get simpler with SaaS development solutions for fleet management. 

Real-Time Insights 

A quality fleet management software solution also provides reports and updates on a weekly or monthly basis on selected measures. If you want to understand your drivers’ behavior, vehicle idle times, delivery routes, and make adjustments accordingly, you can do it with ease. 

Ready to Optimize Your Logistics Operations? 

In a nutshell, a comprehensive fleet management software manages the entire vehicle management operations in your business to improve efficiency, cut costs and improve long-term profitability, If you are also looking to integrate a custom fleet management software solution into your business, join hands with A3logics. 

We are a leading fleet management software development company with 10+ years of experience in this niche. Our engineer’s craft tailored solutions that fit right into your logistics workflow for optimal fleet operations. 

Drop us a line to know more about shipping & logistics solutions.

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