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Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Employees can boost their productivity by up to 34% by using mobile apps. This is also the reason behind 47% of businesses utilizing enterprise mobile apps for internal communication today. If you, as a business, want to save your valuable time and resources - engaging in enterprise mobile app development is crucial. 

Many large enterprises presently are using business apps to effectively manage both employees and clients, as well as, track their business processes and work schedules. The data also support this fact as 67% of CIOs of large enterprises believe enterprise mobility has the potential to transform their business significantly. 

The global enterprise mobile market value is expected to reach 259.51 billion USD by 2022 due to the ever-rising demand and popularity of business apps. Having said that, enterprise mobile app development services have pitfalls and peculiarities. 

Addressing this aspect, this detailed guide will help you understand how important business apps are, the benefits and challenges of enterprise apps, how to build such an app, and what steps to consider for boosting your enterprise app ROI and security. Let’s get started: 

What is Enterprise Mobile App Development?  

In simplest terms, an enterprise app is something that is designed to help companies manage routine business tasks, employees, and customers. 

Similarly, enterprise mobile application development refers to the process of building feature-rich, secure, and scalable business apps for optimizing organizational workflow. The purpose of building such business apps is to help employees perform their daily tasks faster and more efficiently, as well as, ease out their jobs. 

In industries like telecommunication, manufacturing, and oil & gas, where fieldwork is common, investment in such enterprise apps and digital integration tools becomes quite crucial. Mobile workforce management apps also allow remote workers to stay connected, maintain & upgrade their infrastructure, and integrate securely with back-end systems. 

Besides employees, business apps are also useful for improving customer services and engagement levels. Enterprise apps ensure quick response to customer queries while providing real-time updates into employee’s hands about their customer satisfaction levels. 

Besides, keeping everyone connected in an organization, enterprise apps also automate low-value, mundane tasks, freeing up crucial time for employees which they utilize to focus on high-value, fulfilling tasks.  

Types of Enterprise Mobile Applications 

There are three types of enterprise apps that are used primarily across companies for optimizing internal workflow and communication.  

Let’s explore each in detail: 

Employee-Specific Apps 

These apps are made specifically for managing internal company tasks and activities. For instance, it allows top managers in a company to communicate with their subordinates and manage project tasks with ease. With such apps in hand, managers can quickly gather, view, and communicate all the essential project information. 

Departmental Focused Apps 

As the name suggests, these apps are targeted to meet the specific requirements of a particular department like marketing, sales, and customer support in the company. Such enterprise application software has department-specific features to accelerate their routine operations to achieve higher customer satisfaction and engagement levels. 

Company Centric Apps 

Last but not least there is a company-level enterprise mobile application Such a mobile app is designed to by keeping your organizational needs in mind. It helps you connect all your departments and employees together in a single network and communicate exclusive business information that is crucial for the company’s growth and development. 

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5 Undeniable Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development

You can partner with an enterprise mobile app development company to build a quality business app. Enterprise business apps simplify and automate complex organizational tasks and improve business communication. 

We all know mobile apps contribute to company success by improving its brand value, client service, and customer engagement levels. But, there are certain features in enterprise software that can’t be implemented in mobile apps. To overcome such challenges, you can use enterprise mobile apps. Achieving maximum business efficiency is possible through enterprise app development.

Some of the benefits of enterprise mobile application are as follows: 

Types of Enterprise Mobile Applications

Fast and Secure Transactions: Enterprise apps allow you to execute business transactions in a more secure, faster, and trusted manner with partners. You can process third-party payments ontime without any security fear. Besides this, you also get the option to integrate multiple payment features as per your business requirements or client needs to exercise robust security control. 

Optimized Data Management: Large companies manage more than 200TB data every month presently. Managing such huge volumes of data is not an easy task. It also includes personal information of both your customers and employees - filtering and safeguarding which is a tedious task. But, with modern enterprise mobile applications in place - the task of filtering, categorizing, and storing such data becomes easier and more efficient. 

Workflow Automation: By utilizing enterprise  app development services, you can automate your low-priority and redundant tasks, as well as the free-up time for your teams which they utilize effectively for strategic tasks to help your business grow faster and outpace the competition. 

Mobile Accounting: This is one of the most crucial reasons why most businesses are ready to integrate enterprise mobile apps into their operations. Tracking, recording, and managing employee-generated expenses and other business costs are simpler with such apps. And, the best part is that you can view all such information on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. 

Supply Chain Control: If you are a business entity that belongs to the supply chain domain, then a custom enterprise mobile application can assist you in exercising strict control over your supply chain processes. A custom enterprise app with features like transportation management, fleet management, and warehouse management can streamline your operations while delivering your real-time updates about your logistics operations. 


Hope the above guide has provided you comprehensive knowledge about enterprise apps and how they can optimize your business productivity. Enterprises apps also elevate your team's performance by automating repetitive tasks while allowing them to build strategic capabilities in your business. In case you’re looking for mobile app development partner company, join hands with A3logics. We are among the most trusted and reliable enterprise app solutions globally with a decade long experience in the given domain. Drop us a line to know more how we can help you build your next desirable app solution. 

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